Good Quality Nylon Printed Mat Used in Door , Bathroom

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Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1Technical Specification of Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

1).Surface Material :100% Nylon

2).Back: Latex Back or Non-woven Back

3).Pile Height: 3-5mm

4).Pile Weight:270-650g/m2

5).Total Weight:1000g/m2

6).Popular Size:40x60,50x80,60x90,100x150,160*230cm

2. Our Advantage:

Technical manufacturing level

Competitive price with best quality;

Attracted designs available

Outstanding working team

3 Pictures of Nylon Printed Carpet / Rug

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Q:my kittens keep pulling the rug??? hellp!?
why are ppl so nasty.... if you don't like cats don't answer cat questions... anyway, i'm haveing the same proble with my kitten and i have two scratching things, one post and one cardboard thingy both with catnip... he's not interested. but i have a sound i make when he's bad that he doesn't like it's like a loud chhhht. and when i do it he stops and runs away to do something else... he comes back but it will take awhile... the spray bottle idea was good too.... they just have to learn what's good and what's not just like dogs
Q:Can you use vinegar on carpets?
If you came to clean my carpets with ammonia, I'd run you out of town!!!! Use the recommended cleaning solution for the machine you have and stop trying to rip off your prospective customers.
Q:What about carpet shedding?
Secondly, because carpet often used, so to get professional cleaning shop on time, must not save themselves in order to save money.
Q:How do I get rid of these hand made Moroccan rugs?
Try an auction house like Sothebys or similar. They know their customer base and get good prices for original pieces. You cannot do this on OKorder or the internet. Start with Sothebys and check for other similar auction houses online. You couldn't possibly get the best price for originals on line. You need to check into auction houses. I had a friend who bought two tiny rugs from an estate sale for minimal money that he sold at Sothebys for thousands. You cannot do that on the internet.
Q:what is a penny rug?
It is a type of applique made from felted wool. A penny rug is a folk art style of decorative appliqué, traditionally made from felted wool. Primitive shapes were cut out and sewn onto a wool background using an embroidery blanket stitch of contrasting colors. Dating from the mid-19th century to the early 20th century, a penny rug was not used on the floor, but instead as decorative table coverings or wall hangings. This folk art appliqué was often finished with a tongue-shaped border. Coins such as pennies were used as templates for the circle shapes which were layered onto the bordering tongues. Hence the name penny rug.
Q:Can you shampoo wool Carpet?
Wool carpet looks and feels awesome, but is tougher to maintain. I would not use a general carpet shampoo on it since they tend to be rough on non-synthetic fibers over time. For spot treating (spills, etc): Use a white cloth dampened with barely warm water and a few drops of clear dish washing liquid. White cloth and clear liquid just to make sure there's no color/chemical transfer. Blot it the way you'd get at any spill and then a dry cloth to get all that water up. For a deep clean: You'll be better off getting a professional in once a year or whenever the mess is too big to clean yourself.
Q:How to take care of the bedroom carpet
Use steam iron high temperature to steam regularly, this can kill mites, a vacuum cleaner is ok at ordinary times.
Q:Decorating help, couches/rug?
Open and airy can soon become dark and closed in if everything you put into a room is dark. There are plenty of rugs that have brown in them but aren't all brown. If the couches look brown work with that. Here's a link to look at rugs. Maybe find one you like and print a copy and put it up against the couch. Good luck!
Q:Why does my cat keep peeing on the rug?
Well, maybe you could try putting the cat litter box on the rug. I don't know why she would do that, but cats are sometimes very odd animals. When I was a little girl, my cat always peed in my barbie doll swimming pool so my mother finally had to fill it up with cat litter lol. You don't know how much soap and clorox wipes we went through at that time lol, but eventally he stopped so hopefully your kitty will stop soon too.
Q:how to clean extra dirty automobile carpet?
Hello If you want to clean dirty automobile carpet,hire the best carpet cleaning company.Heavenly Touch Carpet Upholstery Cleaning is great Company! These guys are all nice and come in and get right to work. They delivered the best results and carpet looks great and no more smell.You definitely feel like they do good work for a good price.For more information,you can call us at (408) 252-5402 or visit the website Good Luck! Thanks Pretson

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