AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

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Grade: 1000 Series Surface Treatment: Mill Finish Shape: Flat
Temper: Half Hard Application: Decorations

Product Description:

1.Structure of AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Description

AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is widly used in building, industry ect. Its weight is much lower than steel. So many customers choosed aluminium material instead of steel.

AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware is one semi-finished aluminium material. This strip can be rolled down to aluminium foil.The final thickess can be 5-20 microns.  Aluminium foil is soft, ductile and with a silver-white luster which can be widely used in a large scare of fields.

2.Main Features of AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

1)Excellent weather-proof durability 
3)High erosion resistance 
4)Stable color and gloss 
5)Good mechanical processing performance 
6)Abrasion resistance 
8)High flexibility

3.AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Images

AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

4.AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware Specification




H14, H16, H18,O/F


0.5mm   -- 4mm


200mm   -- 1200mm


GB/T   3880-2006

5. FAQ of AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware

What is the quality standard?

---Usually our standard is GB3880-2006

What is the largest width?

---It is 2300mm

How to guarantee the quality?

---Customers are welcome to our mill to visit and check the products. Besides, we can arrange a third party to test AA1100 D.C Mill Finished Aluminum Circles used for Cookware.

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Q:How many teeth does it take to cut the 40-60mm thick aluminum bar? What brand is better?
Currently on the market in Japan's big right, Taiwan's pigeons are very good reputation. The price of pigeons is big, the right is low, the durability is great, the right is higher.
Q:Excuse me, what's the temperature and speed of the 6063 aluminum bar casting?
Now die-casting aluminum process according to material size, with electric furnace heating to 600-700 degrees. Small material high temperature heating, aniseed low, or too soft, not easy to move.It doesn't make sense to ask such questionsOr find their own information it!
Q:How to calculate the length of aluminium alloy by extrusion machine?
Extrusion = (actual length / upsetting coefficient excess pressure) * extrusion coefficientExtrusion factor = extrusion barrel area / finished cross section areaMaterial length = number of nodes x fixed lengthEnd = extrusion lengthBar length = ((number of nodes x fixed length + cut end) / extrusion coefficient + residual pressure) * upsetting coefficient
Q:Aluminum rods saw out of aluminum slag, 1 tons can dissolve how many aluminum ingots, dissolved aluminum ingot what equipment, tools?
Look at the size of aluminum slag, recycling saw a high rate of fines on the small saw.50-70% lower yield no problem.
Q:An aluminum bar and an iron bar are inserted into the water to conduct electricity. Why does it float?
It depends on what rods and electrodesWhen the iron rod is connected with the positive electrode of the power supply as an anode, the negative electrode connected with the power supply of the aluminum rod is used as the cathodeThe anode electrode is active metal, then the metal preferentially loses electronsThe iron reacts with electrons to produce ferrous ionsThe cathode is made of aluminum, so the metal does not get hydrogen ions in the electrons
Q:Is the elongation of aluminum bars related to the diameter?
The elongation rate (delta) is described, elongation and section shrinkage index psi plastic properties. Elongation is the percentage of the total deformation L of the gauge section and the ratio of the original distance to the length L after the tensile fracture of the specimen.
Q:4.2 of drill bit, drill bit, old broken... Material (aluminum bar).. please help me, how to do it will do well
The main reason is that the chip removal is not timely! The speed should not be too high, the force should not be too fierce, to drill, retire frequently, not because it is aluminum, that can be hard to drill, and hard to drill, one is to fold the drill bit, and the other is the Kong Zuanpian
Q:How long is the length of the aluminum rod used in the production of the aluminum alloy line?
As long as we know the rice weight of the aluminum rod used and the theory of the extruded section, we should choose the right length of aluminum bar
Q:In mechanical drawings, what is the technical requirement of an aluminum bar "delivery status: CS"?
When ordering, the delivery status should be marked in the contract.Status of aluminum alloys:R: hot working stateM: annealed conditionY: work hardening stateC: quenching conditionCZ: quenching and natural agingCZY: quenching, natural aging, cold working stateCS: quenching and artificial aging conditionCSY: quenching, artificial aging, cold working stateY2: semi hard stateRCS (T5): air cooling and manual aging
Q:What's the difference between cast aluminum bars and extruded aluminum bars?
1:Charging, melting, melting, stirring, adding waste completely melting, adding waste, melting, and covering agent and deslagging agent, slag, stirring, sampling, furnace analysis, plus Al-Si (Sl-Cu, Cr, Mg, additive) ingot stirring, sampling, analysis, composition adjustment, furnace refining drossing cover, standing for 2, 3, saw material casting4, aluminum rod homogenizing 5, cooling and washing rod (two) extrusion process extrusion process flow:The pressure before, extrusion, stretching and straightening, cutting, trimming and framing finished 1, before 2, extrusion extrusion3 、 stretch straightening4, finished cutting, trimming and framing (three) aging process

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