Fused Cast Alumina Crundum Brick for Glass Furnace

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8 Tons m.t.
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1000 Tons per Month m.t./month

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Features of Fused Cast Alumina Crundum Brick For Glass Furnace

The typical glass contact materials for the end zones of furnaces when glass quality is the priority : TV Glass, high quality


  • ab Alumina TY-M: The typical glass contact materials for the end zones of furnaces (working-end, feeder channels) when glass quality is the priority : TV Glass, high quality container glass, float glass.



  • a Alumina TY-A: The typical glass contact materials for the end zones of furnaces (working-end, feeder channels) when glass quality is the priority : TV Glass, high quality container glass, float glass.




  • b Alumina TY-H: Its neutrality against soda vapors makes it the best choice for the downstream part of superstructures in demanding applications.


Physical and chemical index:
Chemical CompositionAl2O3 %949398.5
Crystallographica-Al2O3  44090
b-Al2O3  55994
Vitreous Phase  116

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Q:i mixed a small amount of self leveling cement?
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Q:What type of concrete/cement was used in Hoover (Boulder) Dam?
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Q:Removing cement residue?
Go to the tile department of any home improvement store they will have a phosphoric acid cleaner for just such a purpose. It may be called grout haze cleaner or something to that affect.
Q:Is there Sales Tax on cement?
Do you have a sales tax exemption certificate on file at HD and Lowes, but not at your supply house? If you are not reselling the cement and charging sales tax you are responsible to pay the sales tax to the state. If you charge sales tax the amount you remit can be reduced by the amount of tax you pay to your supply house.
Q:what is the diffrence between cemented carbide and high speed steel cutting tools?
Generally, cemented carbide is harder than high speed steel. To last the longest and provide the best cuts It also requires different rake angles relative to the material being cut. A negative rake angle is better with cemented carbide cutting tools and a positive rake angle is better for high speed cutting tools. The material being machined is also a factor in the best rake angle.
Q:Cement Dusts. Are they safe?
They often used asbestos in cement products to make it more pliable and workable before it was prohibited as a additive. Those sparkly ceilings were about the worse offenders. Even if you have asbestos free dust, it isn't good to breath it. We aren't built to breath dust. When it gets in our lungs it often coats our insides. Usually it takes years to feel the effects. We have aleovea or air sacs that help in the gas exchange in our lungs. The dust can cause them to burst like balloons. The particles then fall down and destroy the next one. Finally you just suffocate. Smoking tobacco helps acerbate the problem. The dust needs to be removed. Watch the sunlight streaming in the windows. You will see little floaters called motes dancing on the beams. When you walk or move you will see an increase in their numbers. These are what is going into your lungs. Yes, take the clothes outside and beat the dust off them. Then wash them to remove the dust stuck to the fibers. Open the windows to help air out the dust that remains. The more dust that remains: the greater the risk to you. The dust is even more devastating to children. The younger they are the more lasting damage it can produce.
Q:Is the youngs modulus of cement the same for Contraction and Expansion?
I'm investigating the relative differences in stress of cement when expanding and contracting, I understand that cement can take significantly more stress and strain when contracting rather then expanding however -Does this line have the same gradient (ie youngs modulus) as that when Cement is expanding To cause cement to contract, a force is applied toward the surface of the cement. A building is supported by a cement foundation. The weight of the building is pushing down on the top surface of the cement, and the ground under the foundation is pushing up on the bottom surface of the cement. The cement foundation is composed of rocks and mortar. The mortar is the adhesive which bonds the rocks to each other. The weight of house is attempting compress the rocks and mortar. The compressive strength of the rocks is very high, so the rocks do not significantly. If a concrete beam is used to lift a large weight, tension force is attempting to expand the cement. The tensile strength of the mortar is very low, so the rocks separate from each other as the bond between the rocks and mortar, glue, break.
Q:Is cement cheaper than wood?
Cement is not going to be cheaper. You will still have to put some kind of insulation (concrete will not be able to provide adequate insulation on it own) and then interior walls and finishes. Concrete itself is not cheaper as a material than wood, plus finding the skilled people to build complete walls and floors from concrete might be a challenge (depending on where you live). If that is not enough, think about laying electric and plumbing through the concrete. Trust me, they invented the stick-built (wooden frame) houses exactly for the reason of the lower construction costs, among other reasons.
Q:How can the concrete on the tiles be removed and the blade can remove the cement?
First, do not use hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, oxalic acid, nitric acid, will seriously corrode the brick surface
Q:How does PVC Cement work?
i dont know all of the chemistry stuff, but the resin melts the plastic of the pipes, you stick them together, then the plastic from the joined pipes dries, and the pipes are now fused together
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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Henan,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2007
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe; Central America; Northern Europe; Southern Europe
Company Certifications business license

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Validity Period  

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a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Shanghai,Qingdao,Tianjin
Export Percentage 51% - 60%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, French, Russian, Korean, Hindi, Italian
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 10,000-30,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines 2
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered Design Service Offered
Product Price Range High and/or Average