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Its the use of static pressure (piling machine weight and weight) will be prefabricated pile section by pressure of the grave pile method. This kind of method to save steel and concrete, reduce construction cost, the strength grade of concrete can reduce 1 ~ 2 magnitude, reinforcement than hammering method can save reinforced by about 40%.

①No vibration, no noise, suitable for work in the city.
②High degree of automation, construction speed, good construction quality.
③Send the depth of the pile.
④The construction of civilization, clean site.

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Q:A pile driver 1 team can play many 12mI36b steel sheet pile
According to the geological conditions are different450 pile driverThe number of 9m Larson steel sheet piles is about 100 a day300 times the pile driverTrough sheet steel piles 9m in 200-300 days at a timeGive you a reference: 80 tonsThis is my construction data, I do not know, quasi accurate, you can refer to the next slightly!
Q:Flood piling machine a lot, why not see changkai dike breach after piling piling machine?
18:30 on June 21, 2010, Nadekawa sang Kay dike burst. On the morning of June 22nd, the measured changkai dike burst width of 340 meters. 25 days 12 when monitoring data: diwai water level 36.08 meters, 35.90 meters, the water level was an average depth of 4.06 meters, the water area of 1170 square meters, the average flow of 1280 cubic meters per second, the flow rate of 1.09 meters per second. (excerpt from: Fuzhou Hydrological Bureau Author: Liu Jianming)From 18:30 on June 21st to 25, 12, that is, in 90 hours after the average flow rate of 1.09 meters per second, it is estimated that within 24 hours of the dike burst, the average flow rate should be 5~8 meters per second or higher. And the average depth of 4.06 meters, according to the wooden pile into the water 3 meters, 1 meters above the surface, the length of the stakes should be no less than 8 meters.
Q:What brand of pile driver is good 10?
Qingyuan Xin Feng Machinery Factory production of 2 Taiwan good ~ we are the brand ~ I just listen to my father said that the specific amount should be 200 thousand ~ a ~ details of your advice of high manager soldiers accounted for ~ should Baidu can be found in the.
Q:How many working surfaces are left in the long spiral pile driver?
General 50-80, the best drill pipe can be connected, but the construction capacity of pile driver is limited, generally there are more than 20 meters, more than thirty meters, high rack will be able to play deeper.
Q:What is the difference between piling and piling?
the center of the city, hammer smoke and noise nuisance, environmental protection is generally not let the surrounding residents also opposed. From the environmental point of view, low environmental impact pile, and the impact on the surrounding pile is much smaller than the pile.
Q:Code for installation and operation of pile drivers
4. Check whether the voltage of the power supply meets the requirements.5, according to the daily maintenance project to each department lubrication, maintenance.Five, pile driver in the work safety precautions:1, when the piling machine work, there should be special command. The conductor and operator should check each other's signals before they work. Work closely together.2, at the start of the bell signal or other applications, notify the staff around to leave.3, hammer and pile cap, pile cap and column (or pile) plane to pad, a connecting bolt should be tightened, and should always check whether there is loose.4. The starting of the pile driver should be adjusted from low gear to high speed.5, the pile driver in the work should be closely observed on the control panel current, voltage instructions. If abnormal sound or other abnormal conditions are found, stop inspection immediately.6, always check the temperature of the bearing and the bearing cover screws is loosening, should strictly examine the eccentric block coupling screw loosening, prevent the occurrence of accidents.7, sink, column (or pile) prohibited to stand around.8, piling machine with water, mud suction sink, should contact in advance with the relevant personnel, and take care of each other at work.9, long pipe column or pile and the installation of pile cap, the staff must wear safety belts.10 、 in the process of sinking, it is strictly prohibited to do mechanical maintenance work.Six after the stop of the piling machine, the power shall be cut off immediately, and the pile driver and motor shall be inspected and maintained.Seven, piling machine long-term disabled, should be kept in storage, the motor should be good moisture-proof protection, the control panel of the instrument, should be removed, storage, storage.
Q:What kind of pile driver should be used for piling on the beach?
Diesel pile hammer is the use of diesel hammer pile and cement pile has made a hammer a hammer to break into the underground, to determine the pile length and diameter according to the needs of geology, precast pile length is generally divided into three meters, six meters, nine meters and fifteen meters.
Q:I've heard that the pile driver's pay is high. I want to study. Also please seniors pointing. Be deeply grateful!
There's one in the neighborhood. Can find other counterparts to learn, skilled in their own open. However, the piling machine is not stable, but also a team together. And we're going out of town, this month, ten days.
Q:How much is the driver of the piling machine?
Into the company, there will be no worry about work, such as the construction of the railway these big projects, you need such talent, but it will be very hard, and wages than other drivers of high wages
Q:Pile driver model, which brand is better?
Small rotary drilling rig and small pile driver, the foundation pile foundation, compared to the screw pile driver, can meet all kinds of large-scale infrastructure construction requirements.

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