Genset Diesel Soundproof Perkins Generator 20kw 50Hz With Water Cooled Engine

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Product Description:

Soundproof Perkins Genset Diesel Generator 20kw 50Hz With Water Cooled Engine



Quick Detail:

1. Perkins water cooled diesel engine: 404D-22TG
2. Stamford AC Brushless, Self-Exciting alternator :PI144G
3. Smartgen auto control panel with ATS










Rated voltage(V)


Rated speed(rpm)


Rated frequency(Hz)


Power factor


Ambient temperature(°C)




Connection type

3 phase  4 wires





Rated Power(kW)


No. of cylinders & configuration

In-Line 4 cylinders

Method of operation


Speed regulation

Mechanically governor

Starting system

DC 12V Electronic start

Cooling method

Closed-circuit cooling system

Total displacement(L)


Compression ratio




100% Load fuel consumption(L/h)




Number of Phase


Connection Type

3Phase and 4Wires

Number of Bearing


Power Factor


Protection Grade




Winding/ Pitch

100% Copper   2/3 Pitch

Cooling Fan

Cast alloy aluminum

Exciter Type

Brushless, Self-Exciting

Insulation Class, Temperature Rise


Telephone Influence Factor( TIF)

TIF <50 / THF<2%< span="">

Total Harmonic TGH/THC

<1.5% at no load / <5% at load< span="">

Voltage Regulation, Steady State


Sustained Short-Circuit Current

300%(3 in):10s




Digital Control panel

Controller Brand: Smartgen, Deepsea,ComAp

Control Panel: English interface,LED screen and touch buttons.

Main Functions:

1- Display loading power, voltage, currenct, frequency, speed, temperature, oil pressure, running time etc.

2- Warning when low or high voltage, low or high frequency, over current, over or low speed, low or over battery voltage etc.

3- Over load protection, over/under frequency protection, over/under/imbalance voltage protection, and low oil shutdown


Soundproof/Silent Box:

1. Excellent ventilation

2. Oil tank mounted on base frame for 12 Hours working

3. Highly Corrosion Resistant construction

4. Excellent Access for Maintenance

5. Security and Safety

6. 1m<80DBA / 7m<70dba< span="">



1. Trailer type

2. Soundproof / water proof

3. ATS (automatic transfer switch)

4. Parallel system

5. Remote system


PMC System:

1. Standard 23 pitch windings avoid excessive neutral current

2. Permanent magnet generator system provides constant excitation under all condition

3. Optional accessories available for easy paralleling with mains or other generators

4. AVR auto voltage regulation, auto exciter, auto adjustment


Genset Diesel Soundproof Perkins Generator 20kw 50Hz With Water Cooled Engine

Genset Diesel Soundproof Perkins Generator 20kw 50Hz With Water Cooled Engine


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The design of an ordinary asynchronous motor is designed by constant frequency constant pressure, and it is not possible to fully adapt to the requirements of variable frequency control. Under the influence of frequency converter for motor 1, the efficiency and the problem of temperature rise of the motor In either in the form of a frequency converter, both in the operation of the different degree of harmonic voltage and current, make the motor in non-sinusoidal voltage, power flow operation. Rejected materials is introduced, at the current widely used sine wave type PWM inverter as an example, the basic is zero, the low-order harmonic larger than the rest of the carrier frequency times the left and right sides of higher harmonic components as: 2 u + 1 (u for modulation ratio). Can lead to higher harmonic motor stator copper loss, rotor copper (aluminum), iron loss and the increase of the additional loss, the most significant is the rotor copper (aluminum) consumption. For asynchronous motor is close to the base wave frequency corresponds to the synchronous speed of rotation, therefore, higher harmonic voltage to a larger slip cutting rotor after conducting bar, will produce very big rotor loss. In addition, additional copper consumption due to the skin effect is considered. These losses will make motor extra heat, low efficiency, output power decreases, and such as ordinary three-phase asynchronous motor running in the inverter output non-sinusoidal power supply conditions, the temperature rise is to increases 10% ~ 20%.
Q:How do ordinary motors achieve precise positioning
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