Reinforced Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

1. Excellent fire-proof performance
2. Excellent damp-proof performance .
3. Durability and long service life
4. CE

With quartz sand ,cement reinforce fiber as main raw mateirals ,cement board is a light board material made throught high temperature and high pressure maintenance , and special treatment .


Major Usage : Internal and external wall materials


Product Advantages:

1. Excellent fire-proof performance

2. Excellent damp-proof performance .

3. Durability and long service life

4. High strength

5. Good heat and sound insulation


Main Product Features:

1. 1220*2440*4-20mm

2. 1200*2400*4-20mm

3. 1220*3050*5-18mm

4. 1220*3660*5-18mm

Other sizes are selectable

Product Specifications:

Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board




Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board

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Q:Has anybody made a claim for and been paid for the cement board siding class action lawsuit?
Dont has some good examples of past class action lawsuits and for a really good read, read Grisham's the king of Torts. Right now I am actually a part of a class to recover FOREX fees on my credit card. I have lost probably a few hundred dollars i expect to be granted $5! Wahoo!
Q:why did the contact cement not work for my slideboard?
Contact adhesive should be applied to both surfaces and then allowed to set for about 20 - 30 minutes (until almost touch-dry) BEFORE bringing the surfaces together. BEWARE! Once the surfaces touch they will bond instantly, with no scope for repositioning. Leave the existing cement until thoroughly dry, then re-apply as per my instructions.
Q:Can you put ceramic tile over wood floors? If yes I was told that it wouldnt stay, even with cement board.?
Yes, you can. You have to make a solid wood foundation (not boards) then lay plywood on the top. On the top of the plywood you need to pour a layer of concrete. Inside the concrete you need to put a dense iron mesh (small holes). The mesh will not allow the concrete to break or to settle in places. Then you can put tiles on the concrete.
Q:Is the cement board sound insulation effect is good, or gypsum board noise effect is good?
Gypsum board, because the gypsum board density is low, so the sound insulation is better.However, the cement board is also possible sound insulation is very good, such as foam cement, its density is smaller than the plaster, sound insulation is also better.
Q:Why cant i ollie on cement?
it is because your rolling. you gotta stay over your board when you pop.keep your board under you probably kinda weird at first going from grass to cement but keep trying or i will kick your face off.
Q:How can I tell if my walls are normal drywall or cement board?
There are many options to cover normal drywall for showers. Most are a type of plastic or acrylic.
Q:Home studio decoration, do noise wall, is the effect of good gypsum board or cement fiber pressure plate effect is good
Fiber cement board is made of fiber, cement, quartz sand, additives, water and other inorganic substances, mixed molding, high temperature and high pressure steaming and special technology to deal with and made a variety of thickness, density products, 100% non-asbestos and other harmful Material, with high strength, large format, light, fire, waterproof and other excellent performance of the new environmentally friendly building plate. Green, 100% of the plate does not contain asbestos, formaldehyde and other harmful substances, in use will not produce toxic gases or radiation. Lightweight, sound insulation, the board light weight, high strength, good toughness, sound insulation effect, to meet all kinds of sound insulation requirements of the wall or barrier.
Q:in my new bath/shower i'm using hardibacker cement board. what should i use for the rest of the bathroom walls
depends on how much you want to spend and what your style is, you could glue on a new fiberglass surround, comes in pieces and just needs to be glued to the board OR tile the area, a lot of work, a lot more expense, but beautiful....
Q:How to re-tile a bathroom floor currently set on cement board?
You could lay over what is there if the ceramic isn't slick or shiny on top. Getting off the old may not be as hard as one would think. Then again it may be a bear, I'd smack one with a hammer and just see how hard it would be to get out. This would not create such a height gain in the long run. If it is a nightmare then I'd cement the broken tile you took outs spot and go over top what is there if possible. Getting the old cement board completely out I believe would be a chore but I may be wrong.
Q:What is the process of using a cement pressure plate to dry the tile? What do I need to know about the specifications of the light steel keel, how thick the board
Are you sure to use light steel keel? If it is so: small wall 50 * 35 * 0.5 large wall with 75 * 35 ~ 40 * 0.5, or to keel with a small, vertical keel with a large. It seems to mention the problem did not indicate the white intention, the ordinary partition with light steel keel to do skeleton lock silicate cover can also be tiled but not for the bathroom, if you really use the cement board hanging in the tile, keel should be used 80 * 50 * 5 channel or L50 * 50 * 4 angle welding to do skeleton bar, consider the good force

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