Full Hydraulic Driving Drill Carriage for sale

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Full Hydraulic Driving Drill Carriage for sale

▲ Excellent performance

Advanced hydraulic system: medium-high pressure system, symmetrical oil-way and complete system protection;

Single power souce: sharing one set of tandem gear pump to supply oil, so it is low energy consumption and other actions can be operated alone;

Light rotary drill arm and propeller with stroke doubling mechanism.

Hydraulic drills as the two arms can realize drilling in multi directions with precise compensation positioning.

Compact structure, flexible and convenient

It is compact, multi-functional and highly efficient;

It can make digging hole and anchor bolt hole. Additionally, it is equipped with short propeller which enables flexible and convenient punching of bolt holes;

Modular structure enables convenient assembly and disassembly.

Safe and comfortable operation

Equipped with anti-smashing and anti-roll protection facilities to ensure the safety of the operator.

Reliable quality

Configuration of full series of  imported hydraulic parts.

Explosion-proof electrical components contribute to safety and reliability.


Applicable tunnel cross-section4~17.5
Hole diametermm27~42
le depth, maxmm2120

Impac SystemImpact frequencyJ150~200
Working pressureHz34~60
Impact powerMPa14~160
Nitrogen-filled pressure in accumulatorMPa6
Rotary SystemRated torqueNm100~300
Rated rev.r/min220~450
Working pressureMPa7~15
Flush pressureMPa0.8~1.2

Total lengthmm3520
Feed lengthmm2120
Feed extensionmm1200
Feed speedm/s0~0.5
Feed forcekN1.16
Pitch angle°15~-105
Overturn angle°47(L) / 47(R)

Rotary angle°180~-180
Lifting angle°55~-16
Swing angle°14(in) / 47(out)

Rated powerkW55
Rated voltageV660/1140

Rated pressureMPa14.5
Displacementml/r63+ 63

Shipping diamension(L×W×H)m7×1.1×1.85
Radius of turn in travel, minm1.2
Work widthm1.58


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  Normally we can work on T/T term or L/C.If you choose T/T,30% payment is required in advance and 70% balance shall be settled before shipment often,it rang a little.

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We are friendly dealer, never greedy windfall profit, our price remains stable,except the exchange rate and the increasing labor cost and material cost.

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a.Detailed training-We can provide training services to different users. The training sessions include product training,operating training, maintenance know-how,standard and so on to fulfill your individual needs.The training can be conducted at client’s site.

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Q:Bridge pile driver is a stone below, how to do?
The dynamic test, if the load is small if it scored well, only the impact of iron into the stone
Q:Is the architecture of the pile driver strong in single core performance or multi - core capability? Or?
Overall, the AMD's nuclear performance has not been improved for almost 10 years. Basically maintained at the level of K8.
Q:What is the rental price of the 30 meter long pile driver? Twenty
3 、 this machine mainly includes two parts: hydraulic walking pile support and drilling system. The column is controlled by two variable pressure hydraulic cylinders to take off and take off.
Q:How many types of piling are there on the site?
According to the construction process and divided into cast-in-place pile and precast pileThe resistance of the soil to the pile is overcome by the impact of the pile hammer, so that the pile sinks to a predetermined depth or reaches the bearing layer. (of course, this is to explain "piling". There are several ways to make a precast pile to a predetermined depth or a bearing layer, such as static pressure, vibration, water, etc.)
Q:How many meters can a small pile driver reach?
1.2 meters in diameter, wylong machinery had sold a small machine
Q:What should I pay attention to when purchasing a hydraulic pile driver?
Enough to buy a pile driver, first of all, you should pay attention to the design you want to receive, tonnage and pile specifications.In order to understand what type of machine?Most of us here in Hunan don't pay the full amountYou can talk about it in detail.
Q:Rules for operation of impact pile drivers
Two, piling construction process, before piling construction, in the construction site around the axis control network testing and protection, and do a good mark, and transfer procedures. The construction process is as follows: lofting pile two Pile Lofting pile pile on pile machine machine alignment machine to feed the pile piling pile verticality correction electric welding welding cooling design requirements to stop piling pile hammer machine machine three, hammer pile construction technology and quality control measures of each Pile Lofting after two times of review and correct aligned with the pile location insert, the first section is slow into the retaining pile verticality, upper and lower section pile after aligning welding, welding inspection by the parties after natural cooling time to meet the requirements after piling, final penetration and elevation controlled by the supervision, party a visa confirmation after the stop hammer machine construction. (1) the quality of the pile is guaranteed by 1. After each pile comes into play, the pile shall be discharged after passing the qualification evaluation (including the qualification certificate, the pile type, the date of manufacture, the appearance quality, etc.), and the pile shall be stacked in plain and not too high layers.
Q:What are the effects of construction piling on the surrounding residential buildings? Twenty
The hydraulic pile driver you say should actually be called a static pileThe static pile has little vibration to the ground.. Ten meters distance is to pay construction specifications requirements.
Q:How did the pile of clay work after the pile driver finished?
Classification according to the setting effect of pilesNon compaction pile: such as drilling (punching or digging) pile and bored after the first and then into the precast pile, due to removal of holes in the soil in the process of setting up, the soil around the pile is not to be excluded, and may move to the pile hole, the soil shear strength decreased, pile side friction decreases.Partially squeezed soil pile: impact bored pile, H steel pile, open steel pipe pile and open prestressed concrete pipe pile, etc.. In the process of pile setting, the soil around the pile is slightly squeezed out, but the strength and deformation of soil have little change.Pile: solid precast pile and lower pile, piles and closed cast-in-place pile in hammer and vibration during the penetration will be located at the position of pile soil mass out, the serious disturbance of the soil structure, soil strength and deformation properties influence.Classification according to the formation method of pilesDriven pile: the use of machinery will be prefabricated concrete piles, stakes, steel sheet pile into the soil layer, the soil compaction, so as to achieve the purpose of strengthening the foundation.Bored pile: the underwater concrete is used to form an end bearing pile or a friction pile, so as to reinforce the foundation.
Q:How much can a pile driver make in a year?
Hello Can contact Huilong spiral drill, rotary drilling is burning diesel, the average is 40 or so, to see what much of the diesel engine, what brand of Oh ~ what needs, you can consult a wylong machinery in Hunan!

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