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Packaging Detail:spool packing: 0.70-1.30mm 14-100kg ; coil packing: 0.70-1.30mm 2-100kg ; coil packing: 0.70-1.30mm max 350kg 20 tons/20'FCL. there is a layer of plastic film on the surface of hot galvanized iron wire for away from air
Delivery Detail:as quickly as possible


size of electro galvanized wire0.70--1.30mm+/-0.01;
retensile strength300--490N/mm2;
zinc coated10-15g/m2.

Scope of application:
 armouring wires for cable;reinforcing wires for high pressure hoses;wires for wearing ,netting;wires for filter

H.S numberproducts name

dia (mm)

 allow tolerance


 tensile strength



zinc coated


product number
72172000electro galvanized wire0.70-1.30   ±0.01   300--490 min15%   10--15JQ--006

       packing          size of product(mm)     weight(kg)
  spool packing               0.70--1.30       14--100
  coil   packing               0.70--1.30        2--100
  coil   packing               0.70--1.30      max 350

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Most dryer outlets I have seen are labeled X Y G N Wire it this was and you will be good to go. X-This is for one of the hots, you can either put the red or black Y-Same as X G-This is the ground, usually bare copper. Make sure it is connected to the metal box where the outlet goes. N-Neutral, lets you have 120V for the motor, timer, and controls. This wire will be white. Just make sure the power is off before you start. Do the wires have to completely wrap around the screws.. If your talking about the outlet(the part with the 4 holes and you plug your dryer cable into) there are no screws to wrap around. You putg them in the slot and tighten the heck out of the screws. If it is something else get it as far around the screw as you can and make sure it goes on clockwise so the wire tightnes as you tightne the screw
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actualy no it cost around 200 bucks to get the line operating its pretty much just an overpriced activation fee becuase no1 really uses telephone lines they just get like dsl lines which is high speed internet/land phoneline
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Made in China with the lead painted toys and poison toothpaste. Are there clear wires on the fixture? Look closely at the wire inside. Some times one is gold and one is silver. In that case the gold is for the hot wire and the silver is for the neutral. The fixture will work connected either way, but it is best if the hot wire goes to the center contact on the ends of the bulbs. You can use a continuity meter to check that very easily and find which is the hot wire. Are there colors in your ceiling box? You can use a volt meter to sort those out. Good luck.
Q:color code for wires in a 2000 ford explorer?
Radio Constant 12V+ Wire: Light Green/Purple Radio Switched 12V+ Wire: Yellow/Black Radio Ground Wire: Black Radio Illumination Wire: Red/Black Radio Dimmer Wire: N/A Radio Antenna Trigger Wire: N/A Radio Amp Trigger Wire: N/A Front Speakers Size: N/A Front Speakers Location: N/A Left Front Speaker Wire (+): Orange/Light Green Left Front Speaker Wire (-): Light Blue/White Right Front Speaker Wire (+): White/Light Green Right Front Speaker Wire (-): Green/Orange Rear Speakers Size: N/A Rear Speakers Location: N/A Left Rear Speaker Wire (+): Tan/Yellow Left Rear Speaker Wire (-): Gray/Light Blue Right Rear Speaker Wire (+): Orange/Red Right Rear Speaker Wire (-): Brown/Pink You match the wires from your new unit to the wires of the harness.
Q:Spark plug wire shielding?
If it needed wire shielding it would have come with it from the factory. If you get OEM style plug wires then it will come with shielding as well, hence OEM, if not then it didn't come with them and doesn't need them.
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You are going to strip twist the wires together to make it longer? Just be really careful that the wires don't touch and short, that can blow out the reciever. It would be best to get some heat shrink tubing to cover the wires and then you could use a blow dryer to apply heat. This makes a tight secure connection. I think Radio Shack sells it. As to which wire is - and * you can connect speakers either way and it won't damage them. So why do speakers have red and black connectors? Well to get the best sound they should be in phase. To show what I mean take a flashlight battery and connect it to a speaker. If you connect it one way you'll see the speaker cone push out, reverse the battery and speaker cone will pull in. So what you want is all speakers wired the same way for the best sound.
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If the twine is broken (open-circuit), rewiring it would artwork. the wonderful thank you to rewire it would be to strip the wires and solder them back at the same time. i might additionally attempt to untwist the twine as much as conceivable till now attempting this. in case you do not have get entry to the soldering kit, attempt twisting the wires back at the same time tightly and wrapping with electric tape. in case you ought to do it this style, it is going to probable no longer postpone for extremely long. reliable success!

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