Form a complete set of ac motor cooler/ AC Completo Grupo de Enfirador de Generador

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Product Description:

Is designed with ac/dc motor cooling products, the advantages of small volume, 

good cooling effect, low noise, small vibration, maintenance, easy installation, 

energy saving, especially suitable for lack of water and dust environment.
Working principle:
ZTL knapsack type air - air cooler is a cooling of the independent components, 

and motor installed it into a whole, to form a closed cooling system, through 

the circulation fan and cooling fan run to the hot air through the cooling pipe, 

motor, a constant cold air cooled by the outside world, thus ensuring motor 

safe and reliable operation under the rated conditions.

Motor cooler is the main heat transfer components, is one of the important products 

to maintain motor operation, a direct impact on the rise of temperature of the motor,

 the output, and life, all of the steam turbine generator, hydraulic generator, ac/dc 

motor use cooler, application scope is extremely broad, play an important role in the 

national economy and people's livelihood.
An electric motor exhaust air cooler is 20 M ^ 3 / MIN cross-sectional area is 0.085 M ^ 3 

wind speed can reach?Through air volume equal to 20/60 = 0.33 cubic meters per second.

By the cross-sectional area is equal to 0.085 square meters.So a second average wind speed 

is equal to the ventilation rate divided by the cross-sectional area is equal to 0.33/0.085 = 4 m/s.

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