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Product Description:

Gypsum board, also known as Drywall/Plaster board, is a panel used typically in interior construction to form a wall or ceiling. The panel has a gypsum core and is faced with heavy paper on both sides, one side specially treated for finishing. Also Known As:Gyp Board, Gypsum Board, Drywall, Sheetrock, Wall Board.

Product Applications:

Mainly used in those places with highg-rade decorationwhere strict acoustic environment is crucial,  

 such as theater, concert hall, museum, library, hearing room, gallery, auction house, gymnasium, 

lecture hall, multifunctional hall, hotel lobby, hospital, shopping mall, piano practice room, 

conference room, studio, recording room, KTV room, bar, industrial workshop, machine room, etc

Product Advantages:

1) Environmental, dust and moisture resistant, easy to clean.

2) Commercial & good for decorative, popular designed patterns for your choosing.

3) Flexible suspension system makes each ceiling tile easily installed and disconnected

4) Easy to match lamps or other ceiling parts.

Main Product Features:










Product Specifications:

PVC Gypsum Board 595x595x7.5mm Sound Absorption


•Q: How to calculate product transportation cost?

A:  According to the  products weight or volume, according to the logistics company quotation.

•Q: Do you provide free sample? And how many days it will take?

A: Yes, we can provide free sample, of course it is better if you would like to pay the courier charge.

•Q: What's our price?

A: We provide resonable quotation.


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Q:I have leaks in my ceiling flat, which is plasterboard, how should the work be done properly?
Its not a big issue, if your landlord is not willing to fix this problem, you can do it by yourself, there are lots of online resources from where you can choose a good product and apply it on your roof, i am also going to recommend a link and hoping it can be helpful for you, check out the link in the source box.
Q:Why is gypsum board a good interior wall of the building material, but can not be used as a wall envelope?
Gypsum board will be broken water, the external walls of long rain so no, and the wall is not the same, and gypsum board can only be used for decoration.
Q:Mounting an LCD TV to a plasterboard wall?
Yeah--stud-finders are useless in plaster walls....They make toggle-bolts that are pretty strong but the idea of having an expensive TV mounted like this would always make me feel nervous..It would sure suck to come home and find the TV on the floor...We are going to have to go fishing a bit...Get a screw or nail and tap it in at the point where the mount will fall..Get a feel of whats hollow--you can usually tell if you are hitting lath or a stud...Move an inch at a time in--until you hit something solid then try 16 or 24 inches to another side and keep looking---if what you find is awkward for the wall mount-----get a piece of pine strip---- for the top and bottom----run it across to your two known studs then you have a secure wooden bridge to anchor your mount to....paint the pine to match your walls or black like the mount to hide it.
Q:how much to charge when putting up plasterboard. per sheet?
About 85 cents -$1.50 per square foot, you can't charge the same price for a ceiling as you do a wall.
Q:maximum temperature generated by wood and plasterboard house fire?
a lot depends on airflow, but 2000 degrees F is not out of the question.
Q:Gypsum board does not brush the wall solid straight putty line okay
Yes. Gypsum board is made through the keel as the main support, the surface fixed gypsum board. This structure, between the gypsum board will leave a seam (this is not a problem, but will certainly exist), so the first thing to solve is the crack crack. Gypsum board crack crack, need to use caulking products, while using kraft paper bandage as anti-cracking material. After doing this, the surface is best to seal once. Because the surface of the gypsum board is paper, the water resistance of the paper is relatively poor, it is easy to be blisters rotten. Do a good job after sealing, because the surface of the gypsum board is relatively flat, so do not need to do thick leveling, do fine leveling directly (that is, putty putty).
Q:Sound proofing a plasterboard wall?
One thing you can do is add another layer of plasterboard (we call it drywall or gypboard in the US) on top of what's already there. Here's the trick that makes it work really well: don't attach it directly to the existing wall. You need standoff clips that will hold the drywall up, but don't provide a straight path directly to the old wall. That gives the sound energy less ability to move the old wall, less material to be transmitted through. A lot of the sound energy gets eaten up by the heavy drywall. But there's direct transmission if the wall is one big solid piece, so having the standoff clips gives the new drywall layer just a little bit of flex. Most of the sound energy is dissipated moving your wall surface, and the rest is absorbed and dissipated by the standoffs. Transmission through the wall drops precipitously.
Q:What kind of plasterboard would you use in a gym?
you would not require vapour control plasterboard as this is only really required where there is a build up of steam , i would go for extra durable.
Q:I need a 3/16 drill bit to drill through both the plasterboard and 2x4 wood stud inside. Would this bit work?
For god sake don't buy a drill bit online! bring the screw (and wall plug if needed) down to your local hardware shop and size the drill bit in person. Drill bits vary in length depending on the diameter of the bit. i.e. the wider the bit gets, the longer it is. small bits are very short because if they were any longer they'd snap when you try to drill with them. You need to consider two things when choosing a drill bit: 1. The length of the drill bit should be very slightly shorter than the screw. 2. The width of the drill bit should only be as wide as the solid shaft of the screw. Of course, the drill bit can be longer than the screw, you just have to remember how deep to drill into the wall!
Q:Can JML Iron Gym be used on a stud/plasterboard wall?
there's a video, and it's used on a regular door. reviewers all say it hasn't taken any damage / caused any to their door.

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