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Detailed Product Description of Korean Vibro Attachment




(PATENT NO.10-0970772)


- AVH Construction Technology Patent


-The best workability & efficiency - Multi-function performance Sheet Piling & Auger Drilling - High quality product which is designed by ISO9001 system


A. Pile Driving & Extracting Working 1) Maximum 11mt driving, extracting, arranging sheet pile, H-beam, Tube 2) Pilot Double-check system holds clamp presser until released, thus increasing workers safety 3) Operator can easily control sheet pile, H-beam and tube by himself due to its 90 degree tilting 4) The 360 degree rotation and the double-axis of movement allow for full range of motion 5) Substantially reduces costs by eliminating equipment manpower typically used in piling operations


B. Auger Drilling Working 1) For auger operation, the screw can be easily attached & detached operating vibratory hammer normally 2) Drilling of soil, weathered & soft rock with power pack during auger rotation and vibration operation 3) Can be applied for ground release drilling, ground investigation, before sheet piles - Multi-functional equipment enabling sheet piling and auger drilling - Powerful vibration and clamping power is the best in this class equipment - Upgraded durability by hydraulic bearing and powerful motor for high speed rotation - Specially designed heavy duty elastomers of Patent which is excellent performance in high frequency vibration of 3,000 cycles per minute - Unique technology designed by AVH technology, which is the first in KOREA Patented and CE certified - Strong & powerful DPD350TA can perform the same operation as DH hammer - Introducing innovations to the field of vibration drilling techniques with our R&D team who can adapt to the developing technology and who refreshes itself progressively in order to satisfy all the needs

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Q:What are the types of hammer pile drivers?
There are diesel tube pile driver, power source brand, Zhong Zhong brand, and Zhejiang is very popular guide rod hammer
Q:The difference between diesel pile driver and impact drilling machine
A diesel pile driver: like a hammer hitting a nail, it is hit by a hammer.Percussive drill: like percussive drilling, it is drilled out during impact.
Q:Is the loading type barrier pile driver practical?
Do not know the specific fuel consumption, you will know their own online check, and the fuel consumption of different types are not the same, but certainly more than 260 of the piling machine of gas guzzling wow, you only a few 260 cylinder, loading type are basically four large diameter cylinder diesel engine.But the efficiency and quality are worth the praise, and the loader is much more efficient than the regular barrier pile driver. It can be said to be a multiple increase.
Q:Find a 3DMAX site pile driver model and a mixed soil mixer,
Hello, have you found it? I also want a blender model. Could you send me a 975042329@qq.com, please?
Q:Is the prestressed pipe pile driven by a diesel pile driver or a static pile driver?
Static pressure, relatively environmental protection, no noise, mainly hydraulic system static pressure pipe sinking.We also work in the field of pile foundation engineering! 138 (bored pile) 781 (punching pile), 95 (precast pipe pile), 909 (high pressure jet grouting) (mixing pile) (anchor bolt, anchor rope) (slope foundation pit support) foundation treatment. Over the phone up housing construction, bridge pile foundation construction!
Q:What certificate should be required for the construction of the pile driver?
Construction permit and quality assurance certificate, and environmental noise shall comply with the Supervision Certificate
Q:What is the starting current for a 55 kW pile driver? What's the big leakage switch, please?
250A circuit breaker startup selection step-down start cannot be launched directly, or may cause voltage drop greatly,
Q:How many meters per day can a foundation shovel in Luoyang be 80 centimeters in diameter? Is it easy to damage?
According to the different soil layers, if silt if one hour is 8 meters, if encountered in geological almost but also to add some water, general soil clay, the clay soil mainly depends on pull speed hit the car with no follow on, Luoyang has specialized in the production of large caliber. Peony motor Luoyang shovel, one hour fast hit 35 meters, average 20 meters.
Q:Pile foundation
At the bottom of the drill bit, when rotating, the soil layer becomes loose and becomes slag. It is suspended by mud and overflowed with mud. The well wall is protected by water head and mud. Reverse circulation rotary drilling: the mud flows into the borehole from the mud pool and is mixed with drilling slag. Suction role in vacuum pump, drill into a slag mixture into the mouth, through the drill pipe, and a slurry pump debris control raft excreted into the sedimentation tank cleaning, for further use. Because the bore diameter of drill pipe is much smaller than that of well bore, the water slurry in drill pipe is increased by 4~5 times faster than that of positive circle, and it is dominant in drilling hole of bridge drilling pile.
Q:What is the maximum CPU of a pile driver? What about the performance of graphics will be piling machine CPU?
AMD pile driver FX8350 performance similar to 640 graphics cardsAMD's new series, CPU, has a core code called Bulldozer, and the Chinese translation is bulldozer.
Our products is the worlds very first new concept ripper which developed and designed to use ultra high-frequency vibration for breaking rock and ripper operation.Since the time of Establishment, we have focused and specialized on vibration construction machinery development and successfully built up innovative know-how in vibrating technology. We will continuously invest and develop wide range of innovative products .

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