Grade 42.5 R/N P.O CMENT

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1.Vietnam standard (TCVN)

- Quality of Cement as per TCVN 6260 - 2009

2.European standard (EN)

- Certificate I -EN 197-1.2000- CEM II 42,5 R

- Certificate II - En 197-1.2000 CEM II 42,5N

- Certificate III - EN 197-1.2000 CEM I 42,5R

3.American standard (ASTM)

- ASTM C150 TYPE-1







Test Results

Test Method



≤ 26.00


EN 196-2



≤ 6.50




≤ 4.50




≥ 54.00




≤ 5.00




≤ 3.5


Loss on Ignition, (LOI)


≤ 10.00


Insoluble Residue


≤ 12


Physical and Mechanical Properties

Finess test

EN 196-6

-          Blaine


≥  3200


-          Retained content on sieve 75mm


< 15.0


Time of setting

-                      Initial set

-                      Final set


            ≥  75                      

< 420



EN 196-3

Soundness (LeChatelier)


< 10.0


EN 196-3

Compressive strength


EN 196-1

2 Days

≥ 20.0


3 Days



7 Days



28 Days

≥  42.5


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Q:anyone ever used cement blocks for fire pit?
I agree......cement blocks are an unwise choice. Go to a home supply place and get some large stones...however many you need. Set them almost touching the firewood!!......and then start a trial-run fire. Keep it burning for a good couple hours at least. The stones being so close to the fire will get really hot, which is what you want. If any decide to 'blow', they should do it now, don't want to be sitting around the fire either, you just want to keep an eye on it from afar while you're doing other things. Once you're done with this, you should be able to set them in place at the outer perimeter of the pit and be ready for regular use. You see....stones and rocks can contain water. When they get hot the water will expand to what you have is like a low-grade hand grenade, and they can crack very sharply and loudly sometimes. Often chips and pieces fly off and they can and have blinded people, and hit people in the face, etc. It's just a dangerous situation that can, and should be avoided. Cement blocks have loads of water in them. It's not a matter of IF they shatter or's when. Do it right....take the you can have a safe place to hang around a fire.
Q:what is the use of tensile strength of cement motors experiment ?
um i think you have that wrong tensile strength is a measurement of how strong something is when stretched so i will assume you mean... MORTAR.. not motor testing the strength of mortar is important for knowing how strong it is when bonding things like cement blocks together when building structures, or for doing a parging coat with .. etc..
Q:can cement be extracted back from concrete?
No, it can't. Adding water to portland cement initiates a complex series of reactions that irreversibly changes the nature of the dry ingredients. If you remove the water at some point by drying or firing the concrete, it will not give back the original cement dry ingredients. Just to be clear, concrete is cement added to an aggregate. The aggregate is often crushed stone or gravel, but it can be other substances. The stone normally does not chemically react with the cement, so I suppose you could crush the concrete to physically separate the cement from the rocks. But then you would have cement chunks that cannot be poured like new cement and are weakened by the crushing, not very useful.
Q:How do I stop sweating cement floors?
Maybe an epoxy coating, if you can get it to stick on the wet concrete. Otherwise, consider a plastic vapor barrier, with foam pad and a floating floor above. Building codes now require a plastic vapor barrier underneath concrete slabs to prevent this problem. They didn't know to do this back then, that's why your old concrete slab is sweating. It actually lets a lot of moisture into your house, and I think it makes the floor cold in winter, too.
Q:What is use to dissolve cement?
Sorry to tell you, cement doesn't dissolve. Someone's going to have to get in there with a hammer and chisel, which will probably break the toilet as well as the concrete. Call the guys who were there and did this to you, and have them remedy the situation.
Q:How do you clean a burn mark from cement?
THIS WILL WORK , BUT IS A VERY DANGEROUS CHEMICAL IF NOT HANDLED CAREFULLY! Most commercial muriatic acid will take the top layer off the cement, but can go further if left on to long You will want to have a hose ready. using a garden sprayer and spray the area very quickly and (be very careful as the cloud that will come off the cement is very toxic and can take your breath away). spray the area with water as this will naturalize the acid and it will be OK to scrub quickly and that should take care of your spot. if your uncombable doing this have a pool person do it for you or someone else do it
Q:What does band and cement mean when an orthodontist uses the term?
a band: a metal ring that goes around your back molars and ancors the entire braces system. It takes some cement to keep that thing on your teeth, and so the cement could only be referring to getting your bands on, but most likely, yes, you will be getting your braces on! They use cement to keep your brackets on the front of your teeth. Getting braces on doesn't hurt at all, it's just a REALLY LONG process and theres a lot of keeping your mouth open! bring a new movie on your ipod if they don't provide videos at your ortho.
Q:Best way to fix a crack in cement block basement wall?
You can buy a two part poly injection system on line that will fix the crack.After the crack is fixed fix the 12x12 area with a vinyl concrete.
Q:how can you temporarily cement maryland bridge back in?
That has happened to me before and there not....but what you can do is call the dentist and see if he can open to office for you. Mine has done that pleanty of times for emergencies like this.... Good Luck!
Q:what is cement ? this for a scince project we have to do this.?
What is White Cement? (PDF) centers from coast to coast, white cement is. readily available throughout North America. Specifying White Cement. Color is a very important quality control issue

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