Fiber Cement Board with Good Quality and Prices

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

Our fiber cement board is made of high-grade cement and modified material, reinforced by natural fiber. Being processed by high pressure and temperature advanced technologies. It’s a new building material with excellent performances.

Product Advantages:

Standard Size: 1220*2440mm (W*L)

Thickness Range: 5mm~30mm

Packing: Pcs/Pallet


Density: 1.2~1.5g/cm3 (medium), 1.5~2.0 (high)

Water Absorption: ≤30% (medium density), ≤25% (high density)

Non-combustibility: Non-Inflammability Class A

Wet Expansion: ≤0.25%

Bending Strength (Dry/Wet): 20/12 MPA (medium density), 24/14 MPA (high density)

Main Product Features:

Fire Proof & Insulation;

Waterproof and Moisture Proof;

Thermal & Sound Insulation;

High Strength & Light Weight;


Good Looking & Easy Installation / Replacement;

Safe & Harmless;

Product Specifications:

Fiber Cement Board  with Good  Quality  and  Prices


Fiber Cement Board  with Good  Quality  and  Prices

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Q:What is the kind of plate?
Light weight: the use of the United States rock cement board for the wall, the weight of only the same thickness of the brick wall 1/15, block the wall of the 1/10, is conducive to structural seismic, and can effectively reduce the basic and structural cost.
Q:What kind of hole saw should I use on Hardibacker cement board?
Not a good idea unless it want to ruin the hole saw in record time. Unless you have a carbide or diamond hole saw, hammer drill a series of small holes around the perimeter. Save the bimetal for drilling the wood band board.
Q:why is the cement-board lintel over my front door separating from the brickwork?
Well you've got some serious movement going on for sure.However I doubt it's the house bc anything to do with the main foundation would have shown itself long before this.I'd be looking at whatever those posts are anchored to myself.
Q:Laying hydraulic water stop cement?
if i were doing where the wall meets the floor i would mix up handfuls and role it into ropes and pack it into the angle with a board end...
Q:how to make homemade cement bricks?
use something big- and cylinder shaped. (a bucket) use this to mix it, and then fill up a cardboard box with minimal cracks. let it dry, and then rip the box off. you now have a cement brick.
Q:What are some inexpensive and creative ways to decorate a cement block basement?
Because of your scrapbooking and since it is a basement you are going to want to consider storage options. Inexpensive shelving, either metal shelves or even sturdy boards and cinder blocks can be concealed behind curtains. I’ve even seen decorative shower curtains used for this. Curtains might help hide or break up some of the longer expanses of wall too. Take your time and watch clearance sales. You are probably going to want mirrors for your work out area. Inexpensive long, narrow dressing mirrors would be perfect for this and would also increase your lighting. They could be taken out of the cheap frames they come in and hung side by side or left in the frames for a more focused area. Some could even be hung side ways for a different effect on an adjoining wall. For the lighting I would think that an overhead in the work out area and halogen in your craft area would suffice and wouldn’t be too expensive. You don't want to scrimp on the lighting for your craft area, you will see the difference in the end product of your work if you do. All of these ideas leave you where anything you do have to purchase can easily be converted to another use in a new home. Good luck in your new place!
Q:cement board over tub?
If there is a lip on the tub that is usually around an 1/8 thick I use thin strips of wood to fur out the stud creating a flat smooth surface from the ceiling to the top of the tub. Then the tile backer is screwed to the studs and leave approx 1/8 clearance at the bottom to avoid any water that may eventually creep under if the caulk fails from wicking up into your backer. You could use the end of a paint stirring stick on the tub to create the small space I am suggesting. I haven't used cementatious backer board ( WonderBoard or Durock) in the last 10 years. I have found the best product for ease of installation and durability is Hardiebacker. It is a little more than the cement boards but worth every penny. You can cut it using a circular saw, use drill bits, and hole saws without destroying your tools like cement board and get even cuts without the cement falling out like the other boards. Use their Backer On screws, NOT drywall or deck screws. Half inch Hardibacker also mates up with 1/2 drywall utilizing 1 5/8 screws. This system has worked well for me on hundreds of tile jobs over the last decade.
Q:Kerdi for tile, vs. cement backer board?
I am assuming you are going with ceramic tile. If that is the case then you do not need fiberboard. Just tile right to the concrete floor. As for the crack either fill it in or use a product called RedGaurd. RedGaurd is a rubberized product that when applied over the crack will expand and contract and thus keep the crack covered. You can apply RedGaurd then put mortar right over it.
Q:Will the cement board on the decoration be used to blow it directly?
If the wall can be placed directly putty putty, putty on the general scraping three times; if the wall is not flat on the first use of plaster gypsum leveling, and then scraping putty.
Q:5mm cement fiber board how much money a square?
Generally more than one hundred yuan per square, all local prices are not the same

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