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Detailed Product Description of Korean Vibro Attachment




(PATENT NO.10-0970772)


- AVH Construction Technology Patent


-The best workability & efficiency - Multi-function performance Sheet Piling & Auger Drilling - High quality product which is designed by ISO9001 system


A. Pile Driving & Extracting Working 1) Maximum 11mt driving, extracting, arranging sheet pile, H-beam, Tube 2) Pilot Double-check system holds clamp presser until released, thus increasing workers safety 3) Operator can easily control sheet pile, H-beam and tube by himself due to its 90 degree tilting 4) The 360 degree rotation and the double-axis of movement allow for full range of motion 5) Substantially reduces costs by eliminating equipment manpower typically used in piling operations


B. Auger Drilling Working 1) For auger operation, the screw can be easily attached & detached operating vibratory hammer normally 2) Drilling of soil, weathered & soft rock with power pack during auger rotation and vibration operation 3) Can be applied for ground release drilling, ground investigation, before sheet piles - Multi-functional equipment enabling sheet piling and auger drilling - Powerful vibration and clamping power is the best in this class equipment - Upgraded durability by hydraulic bearing and powerful motor for high speed rotation - Specially designed heavy duty elastomers of Patent which is excellent performance in high frequency vibration of 3,000 cycles per minute - Unique technology designed by AVH technology, which is the first in KOREA Patented and CE certified - Strong & powerful DPD350TA can perform the same operation as DH hammer - Introducing innovations to the field of vibration drilling techniques with our R&D team who can adapt to the developing technology and who refreshes itself progressively in order to satisfy all the needs

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Q:Is the spiral pile driver still being dug? Is it easy to operate? How many people do you need?
Shandong strong pile driver without manual shovel, the operation panel is very simple, a day will be able to operate skillfully, an operator can work, save worry and effort.
Q:How did the pile driver move on the site?
By hydraulic, the two sides of the foot support on the ground, palm the main body, and then the main sliding distance, and then the main body falls, complete a slide, you can also wisdom vertical 90 degrees in the direction of sliding.
Q:How many meters can a small pile driver reach?
The maximum diameter of the pile driver is 1.2 meters
Q:The piling machine and the appearance are not considered as large machinery import and export fields
See what kind of bar! If it is a small blue ocean highway, the pile driver is not large, even if the loading type. The foundation pile driver is different from the other machines and should be counted
Q:What safety measures should be taken when assembling a pile driver?
This thing must have the safety, rules and regulations, but the key is to have this awareness, the following for your reference, I hope to help you.1 、 safety management system of mechanical equipmentLeaders at all levels should strengthen the safety work of mechanical equipment often carry out safety production leadership, ideological education and safety education of workers, the leaders at all levels included in the safety target management schedule, prohibited illegal command, illegal operation, violation of labor discipline and reckless ignorance and other unsafe behavior, leaders should regularly organize relevant personnel go to the scene, the supervision and inspection of mechanical safety work, to correct the problem, promptly eliminate hidden dangers, make the mechanical equipment to achieve safety, high quality, high efficiency and low energy consumption operation, the long-term safe production and take measures to eliminate hidden dangers and prevent accidents of personnel should be commended and rewarded.Urge all kinds of machinery and equipment operators to seriously study safety technical operation procedures, and those who violate safety technical procedures must be stopped, and can be continued before improvement. After the arrival of the new model, there is no safety technical operating procedures, it must be in accordance with the requirements of the instructions, first formulate safety operation procedures and precautions before they can be put into use.
Q:Working principle of pile driver
The pile hammer is attached to two parallel vertical guide rods (commonly called Longmen) at the front of the pile support and hoisted with lifting hooks. Pile frame is a steel tower, in the back part is provided with a winch for hoisting pile and the pile hammer, pile in front of the guide frame of two guide rods, used to control the direction of the pile, pile according to the design range accurately penetration formation. The tower and the guide frame can be used to batter pile deflection.
Q:How many kinds of pile driver are there?
The market is the piling machine of many kinds, small as you introduced under the following four types: first, drop hammer is a heavy piece of steel, by using the hook lifting winch, after decoupling along the guide frame free fall and piling. Two, hammer hammer by the hammer and the hammer seat, with steam or compressed air as a driving force, a single action and double action two hammer hammer. Single acting piston or cylinder as the hammer to hammer, steam driven hammer up, then let the hammer seat along the guide rod fall and piling. Double acting steam hammer is increased as the plunger cylinder as the hammer to hammer, steam driven hammer up, then drive the downward impact hammer piling. The reciprocating speed is high and the frequency is high, so that the pile can vibrate when penetrating into the stratum, and the friction resistance can be reduced, and the pile driving effect is good. Differential two-way unequal force hammer, the hammer seat light weight, effective impact weight can be relatively stronger and better performance. The hammer into the exhaust valve reversing by manual control, can also be installed in the side with the hammer
Q:Why do some people need to dig the foundation and pile it up to dig a hole?
First of all, depends on the type of your pile, prefabricated or bored pile.If it is a bored pile, then it is obvious to dig first.If it is a prefabricated pile, then pile it directly, then dig it.
Q:Highway guardrail, piling machine, drilling, piling price
Look at what the ground looks like, 0635-5454-588
Q:Which is better for the building foundation treated by a pile driver and a rammer?
Pile foundation for multilayer dynamic rammer (sometimes used in multilayer)Heavy tamping is mainly used for miscellaneous fill, loess and so onThere are many kinds of pile foundation, different application and natural soil bearing the same time, there is a composite foundation
Our products is the worlds very first new concept ripper which developed and designed to use ultra high-frequency vibration for breaking rock and ripper operation.Since the time of Establishment, we have focused and specialized on vibration construction machinery development and successfully built up innovative know-how in vibrating technology. We will continuously invest and develop wide range of innovative products .

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