Green Handmade Thick Yarn Polyester Silk Shaggy Carpet

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300 m³
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10000 m³/month

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Packaging Detail:Package:every sheet rolled up in one , bundling with tapes,wraped with plastic bag,POP,care lable,bar code are available as your request.
Delivery Detail:Within 30 days after the LC or the deposite.


Tufted carpet 
1)The design is precisely Tufted. 
2)Any pattern is OK,within 6 colours are available. 
3)Big production capacity

                                     Polyester Tufted carpet


1.Brief introduction.


The main sizes of our hand woven carpet are 1200*1800,1400*2000,1600*2300,1800*2900 for bedroom,living room,hotel,etc.Any design with less than 4 colours are all available.The pile height should be less than 2 cm.


Item No.CMAX-006
Material100% Polyester fiber
TextureCut pile,shaggy pile.
Pile height1.2cm
Pile weight1800g/sqm
Performance density2000g/sqm
Back clothcanvas latex back,grey colour
 Size 160*230,any size(the width less than 2000)is OK.
 Colours Less than 6 colours
 Design Any design is available.

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Q:How to tear out bathroom carpet?
Pulling the carpet is no problem. It may just pull up by starting at an edge or you can help by simply cutting it with the mentioned above utility knife. BUT! Work carefully. You might have a cool floor underneath and you don't want to cut at it with the knife. And the carpet is held at the edges with a tack strip. Use care near them or the tacks will stick you and they hurt!! Sounds funny, but I use pliers to grab and pull.
Q:What kind of carpet is good
Nylon blanket is better, fireproofing and wearable
Q:Disgusting Carpet?
Some of the new carpet foam cleaners work really great...and smell good too....I don't know how much carpet you have to clean....but they do work....just spray on the carpet...get a bunch of paper towels.....and wipe off....or let set for a few minutes...and have to do it by it will take a while.... ...some stains though are really hard to get out....others...from everyday dirt...the spray carpet cleaners really do help....
Q:Do I have to remove carpet padding staples if I am re-carpeting?
if you have children or walk around with bare feet it would be best to remove staples.a flat head screwdriver and pliers work very well..
Q:Residential And Commercial Carpets?
Floors scrubbers perform the same work as getting down on your hands and knees with a scrubber in hand. The difference is they do it better despite not being able to clean under obstructions and corners. They're more hygienic as the anatomy effectively separates clean water from waste water while a squeegee attachment scoops up dirty water. A scrubbing head works cleaning agent dispensed by an automated system onto floors as the other components gear up to finish the job.
Q:Can i do yoga on carpet?
yes you can
Q:who can i contact to have my carpets tested?
If it is mold or something then your local housing authority should be able to handle that. If they cannot do it they should be able to tell you were to go. If it is just dirt then they just need to be professionally cleaned. EDIT: Well then it sounds like it definitely needs replaced. But there is not much you can do to force them to do it while you are still there. You do not say if you have a lease or not. If you do not then you can give 30 days notice and move.
Q:Hardwood floors over carpet?
yes. Go to Home Depot or Lowes.
Q:Are Carpets a health hazard? ( kids)?
Try spraying professional strength Lysol. Let it dry completly and spray w/ Frebreeze before replacing carpets. Lysol will kill the bacteria and the frebreeze will kill the smell.
Q:Why is the cat determined to piss on the rug?
Your cat thinks the rug is a litter tray. Next time he wees on the rug make him sniff it and then put him in his litter tray immediately. Do not wait even 10 minutes because that is too late and by then he will have forgotten why you are rubbing his face in his own wee. Keep doing this until he gets the message.

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