Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX353

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Product Description:

OEM Electric Oven with Grill Function Kitchen Appliances


Specifications and Advantages of electric oven:

  1. High quality product with stainless steel oven body and handle

  2. Big Capaticty to satify all your family needs:  35 Liters

  3. Power: 1500W

  4. 60/120mins timer with bell ring

  5. With upper and lower quartz heating element for heating

  6. Excellent 90-230℃ cooking temperature selector will allow all kinds of cooking requirements on different food

  7. 4 stainless steel powerful heating elements

  8. 4 stages switch for heating selector(top-buttom heaters)

  9. High temperature-resistant glass door, transparent and clear, stylish and durable

  10. Mechanical-type control the operation

  11. With red ready indicator

  12. We can do white or black body/control knobs as you wish, four control knobs


Special Function of this electric oven:

1. R-Rotisserie function for chicken grill

2. C-Convection function for even baking

3. L-Inside oven lamp function

4.H2- Double top cooking plates function(1200W+600W)


Accessories of electric oven:

  1. Food tray 1pcs

  2. Wire rack  1pcs

  3. Tray handle 1pcs


Loading Information of electric oven:

20GP: 305pcs   



Gift box size(mm): 518*427*421

Outer carton size(mm): 518*427*421

Psc/Carton: 1

N.W.: 7.5

G.W.: 9




Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances  CMAX353


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Q:What's the problem with the oven?
Selection of power.The market generally electric oven power is generally between 500-1500W. When purchasing, you should consider the ampere value of the household electric meter first. The greater the amperage, the greater the optional power. In the range allowed by the meter, and then consider the number of family population, the population is small, should choose 750W below the electric oven; population of more than 750W can choose more than the electric oven.
Q:Can microwave ovens bake bread instead of oven?
Microwave oven should be placed in the ventilated place, do not have magnetic material nearby, so as not to disturb the uniform state of the magnetic field in the furnace cavity, so that the work efficiency will be reduced. Also with the TV, radio, a certain distance away, otherwise it will affect the visual and listening effects.
Q:What's the choice of the oven?
What do the electric oven delicacy is very practical and convenient, you can look at FOTILE, FOTILE embedded oven using 8 cycle baking technology, a lock function, to protect the child from harm 3D circular baking in the oven cavity, the bottom and the top of the back, each with a heating device, combined with hot air machine cyclic heating can be realized, such as single polyhedral curing mode adjustable, can realize the personalized cooking of various food types, make hundreds of kinds of delicious baked.
Q:The power of the electric oven is 1600W. Is it very expensive?
It's a lot of electricity. I've calculated that the average power consumption is about 0.03 degrees per minute, and the power consumption is about 0.6 degrees in 20 minutes. You can take an examination of things, first the moisture light dry, and then test, if it is to test pasta, and so on, I have no way.
Q:What's the difference between an oven and an oven?
After each use, it should be cleaned after cooling.It should be noted that, in the cleaning box door, furnace cavity shell application of dry cloth wiping, must not use water cleaning. In case of dirt which is difficult to remove, it can be wiped away with detergent. Other accessories of electric oven, such as pan, grill and so on, can be washed with water.
Q:How much is the electric oven in 1600W for 240 minutes for 50 minutes?
1000wh=1 degrees 1600w50 minutes, approximately equal to 1.4 degrees,1600W x 5/6h=4/3kw.h, that is 4/3 degrees
Q:Is it useful to fry the oven down?
I only use the baking function, but I haven't bought the oven with frying function.Frying can be done with a pan, and using an oven to charge electricity is inconvenient and inappropriate.
Q:What material can not be used in the oven?
Attention: oven and microwave oven are different, they heat principle is completely different, the utensils used are not the same. The oven is usually heated by an electric heater or an electric heater. Microwave ovens are heated by microwaves. The microwave oven can be used: high temperature resistant plastic products (usually labeled for microwave oven), glass, porcelain bowl, do not use metal products such as stainless steel products.
Q:Which price is higher for domestic electric oven?
Home oven preferred more than 25 liters, too small toast toast, cake is not ideal, easy to love paste. People love HaoTong tomato, I bought a hk42rs, 42 liters, but slightly larger. I bought 438 this year in Dalian in April, and now I think it's 399. This time I was compared, is a cost-effective one.
Q:A household electric oven is the difference between a 3D and a circulating air
For the average family, the biggest advantage is simple the price is cheaper, but this type of timing device, the operation is more trouble, people need to look at the time of baking food and baking time control.

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