Expandable Polystyrene Beads

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1.EPS/expandable polystyrene

2.Various Specs,colors


4.Factory price and free sample

5.SGS,CIQ,BV test

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Good flame-retardant, good frothing good preserving, good binding and low heat-conducting rate.Oxygen index over 30(testing after 7-14 days flowing)         


This Flame retardant grade EPS can be used as building materials, materials for heat preservation, thermal insulation and for packing precision instruments  

used for fire board, eps blocks, fish box production etc.


The EPS series products of our company need to be put on the place where it is cool and ventilated, keep the storage temperature below 20°C in order to minimize the lost of frothing agents from escaping. The lower the temperature is, the better the quality is. The products should avoid rain, fog, snow and lighting up from the sun, static electricity and flame. Once the package material of the products is open, it should be used up as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the remaining EPS might lose its function due to escaping of foaming agents. If the EPS is stored too long, the expandable times might decrease

 We also produce HDPE,LDPE,LLDPE,GPPS,HIPS,PP,PVC,PE100,PE80,PC,ABS etc.

More information please feel free to contact me Lafy

Free Sample

4.Specification for reference


ItemTest methodValueUnit
Melt Flow Rate (MFR)ASTM D-12383.8g/10min
Tensile StrengthASTM D-638≥22Mpa
Tensile ElongationASTM D-638≥45%
Izod Impact StrengthASTM D-256≥90J/M
Vicat softening pointASTM D-152599°C
Residual styrene mass content-0.05%
Elongation at BreakASTM D-63855g
Tensile ModulusASTM D-6381800MPa
Flexural ModulusASTM D-7901750MPa
Packing25kg in pp bag,23MT/1X20FCL



ItemTest methodTest conditionsValueUnit
DensityISO 1183:1987 1040kg/m3
Water absorptionISO 62:1999 <0.1%
Melt flow rateISO 1133:1997200°C/5kg3.8cm3/10min
Tensile modulusMpa1mm/min3300MPa
ElongationISO 527-2:199350mm/min3%
Tensile strength at breakISO 527-2:199350mm/min55MPa
HDTISO 75-2:19931.8MPa84°C
Heat conductionDIN 52 612 0.16W/mK
Vicat softening pointISO 306:1994B50/oil93°C
Flame retardanceUL-Standard 94>1.4mm94HBClass
Packing25 in paper bag,23MT/1X20



Bead Size0.50-0.90Millimeter
Pentane Content5.8% Weight
Mean Unexpanded Bead Size0.65Millimeters
Bulk Density630G/L
Coefficient of Liner Expension6.3Mpa
Single Pass Continuous2pcf
Maximum Continuous Service Temperature80°C
Packing25 in paper bag,20MT/1X20'FCL

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Q:How to use all kinds of plastic materials?
ABS acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymerABS acrylonitrile (chemical corrosion resistance, surface hardness of butadiene styrene) (toughness) (good processability, good dyeing weatherability, easy oxidation) with good comprehensive performance, high impact toughness and good mechanical properties, excellent heat resistance, oil resistance and chemical stability, stable size, easy to machine processing, surface plating, good electrical properties.Suitable plastic products: for general structures or wear resistant transmission parts and corrosion protection equipment. Gears, pumps, impellers, bearings, handles, pipes, motors, housings, electronic parts, clocks and watches, water tanks, freezers, refrigerators, housings, stationery, toys
Q:What are the raw materials for environmental friendly portable plastic bags?
[environmental protection plastic bags], including recycled materials, plastic bags and new materials, plastic bags. In the process of producing plastic bags, degradable plastic bags are added to degradable plastic bags, and degradable plastic bags can be automatically decomposed after 90 days in certain conditions.
Q:Can PE material be used as food grade plastic?
Plastic film PE the main consumption areas, because of its more and more used in consumption and transportation, the development of the relationship between demand and the overall economic situation is bigger, basically maintain a slightly higher than the national GDP growth, the growth momentum of stable existence of rigid demand. From the flexible packaging film production statistics, since 2006, the average increase rate of 13%, but also confirms the steady growth of plastic film. Another important consumption area of polyethylene is plastic pipe, and its output increases with the pace of urbanization in China, and the increase of municipal pipeline construction projects is increasing. In the next few years, the municipal water supply and drainage, gas pipelines, and urban underground power, communication, sheathing and pipelines will continue to be the focus of development in recent years.
Q:What are the criteria for the classification of plastic materials at injection molding and extrusion?
The new plastic materials, manufacturers have set by type of good applicability, according to the model can be used, but not to say that the plastic extrusion grade no injection molding, injection molding grade plastic extrusion processing can not, some engineers to use the material properties, will use the technological method for solving extrusion or injection molding grade between the influence.
Q:What kind of raw material is plastic hollow board made of?
PP plastic hollow board made of hollow board packaging products are non-toxic, the processing temperature (DEG) 180~240 when making. So boiling water doesn't break it down. Therefore, there is no need to worry whether there is any toxicity in the empty plate.
Q:What are the raw materials of foam plastics and how do they come out?
More bisphenol A epoxy resin, epoxy value of 0.51 ~ 0.22mol/100g. When the viscosity is 25 degrees centigrade, it is 20Pa / S; the viscosity is 130 s at 1Pa.
Q:What raw materials do plastic color printing plants use?
PEBOPPOPS film, aluminum film and so on, the ink is usually water-based ink, polypropylene ink, etc., different films with different ink.
Q:Plastic raw materials packaging is generally divided into several categories?
Plastic raw materials are usually packaged as:Barrel packaging: such as: plastic drum with polyurethane raw materials; composite board barrel with some pellets.Bag packing: plastic bag, compound woven bag and composite paper bag (the outer layer of composite bag is paper or woven bag, and the inner layer of contact plastic is plastic or composite aluminium foil).
Q:Commonly used plastic products, which are made of what raw materials, which can be recycled, I hope to get a professional answer in detail
Plastics are classified into thermoplastic and thermosetting plastics according to their plasticity. Normally, thermoplastic products can be recycled, while thermosets do not. According to the optical properties of plastics to points, can be divided into transparent, translucent and opaque materials, such as PS (polystyrene), PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, PMMA), AS (styrene acrylonitrile copolymer) and PC (polycarbonate) belong to the transparent plastic, and it is the most opaque plastic plastic. There are many ways to classify plastics. They are no longer introduced.
Q:What are the main biodegradable plastic bags made of?
Biodegradable plastics(1) natural polymer modification method. Starch, cellulose, chitin, lignin, seaweed and other natural polymers as raw materials, through chemical modification and copolymerization method, these molecules were modified to synthesize biodegradable plastics.(2) chemical synthesis. The simulation of natural polymer structure, starting from simple water molecules, in the polymer chain of plastic with active groups such as amide, peptidyl, ester compounds containing these radicals, similar to natural protein structure, fragments of grease, easily biodegradable.(3) microbial fermentation, many microorganisms can take some organic substances as carbon source, through metabolism, secrete, produce polyester polymer, these molecules are easy to degrade, and can be further recycled.
Our company has advanced production workshop, equipped with the most advanced production line .In addition ,our company has independent research laboratory for our excellent scientific research personnel to develop new products. Our company using the ability of independent research and development to improve the production constantly ,but also pay much attention to the high quality . We welcome you to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!

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