exterior wooden grain board

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1LUTAI wooden grain board is a stable performance and light weight building &decoration board adopted the high grade sand ,silicate,natural fiber and other materials,with high temperature and high pressure.So having the advantage of light-weight, high-strength ,heat insulation, fire-proof,water-proof, well-decoration effect, faster-working, space –saving and so on .

Thickness : 6mm-15mm

Size :1200*2400mm, 1220*2440mm,  200*2400mm ,  200*2440mm

2Product characteristics :

Density :1.4G/CM3

Fire-proof  Rate : A-Class incombustible (GB8624-1997)

Incombustibility(min): 240 minutes (GB/T9978-1999)

Water content : 10%

Water absorption rate: 30%

Swelling ratio: 0.4%

Anti-bending Strength: 12MPA

Water impermeability: the reverse side of board does not appear dripping after 24 hours

Frost resistance : Don’t appear cracking and delamination after 25 cycles of freezing and thawing . (GB/T7019-1997)

Radioactivity: standard of GB6566-2001 (A-class Decoration Materials)3,Recommed application:

Villa ,apartment, business building, operating room, factory ,school wall

panel ,renovation project, interior decoration and so on .  

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Q:Can I install ceramic tile directly to a cement block wall in the basement?
Do not do this if you want a good long lasting job. Moisture from the shower and vapor from the block work both ways. A plastic liner first attached to the wall then cement backerboard lagged to the wall will give a better result. Not perfect but better. If you just attach the tiles the vapor that comes through the walls will affect either the grout or the block itself causing it to efforvescence making the bond less strong. Painted areas should also be avoided to attach tiles to. Once again the vapor and water work both ways. Once you get the tiles up really pay attention to the condition of the grout and any cracks that develop along the sides to repair them as soon as possible. Also take into account the moisture that you are getting in the basement naturally. Is it a 'dry' basement or do you have water problems. It may be that it would be less hassle to just paint the wall in the shower and be able to maintain the paint than going to all the effort of tiling methods just to have a mold machine.
Q:Is it really necessary to use cement board when placing tile on plywood, like for a table top?
Use a slightly thinner plywood and glue it to the backer board. You will have adeqaute strength from the laminate and superior water protection from your backer board... The thicker plywood will find some use... it always does. If there is still any concern about table strength, redesign/ add to the table skirt (kind of like joists for a table top). why make it OK when you can make it great with a small amount of additional effort?
Q:Cement Board and Green Board?
if the cement board is 1/4 inch think then add 1/4 inch backer board under the cement board to bring out the finished wall to 1/2 inch....all wall should be 1/2 or better.... walls that have 1/4 drywall are not stronge enough and will sag...
Q:What's the best way to get a smooth cut on 1/2 cement board?
a diamond blade is good yes, but running it perfectly straight is the difficult part. Make your self a straight edge so your saw or angle grinder can rest against it as your cutting ( say the blade is 50mm from the saw base or angle grinder guard, put your straight edge 50mm away from your line) when it is cut get a piece of cement board and rub it along your cut to achieve a factory finish you could also buy a cement board blad ( it has only 4 teeth and it can fit onto your circular saw,) other then that you can use an angle grinder with a diamond blade.
Q:Can the cement board plaster directly?
No, the mortar of the cement mortar mainly look inside and outside the plastering practice is the same, you can see the table, mortar thick, what type, at a glance. External cement mortar is generally waterproof mortar, if the mortar surface thickness is small
Q:Cement concrete pavement thickness of the number of appropriate?
Most of the concrete pavement made of equal thickness section, thick 20 to 25 cm.
Q:Cement board and tile flange?
You should keep the cement board behind the tile flange.
Q:When installing ceramic floor tile is floating it better than cement board?
These answer are old there are at least three different kind of boards you can lay down instead of cement board they are lighter less expensive. Check with your local Lowes or Home depot they carry them and tell you which one is best for what you are laying, there is a big difference from slate and granite and just plain old ceramic tile
Q:Cement Board on New Homes?
it can last even longer depending on exposer to weather, feild painted or factory painted. hardi plank or certinteed cement board are both good products. the main thing is to keep the back side of the board ( keep n eye on your caullking ) if moisture can wick threw the board , the paint will start to fail and peel.
Q:Is it necessary to lay cement board prior to setting tile over a wooden subfloor in an entry area?
Not putting an additional subflooring is almost a guaranteed failure. ATC and TCA are tile code guide lines that state that a minimum of 1 1/4 subflooring is needed to do tile. There are other circumstances ( like deflection) that come into play , but properly prepped subflooring is the best bet against failure. It doesnt need to be a cement board ( and there is a proper installation method) .There are other ways , depending or your exact situation that can be used to properly do tile. Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar and check my qualifications there. GL

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