Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX353

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Product Description:

OEM Electric Oven with Grill Function Kitchen Appliances


Specifications and Advantages of electric oven:

  1. High quality product with stainless steel oven body and handle

  2. Big Capaticty to satify all your family needs:  35 Liters

  3. Power: 1500W

  4. 60/120mins timer with bell ring

  5. With upper and lower quartz heating element for heating

  6. Excellent 90-230℃ cooking temperature selector will allow all kinds of cooking requirements on different food

  7. 4 stainless steel powerful heating elements

  8. 4 stages switch for heating selector(top-buttom heaters)

  9. High temperature-resistant glass door, transparent and clear, stylish and durable

  10. Mechanical-type control the operation

  11. With red ready indicator

  12. We can do white or black body/control knobs as you wish, four control knobs


Special Function of this electric oven:

1. R-Rotisserie function for chicken grill

2. C-Convection function for even baking

3. L-Inside oven lamp function

4.H2- Double top cooking plates function(1200W+600W)


Accessories of electric oven:

  1. Food tray 1pcs

  2. Wire rack  1pcs

  3. Tray handle 1pcs


Loading Information of electric oven:

20GP: 305pcs   



Gift box size(mm): 518*427*421

Outer carton size(mm): 518*427*421

Psc/Carton: 1

N.W.: 7.5

G.W.: 9




Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances  CMAX353


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Q:Is there any fermentation function in the Depp embedded electric oven?
Professional embedded ovens like this don't usually ferment, but they all ferment. Here's how it works: you switch the oven on for a minute or two and then turn off the machine when the internal temperature is up.
Q:Can microwave ovens bake bread instead of oven?
Do not electrify when cooking food is not in the oven. The microwave oven can not be operated without load, otherwise it will damage the magnetron. In order to avoid the negligence and cause the no-load operation, a glass filled with water can be installed in the furnace cavity.
Q:What's the problem with the oven?
Selection of types.The simple type electric oven: the biggest advantage of simple type is relatively cheap, but not a lot of this type with a timing device, the operation is troublesome, need to look at the time of baking food and baking time control. In addition, the electrothermal element of the simple electric oven is a metal electric heating tube. The electric heating tube mechanical strength and oxidation resistance is good, but relatively poor penetration, warming.Full function electric oven: the full function electric oven generally refers to the general type or advanced type electric oven. The electric oven is equipped with timing device and power shift device, so it is easy to use. The electric heating element of this electric oven is two kinds of metal electric heating tube and quartz electric heating tube. The quartz electric heating tube has the advantages of rapid heating, penetrating power and electricity saving, but the mechanical strength is poor, the body is brittle, and it is easy to crack when colliding. The fully functional electric oven is more expensive than a simple electric oven.Electronic oven: electronic oven is the latest emerging high-end products. It can change the heating method, heating time and food rotation according to the pre programmed procedures. The range of roasting is wider, the roasting effect is better, and the utility model is suitable for families with higher consumption levels.
Q:How to judge the quality of an electric oven? Don't say the more expensive the better, and the like
Capacity: oven grade and price, and oven capacity related, now on the market to see about 30L capacity for the mainstream. The following 20L belongs to a small capacity, 38L and 38L above belongs to large capacity oven, M blue pipes used for such bulk oven.
Q:What's the choice of the oven?
Food componentThe capacity of an electric oven usually varies from 9 litres to 60 litres (household), so you must fully consider the use of the electric oven when you select the capacity specification. If it's only for a family of three toast, 9 to 12 litres is enough; if you're going to have a turkey dinner or a barbecue party, naturally choose the bulk of the product you want. Need special remind is, electric oven is not power lower the better, high power electric oven heating up speed, heat energy consumption less, but will be more energy saving. Household electric ovens should generally choose more than 1000 watts of products.
Q:Microwave oven how to use to achieve the same effect as the oven?
The microwave oven is just a quick turn over tool, and other cooking foods are not good at color and aroma. Although the heating rate is faster, the water and nutrients in the food itself are lost seriously during the heating process. The microwave oven now although it claims to have baking function, but only a group of single side heating tube heating, food cooked degree is difficult to grasp, more impossible to achieve uniform texture, color and flavor elements to measure the baking quality cannot be guaranteed more delicacy.
Q:The iron plate in the oven is stuck on the black stuff and can't be wiped off. What shall I do?
1. Remove the oven grill. Soak them in a tank full of hot water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid.2. Scrub the inner wall of the oven with a damp sponge. Since the oven will continue to self clean, you don't need to heat it first. Make sure the oven is cool during cleaning.Do not use a caustic cleaner or a chemical cleaning function oven. These things will damage the porcelain coating.Scrub the oven wall with vinegar and water if necessary.3. Clean the oven rack. Scrub the oven rack in soapy water. Wash the soap and dry them, then put them back in the oven.
Q:What's the difference between an oven mechanical and a computer?
The electric oven controls the temperature of the box through the computer chip. It is more accurate in temperature control and can adjust the temperature at one time. It is very useful for more professional pastry baking. Computer version of the oven in the food put in the corresponding button, after starting the work can not be adjusted.A mechanical oven should pay close attention to food changes during the roasting process, and a mechanical oven can not precisely adjust the temperature, only about a temperature value.However, electronic components tend to shorten the life of an oven under the influence of oil pollution, so the life of a computer may be shorter than a mechanical one. Specific choices should be based on individual use requirements.
Q:What is the advantage of oven temperature control?
The temperature in each layer of the electric oven is not fixed because of the turn of the heating tube, so the baking menu shows which layer the food should be on.
Q:How do you remove the grease from the oven?
Specific steps for oven cleaning1, latex gloves, the internal oven removable parts are removed, such as grill, tray and chassis, wash with a mild detergent and then grease particularly heavy, heavy oil can be used to remove the kitchen lampblack net, to do the key parts of the decontamination.In the embedded oven door on an old newspaper, with a dry loofah or small bamboo brush peacoke oven brush out completely.The inside of the oven (heating tube) and heating pipe outside the protective cover must be wiped with dry cloth, not too wet cloth scrub, so as not to affect the insulation of the furnace head, the occurrence of leakage, short circuit. Please note that the oven can not be flushed with water except for the removable part.If it is found that the stove head and protective screen are dirty, it is difficult to wipe with a soft dry cloth, and do not change the surface cleaning tools such as steel wire ball and frosted cleaning ball at random. If there is a wire or frosted particles fall into the furnace head (heating tube), light barbecue a bad smell of coke, and then cause the entire circuit short circuit, you can try to use a strong cleaning nylon cloth two times wipe.After cleaning the stove head, you can start cleaning the oven's inner shell and inner liner. Slightly twisting dilution cloth dipped in neutral detergent, wet wipe to wipe the body shell, after cleaning and then dipped in a dilute solution, with slightly twisting, wrapped in the hand into the oven to wipe the grease, finally rinse with water and wipe dry after dry, wipe two times.

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