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3000 Pieces pc
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3000 Pieces per Week pc/month

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1.Certification: CIQ ,FDA,SGS etc

2.Dishwasher and microwave safe

3.MOQ:3000 pcs

4.Various colors available


Porcelain Candle Holder



1.Material: porcelain,ceramic, durable porcelain

2.size: (cm)

(1).Length: 15.3cm

(2).Height: 6cm


3.we can make different style,size,color according to clients' request

4.we can open the new mould according to the buyer's original sample and technical drawings.

5.printing set up: we can set up new printing according to buyer's artwork in ai.format.with resolution.

6.microwave and dishwasher safe.

7.High quality & different kinds of designs and shapes are available.

8.Packing: customers' requirements are available

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Q:What's the difference between ion perm and ceramic perm?
Ion perm suitable for hot straight hair, ceramic perm, suitable for hot hair. There are many kinds of ion perm, water ions, cations, swimming ions, negative ions, etc., it is difficult to choose for a while. But its general procedures are the same, divided into shampoo, softening, straightening and so on.Now perm is divided into two categories: cold and hot. Is the general meaning of the perm perm, perm moisturizing gel to play after wet when it is rolled, dry when the volume is not good, no hard hit something after the hair elastic. Hot now, sub ion hot, ceramic hot, digital hot and so on. The first softening in the thick stick. The difference between this perm is that it doesn't roll when wet, but when it's dry, it rolls better, and the hair is soft and elastic. Now a lot of pushing digital hot digital hot machine, because the price is not high, it is easy, but bad if the digital hot hot hot and cold, also want to make something moisturizing, if made such an effect, as do the perm, perm to lower the price. But the heat is not a panacea, some hair is going to take to do a perm.
Q:What do ceramic and Bone China
Reporter recently in the country into a modern department store opposite the kitchen special store to see, a lot of customers moved to new homes in a carefully selected bone china tableware, a lady said: "only a few years to buy anyway, to pick a good buy, to ensure the quality of life, of course, is my preferred Bone China tableware."China has many outstanding advantages: fine texture, the milky white, translucent in the light, the most valuable is much lighter than the ordinary ceramic bone china, the maintenance is simple, with oil cleaning, without detergent, just use warm water to clean on the line. It can be put into the sterilizing cupboard and sterilized at high temperature. If scratches can be polished lightly with toothpaste, if there is tea, with lemon juice or vinegar wash. Bone china tableware is fastidious about the matching, each set has a name such as "a quality suggestive of poetry or painting, rhyme book" fragrance "," Moonlight ", a harmonious union lasting a hundred years", each set of tableware patterns with a face, create an atmosphere, therefore, what kind of decoration style houses what kind of choice, bone china tableware style, see is the owner's personality and style. Daily meal, the feast, with enough graceful bone holding, will show the extraordinary style.The bone in his hand, to the light observation of porcelain porcelain hand feel transparent, delicate and hard, the index finger of a bomb, a "crisp sound bite". A long knock heart had finally been answered. When connected, it is the future on the lips, gazing at the beauty of the porcelain
Q:As long as the ceramic containers can be put into the microwave oven?
As long as there is no metal object, you can put it in.Something that can not be put into a microwave oven:1, to avoid contact with food preservative film: use fresh film, it is best not to let the direct contact with the food in the heating process, food can be placed in large bowl with plastic wrap flat sealed sized or without plastic wrap and the direct use of glass or porcelain cover, so that water vapor can also be sealed, the rapid heating evenly. Before removing the food, puncture the preservative film to prevent it from sticking to the food.2, avoid using closed containers: heating liquid should use wide mouth container, because in closed containers, the heating of food is not easy to emit, so that the pressure in the container is too high, easy to cause explosion accident. Even in the boiling shelled food, but also advance with a needle or chopsticks to pierce the shell membrane, to avoid heating caused by the burst of Bengjian dirty furnace wall.3, avoid the use of metal utensils: because the furnace into the iron, aluminum, stainless steel, enamel and other metal ware, microwave heating will produce sparks and reflect microwave, both damaged furnace and cooked food.4, avoid ordinary plastic containers into microwave heating: first, hot food will make containers deformation; two, ordinary plastic will release toxic substances, pollution of food, endanger human health.
Q:What are the ceramic products?
(I) classification by usage:1., daily ceramics: such as tableware, tea sets, jars, altar, pots, cans, plates, plates, bowls and so on.2. art {process ceramics: vase, sculpture, garden, ceramic ware, display, etc..3. industrial ceramics: ceramics used in a variety of industries. It is divided into the following 6 aspects:1. Building sanitary ceramics: such as tiles, drainage pipes, tiles, wall tiles, sanitary and so on;Chemical, {chemical} ceramics: acid resistant containers, pipes, towers, pumps, valves, and acid bricks, ash, etc. used in lining reactors for various chemical industries;Electrical porcelain: insulator used in power industry high and low voltage transmission lines. Bushings for motors, insulators for insulation, low voltage electrical appliances and lighting insulators, andInsulators for telecommunications, radios, insulators, etc;The special ceramic, special ceramic products thrown in various modern industry and advanced science and technology, high alumina ceramic, porcelain, stone magnesium titanium magnesium porcelain stone, Gao YingStone porcelain, porcelain, and lithium ferrite, metal ceramic etc..
Q:Brief introduction of honeycomb ceramics
Honeycomb ceramics can be made from a variety of materials. The main materials are: cordierite, mullite, aluminum titanate, activated carbon, silicon carbide, activated alumina, zirconium oxide, silicon nitride and cordierite, mullite, cordierite, aluminum titanate and other composite matrix. Activated carbon powder or granules made of ceramic honeycomb shape, greatly improve the treatment of water purification and wastewater treatment ability, especially in the pharmaceutical industry, antibiotics, vitamins, hormones and nucleic acid injection of various drugs such as injection, dehydration and decolorization to impurities etc.. Honeycomb ceramic can be divided into four categories: regenerator, filler, catalyst carrier and filter material. Ceramic honeycomb regenerative body heat capacity above 1000kJ/kg products, the highest use temperature more than 1700 DEG C, in heating furnace, heating device, soaking furnace, cracking furnace kiln fuel can be saved more than 40%, the yield increased by more than 15%, the temperature of exhaust gas is lower than 150 DEG C. Honeycomb ceramic filler filler than other shapes of greater surface area, better strength and other advantages, can make the vapor-liquid distribution more uniform, the bed resistance is reduced, the effect is better, and can prolong the service life, in the petrochemical, pharmaceutical and fine chemical industry as a filler effect is quite good.
Q:What is ceramic?
Later found that the use of natural raw materials, completely without silicate, can also be made into ceramics, and more superior performance. Thus, the ceramic family, which has always been dominated by silicates, has changed, and a completely new and modern ceramic that does not belong to silicate is found.The exact said "ceramic" is defined as: the ceramic is natural or synthetic compounds made of powder, after forming and sintering, polycrystalline solid materials composed of inorganic compounds, metallic and nonmetallic elements. Both traditional silicate ceramics and modern ceramics are included in this range.
Q:What kind of ceramic bowl is good?
A ceramic bowl is the food and beverage, must choose good brand, porcelain tableware are now Dongpeng ceramics, newzhongyuan ceramics, Guanzhu ceramics, Jingdezhen ceramics - ceramic Hongyu leaves, these brands in the past does not know how to buy, buy quality sucks, now buy more or very picky, I think of porcelain tableware recommend ten net china-10 brand on those ten brands is still good. I'm also used to buy the brand above, and it's more popular to use it. The first few are more expensive, I was more interested in Huida ceramics, ceramic sublimation, Baxter ceramics, ceramic Williamston. The price is relatively affordable, cost-effective.
Q:What brand of ceramic tableware is good?
Direct home network selection ah, all brands are home porcelain online, a variety of international brands of household ceramics.
Q:How to use the new ceramic pot?
Boil the water... Put on a wooden mat and let it cool for second days. You can use it
Q:What is the difference between the ceramics of Jiangsu and Yixing and Jiangxi and Jingdezhen ceramics?
1, Yixing main production of clay tea, handicrafts, also called pottery, looks grainy, is characteristic of ceramic tea sets, tea is really good, because clay is a strong sense of a grain of sand, good air permeability, when selected for tea.2, Jingdezhen porcelain used is what our local people call "kaolin", fine powder, no grain sense, exquisite workmanship, can show a smooth, delicate, very high gloss. That's the real china. Therefore, as thin as paper, bright as a mirror, the sound of Pan
We are always keeping enlarging production scale, perfecting management system, and improving office facilities to expand our markets both at home and abroad. At present, our products are well sold far to regions and countries, like Japanese, America and Canada. They are warmly welcomed by customers. While improving the production and efficiency, we pay special attention to the enhancing our management. We sincerely welcome clients at home and abroad to come for negotiations.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Guangdong,China (Mainland)
Year Established 2009
Annual Output Value US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
Main Markets North America 8.5
South America 8.5
Eastern Europe 12.75
Southeast Asia 8.5
Oceania 4.25
Mid East 17
Eastern Asia 17
Western Europe 8.5
Domestic Market 15
Company Certifications Export products quality certificate;Production Assessment Certificate;Sole proprietorship business license

2. Manufacturer Certificates

a) Certification Name  
Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Guangzhou,Shantou,Shenzhen
Export Percentage 81% - 90%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 6-10 People
Language Spoken: English, Chinese
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered
Product Price Range Low and/or Average