fiber optic cable

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-underground type
-single mode or multi mode
-excellent crush resistance and tensile strength
-water blocking structure

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Headway fiber optic cable factory price/fiber optic cable/optic fiber cable


. Fibers : SM 9.125um, multimode 50/125um, and multimode 62.5/125um;

2.Central support memeber: Glass fiber reinforced polymer(FRP);

3.Sub-units: Gel-filled loose tube;

4.Interstitial waterblock: Jelly-filled;

5.Inner sheath: PE;

6.Strengthen memebers: Aramide yarns;

7.Outer sheath: PE or LT;

Bending radius: 190-200mm; for static; and 255-270mm for dynamic;

Tensile load: 4500N or 5200N;

Crush resistance: 3000N/cm;

Span length:100m, 200m 300m ,400m,500m,600meters;

Technical data

No. of cable                                             24

Design(Fiber/Tube)                                      6×4

Central Strength Member(Material/Diameter) mm            Steel Wire/1.8

Loose Tube(Material/Diameter/Thickness)     mm            PBT/1.8/0.32

Filler Rope(Material/Diameter)                 mm            LDPE/1.8

Outer Sheath (Material/ Thickness)        mm        MDPE/1.8(nominal)

Armoring (Material)                                    Steel Strip

Cable Diameter                               mm             9.8(nominal)  

Cable Wetght                                   kg/km             95(nominal)

Min. installation                      N               1500

Min. bending radius(mm)     Without Tension   Under Maximum Tension

                            10.0×Cable-φ       20.0×Cable-φ

Temperature range(°C)     Installation   Transport&Storage   Operation

                         -20~+60       -40~+70         -30~+70  

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Q:How would I run the power cable to my amplifier in a 2002 Honda Civic EX?
I think you need to look at what ever is going through the fire wall first. often you will find things like speedo cables and other cables that go through it using a grommet, if they is a 8mm plus one used you could puch your power cable through the same grommet, this will save the drilling but if you do have to drill use a grommet to seal the hole, it costs only cents.
Q:Internal to ONLY Usb no power cable portable hard drive.?
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Q:What power cable gauge do I use to hook up a car amplifier? Most amplifier kits appear to be under sized.?
Power Cable Gauge
Q:What are the requirements for the spacing between the strong and weak wires?
with a white cable to facilitate the distinction between the cable
Q:Missing pinouts from my Power supply cables?
It is very common for some pins in a standard connector to be unused on certain devices, especially power connections, because there are always redundant pins to the same power connection.
Q:What's the function of data cable and power cable?
The data cable is used to pass data ( digital information ), but the power cable is used to give the power (electricity) to the device
Q:I'm moving--how far in advance to set up power, cable, etc?
Do it the end of this month or even now since you will have to open accounts and need to file the proper paperwork and put up cash deposits ranging from 200 to 500.
Q:Will an amp power up without RCA cables hooked up?
The power light should come on with or without the speaker wires or RCA cables from the stereo, but not all will, this is just a general rule. Double check your power hook up and see if it has power to it. Sometimes a little thing will throw the reset switch on the amp, check that also. This is assuming you have run proper power cables to the amp and have them hooked up to the proper connectors.

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