Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX453

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1000000 unit/month

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Product Description:

OEM Electric Oven with Grill Function Kitchen Appliances


Specifications and Advantages of electric oven:

  1. High quality product with stainless steel oven body and handle

  2. Big Capaticty to satify all your family needs:  45 Liters

  3. Power: 1800W

  4. 120mins timer with bell ring

  5. With upper and lower quartz heating element for heating

  6. Excellent 90-230℃ cooking temperature selector will allow all kinds of cooking requirements on different food

  7. 4 stainless steel powerful heating elements

  8. 4 stages switch for heating selector(top-buttom heaters)

  9. High temperature-resistant glass door, transparent and clear, stylish and durable

  10. Mechanical-type control the operation

  11. With red ready indicator

  12. We can do white or black body/control knobs as you wish, four control knobs


Special Function of this electric oven:

1. R-Rotisserie function for chicken grill

2. C-Convection function for even baking

3. L-Inside oven lamp function

4.H2- Double top cooking plates function(1200W+600W)


Accessories of electric oven:

  1. Food tray 1pcs

  2. Wire rack  1pcs

  3. Tray handle 1pcs


Loading Information of electric oven:

20GP: 268pcs   



Gift box size(mm): 588*466*405

Outer carton size(mm): 588*466*405

Psc/Carton: 1

N.W.: 8.8

G.W.: 10.3



Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX453

Electric Oven with Grill Function OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX453


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Q:How does electric oven want to maintain normally?
Temperature control when baking cakeWhen baking a cake, the larger the cake, the lower the baking temperature and the longer the baking time; the smaller the cake size, the higher the baking temperature and the shorter the baking time.
Q:How do you get rid of the smell of the new electric oven?
My home is in the Tmall baking oven gung ho buy, customer service is such a proposal, now the oven is easy to use, stable temperature
Q:Why does the oven turn off automatically?
Automatic flameout is divided into automatic flameout under normal conditions and automatic flameout under abnormal conditions.First of all, look at the instructions of your oven and see if it has a flameout protection function. If so, the oven will turn off automatically when your oven reaches a certain temperature. Protect your oven life.If there is no flameout protection, there is a problem with your oven. Please check it!
Q:The beauty of the oven has a fermentation function, how to use?
Put the boxes with the dough in the oven and cover the dough boxes and hot water boxes with foil to prevent excessive temperature from passing onto the dough. After a while, feel the oven temperature dropped, you can open the oven 32 degrees, heat preservation 5 minutes, half an hour later for hot water, and then heat 32 degrees 5 minutes, until the dough fermented 2 times. Sometimes the rate of fermentation is very fast, we should pay attention to observation, do not ferment too much. This is my actual method of success, according to their oven conditions, to use flexibly, the key is to maintain the temperature in the oven, humidity in the appropriate range.
Q:An electric oven is a good thing to buy with a revolving roasting fork or not
In fact, there is not much necessity, the rotary roast fork is mainly used to roast chicken, usually rarely used.The fork is used to roast whole chicken, and the household is seldom used!
Q:How do you use Joyoung electric oven?
Set the maximum temperature, such as oven temperature is 250 degrees, set 240 degrees. Set baking mode for upper and lower tubes together. Set the baking time to 15 minutes.
Q:What are the uses of an electric oven?
Snack processing DIYEveryone loves food, especially children, especially sensitive to snacks. If you buy a home electric oven, the children can enjoy the delicious snacks with toast, scones and so on.
Q:Can household ovens keep warm?
Yes, but it's more expensive. The oven doesn't have a long shelf life. It needs to be kept warm for a while. For example, I bake bread at home and ferment the oven temperature to forty degrees.
Q:The problem of oven cleaning! (the liner is smoked)
With a metal utensils, add vinegar and base surface, into the oven is heated to boil to open door, a few minutes, unplug the power plug, and then wipe with a clean cloth. This method is also suitable for clean microwave ovens.
Q:Which baked sweet potato is the oven and the microwave oven delicious? How long does it take to bake sweet potatoes in an oven? What temperature?
Using microwave (high temperature) for half an hour, turn a body, then roasted, feel soft after (at this time has to eat), and then the oven roast (put some dry skin, brown, some incense.). So soon!Can also be baked directly in the oven, a long time, but the quality and taste good! (bake for half an hour, turn on, turn over, bake again, and feel soft and ready to eat). The temperature is about 200-250 degrees.

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