Reinforced Fiber Cement Board

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Product Description:

Product Applications:

1. Excellent fire-proof performance
2. Excellent damp-proof performance .
3. Durability and long service life
4. CE

With quartz sand ,cement reinforce fiber as main raw mateirals ,cement board is a light board material made throught high temperature and high pressure maintenance , and special treatment .


Major Usage : Internal and external wall materials


Product Advantages:

1. Excellent fire-proof performance

2. Excellent damp-proof performance .

3. Durability and long service life

4. High strength

5. Good heat and sound insulation


Main Product Features:

1. 1220*2440*4-20mm

2. 1200*2400*4-20mm

3. 1220*3050*5-18mm

4. 1220*3660*5-18mm

Other sizes are selectable

Product Specifications:

Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board




Reinforced  Fiber  Cement  Board

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Q:Poured cement basement foundation history?
Yes we had concrete back then, and yes they did pour walls, in 1968, cement was used in the days of the Romans, I am 70 yrs old and in 1968 i was getting discharged from the Army, [19 yrs old ] cinder block wasn't,t used for foundation ,s al tho most people think , we were still in the dark ages back then, we had cars that got 30 to 40 mpg, wages were $4.50 an hr we walked to school. and didn't, lock our Doors at night. and had to pump our water, and split wood for heat,
Q:Light steel keel cement board is what
Light steel keel cement board refers to the light steel keel-based skeleton of the cement board.
Q:Advantages and Disadvantages of Foaming Cement Thermal Insulation Board
According to the different production methods can be divided into physical foam insulation board and chemical foam insulation board.
Q:Which is better adhesive or mourter for applying ceramic tile on cement board floor?
Use a thin set that has some flex to it. It is best for most applicatons even on a concrete slab. I have found that with ultra flex brand I have never had a problem like with others. Your floor can move slightly and the other stuff will either cause your tile to crack or pop loose. Make sure you mud the joints and use mesh tape. If you are doing this in a manufactured home all the precautions in the world sometimes don't help.
Q:Pain Due to being on Cement floors or no?
Hi there: I know this the floors will just kill my feet when working on cement. You have a fine day..
Q:Attic with a channel steel structure, covered with aluminum instead of wood multilayer? Is it feasible?
Feasible, aluminum plate to be oxidized or painted.
Q:When installing ceramic floor tile is floating it better than cement board?
These answer are old there are at least three different kind of boards you can lay down instead of cement board they are lighter less expensive. Check with your local Lowes or Home depot they carry them and tell you which one is best for what you are laying, there is a big difference from slate and granite and just plain old ceramic tile
Q:how do you join cement board from a shower wall to drywall?
Other than being nailed to the same stud, it is not all that necessary that they be joined together. Just figure on the tile overlapping the drywall about a half an inch to kill the crack. You can mesh tape them together however and skim them flat with each other as long as you don't skim wide into the tile board area. You could do as little as just caulk the crack with silicone too.
Q:Bent cement board while installing onto floor...will it be ok?
well i hope youre not using actual thinset. Thinset is for wall tile :p You want mortar. and 1/4 backerboard would have been plenty, but too late now :p even if the board cracked...assuming you screwed it down well, and mortared underneath it, it's fine. No worries.
Q:Fiber reinforced silicate board which is good
Pumai explosion-proof plate (fiber cement composite steel plate): Pumai explosion-proof plate using sandwich structure, the surface structure of 0.5mm hot-dip galvanized steel plate, the middle sandwich for the strengthening of fiber cement board, the surface plate is 20mm pitch, a total hit 5mm round hole, hole steel plate jagged, Deep into the cement layer, with high pressure will be closely integrated with the three, when the cement solidification into both steel and cement function of the super fire and explosion-proof plate. Mainly used in pharmaceutical plants, chemical plants, oil and other industrial buildings dangerous goods explosion-proof wall and explosion-proof ceiling.

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