ER 308 stainless steel welding welded wire bare stick rod TIG

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ER 308 stainless steel welding welded wire bare stick rod TIG





1) Grade:ER304, ER304L, ER307, ER307Si, ER308, ER308L, ER308LSi, ER310, ER316, ER316L, ER316LSi, ER347, ER347Si, ER309, ER309L, ER430, ER420, etc

2) Standard: GB, SUS, AWS, JIS, DIN, BS970
3) Diameter0.6-5.0mm

4) Packing: in coil, bundle or spool, then in carton or as your request

                     300kg/spool   25kg/spool   20kg/spool   15kg/spool     5kg/spool   12.5kg/spool  1kg/spool

                     Tig argon arc welding wire packing in drums 1m/line 5Kg/drum 10kg/drum

5) Application:  MIG, TIG, and submerged arc wires for welding a wide variety of stainless steels


Chemical Composition:

Chemical Composition RequirementsAWS A5.9/A5.9M:2006



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Q:Electric welding machine welding, welding rod old stick metal, welding rod burning red, very scary
1, this is because you are novice unskilled operation caused,2, teach you two kinds of arc welding method:1) scratch: this method is easier to control, but it is easy to damage the surface of weldment. The welding rod shall be aligned with the weldment at first, then the electrode will be lightly scratched on the surface of the weldment as a match. The arc will be ignited, and then the electrode will be improved by about 2-4mm, and it will be stably ignited.2) direct method: the end of the electrode aligned welding parts, and then bend the wrist, so that the electrode slightly touched the weldment, and then quickly put the electrode about 2-4mm, arc ignition, wrist flat, so that the arc to maintain stable combustion. The method does not scratch the surface of the weldment and is not limited by the size and shape of the weldment surface, so it is widely used in production. But this method is not easy to master, the welder must have higher proficiency in operation.3) starting welding: after the arc is ignited, the arc will be lengthened a little longer, the butt welding parts should be preheated as necessary and appropriate, then the arc should be pressed properly and transferred to the normal welding procedure.3, usually practice more, do not worry, I believe you will succeed.
Q:How much current does 4 of welding rod use?
You ask more generalWelding rod arc welding barIn general, the electrode is selected according to the thickness of the workpiece and the form of assemblyAfter the electrode is selected, the current is determined according to the diameter of the welding rod2.5 electrodes generally 75~903.2 electrodes generally 110~1404 electrodes generally 160~190This is a generally flat position
Q:Does construction welding rod need to be re examined?
Don't want to do the material inspection (certificate and test report)
Q:What welding Q235 and 16 steel, please enlighten Masters
It belongs to the welding of low carbon steel and low alloy steel. Using alkaline welding rod, it is enough to choose E43 series
Q:Is there any difference between E308 welding rod and 308?
You are not engaged in welding, this problem is puzzling. E308 is the electrode type, that is, corresponding to the domestic A102 stainless steel electrode brand. 308, a single number, what does not mean ah, including E308, R308, A308, and so on, who knows what you mean?
Q:400A DC inverter welding machine, suitable for long welding electrode
Diameter 4 electrode.Inverter welding machine load rate is generally 60%, 60%, load rate of about 250 or above. Electrode selection current formula is the diameter of the welding rod x (33-55) times = welding current.220 the maximum electrode current is about 4. Current output of welding machine.
Q:Who knows a package of ordinary 422 electrode, how many roots ah, small packets of that kind, a small package, how much money, I would like to know how much an average electrode, a little difficult
I've just counted one package for 2.5*300, one for 5kg, 303 for a bunch.3.2*350 5kg a pack, a package of 156 root.2.4 argon arc welding wire 5kg one pack, one package 141 roots.
Q:What is bubble welding? What's the difference between a common electrode and an ordinary one?
Now, there are still two people suspected of welding costs?Do not know that science and technology is the primary productive force?!Said the first two welding material, welding wire electrode 8 dollars a kilogram, 6 yuan a kilo, looks cheap electrode.You have to see how much of the filler metal left in the weld after welding is equal to the price.1, the outside of the electrode coating, and finally the welding slag and protective gas, does not belong to the filler metal.2, each electrode has a welding rod head, at least 5 centimeters, have to throw away, does not belong to the filler metal.3, welding rod splash, splash of metal, does not belong to the filler metal.In addition, other costs, welding rod to dry, need oven, heat preservation barrel, heating electricity, throw away the welding rod.Let's talk about the same welding power, welding, welding heat input two is small, costs less power, more power inverter welder.What's more about efficiency and speed?.1, do not bake electrode, save time, minus a manual.2, do not change electrode, also need not from new arc, save time3, do not knock the welding slag off at least a coolie.4, for welding speed, two welding is three times of welding rod. (on this one, a welder can top three, you have to calculate how much money, artificial!)
Q:What type of pig iron electrode?
Pig iron electrode is cast iron electrode, the vernacular is the pig iron electrode.Cast iron electrode commonly used model:CMC-E46NDirect welding on cast iron is very effective for metal wear of stamping dies. The first layer of welded metal is austenitic, and the martensite is from the 2 layer, so the wear resistance is good. Flame hardened cast iron can also be directly welded.CMC-MS64NCast iron welding rod, high strength and good plasticity. Suitable for gray cast iron and nodular cast iron, and can be machined.CMC-E47NDirect welding on cast iron is very effective for metal wear of stamping dies. The first layer of welded metal is austenitic, and the martensite is from the 2 layer, so the wear resistance is good. Flame hardened cast iron can also be directly welded.CMC-E67NEspecially suitable for cast steel hardfaced making render buffer layer, cracking of welding, welding reconstruction.CMC-E65NCmc-e65n low temperature welding, low expansion coefficient, slight hardening, especially suitable for cast iron cast steel (fc.fcd) steel hardfaced making render buffer layer.CMC-E61NSuitable for welding all kinds of cast iron, alloy cast iron, steel and cast iron joint, nickel and its alloy, or welding of water proof die castings.WE777 special cast iron welding rodSuitable for the full range of cold welding welding, welding cast iron base material can almost all, and it is easy to achieve cast iron and carbon steel dissimilar metal welding, such as solving matrix fracture, crack, wear, hole filling defects after welding can be machined, many applications in the engine casing, cylinder head, casting machine, gear base the tooth of iron castings.
Q:What welding rod is used for the welding of Q345 material?
Q345 is a kind of low alloy high strength structural steel with yield point 345MPa. It is recommended to use J507 welding rod.

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