Electric Oven with 1600W 30-33Litre

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Product Description:

Electric Oven with 1600W 30-33Litre

Product Specifications:

1. 4 stainless steel heating elements

2. Digital control

3.120min timer with stay on

4.65-240℃  temperature control

5. function control switch

6. Suitable for 9-slices toast;

11. 30 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):381*320*255

Unit Size(mm):530*375*323



G.W.:G.10 KGS

Loading Qty: 590PCS/20'GP(MOQ);1190PCS/40'GP;1344PCS/40'HQ

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Q:When the Galanz electric oven is working, the two groups of heating tubes are bright for a while, but they don't work. What's the matter? Is it normal?
It's all like this. When the temperature reaches the set point, it will go out, the temperature will drop and it will start heating again.
Q:What would you like to make cake, bread, recommend oven?. Also, what are the parameters of the oven and what is the proper size?
If only for home use, buy a 25 liters or so can be, and if you want to make bread, it is best to bring a fermentation function.At present, the market temperature range of the oven is almost the same, the accuracy is not high, after all, the price is there. Everything on the grill, grill, whatever. Heating up and down the tube, but can control the temperature of the upper and lower pipes separately, I'm afraid the professional oven can do. Professional oven temperature control more accurate, wider range, but the price is probably tens of thousands.Play baking words, the oven into a small proportion, after all, is a hammer deal, bought just fine. Behind the mold, raw materials, tools investment is the big head.
Q:Is it useful to fry the oven down?
Impractical.It's very impractical.You can't put the oven under the hood when you use the frying pan.It's better to use a heating tube in an oven instead of a stoveWash the super trouble, oil spread to the oven door handle behind the wire.
Q:What type of oven do you want for baking desserts? Or microwave oven will be able to use it?
A tool used for baking:1. electric whiskThe number one tool, butter, cream, whole egg or protein, all depends on it!2., kitchen electronic weighing (accurate to grams)No. second East, baking material precision, can not be reckoned to reckon. Must be electronic, and can be added to the material, time to zero.3 cupsMainly used to measure water. There are many different scales of the measuring cup, such as water, flour, sugar, oil, raisins, etc.. But if there is a scale, these are not used very well.4. measure spoonMost of the prescription to do mark spoon "and" teaspoon ". Whether the spoon, or 1/2 spoons, should be large, can be told by a batch of spoons. If you're cheap, you can buy one.5. rubber knifeThe area is big enough, the material is soft, and the mixing is convenient. With a regular spoon will cramp the hand ~!6. Flour SifterSifting the flour is an important step, and the bulkiness of the cake can be determined by it. If you are particular about it, buy one.7. heat insulation glovesRags aren't enough. Burn yourself off. The thicker the better, when it's best to add a few layers of cloth, one with.8. bake moldPreferably removable, with a good mold release. Suggest to buy 6 inches, the success rate is higher. Just buy your cookies as you like. You have to buy roasted Egg Tart Egg Tart die.9. small brushesSuggest buying two. A brush oil, a brush eggs ~ if only bake cake, you can not buy.10 pinNot a dumpling peel that is used to roll out a large flat dough. Bake cookies or make rolls.11. beat egg BasinA very large bowl, preferably stainless steel, because if you do chiffon cake, when the protein is not allowed to drop a drop of water or oil, such as plastic bowl, there will be residual oil and water.If you don't divide the eggs, use a large plastic bowl. Be big enough or deep enough, or you'll splash when you're buttered.12 pastry bagUsed of cake decoration; also used in butter biscuits.
Q:What do you buy for an electric toaster?
Bake cake, bread must be more than 25 liters,30 litres would be great. Brands are pretty much the same.
Q:Not how the clay oven dry?
I most commonly used in the classroom is to use the hair dryer to blow, the students made clay works on the paper after meals (each put a dish), to determine the length of time according to the size of the blower works. General supporting materials in clay are not large, blowing a dish takes about five minutes (the wind), but is usually done in classes. Remember: the work just blew is very hot. It needs airing for a while. On the other hand, don't blow it on the glass. The glass will crack.
Q:How do you clean the new oven before and how do you usually maintain it?
The oven, which has just been bought, will bake at 250 degrees for 10 minutes to remove the flavour of the new machine.
Q:What's the material of the electric oven?
At present, the inner lining of the oven is made of enamel material. The enamel has no radiation, no pollution, no residue, easy cleaning and no harmful substances. Here are some liner materials:Galvanized steel sheet: it is the most used material in the domestic oven market at present, but it is gradually replaced by aluminized steel plate.Advantages: low cost, can withstand 300 degrees of high temperature, corrosion resistance is still acceptable, you can basically meet the requirements of the oven for the interior (in general, the highest temperature of 250 degrees).Disadvantages: due to the characteristics of galvanized sheet, the life expectancy is lower in the high temperature state. After a few years, the general family may appear surface oxidation, which is harmful to the health.
Q:Is the new oven empty before baking or empty after baking?
New ovenJust bought the oven, the first 250 degrees empty baking 10 minutes, you can remove the taste of the new machine.Clean the oven to steadyEspecially in the manufacture of roast chicken legs, chicken wings, ribs and other meat dishes, the oil in the oven will be relatively heavy, the oven wall, baking net, baking pan and chassis, if not promptly cleaned, it becomes very difficult to remove heavy oil.Therefore, after each baking, and so the oven temperature dropped to about 50 degrees Celsius (temperature is not hot). You can do the cleaning. The cleaning must be carried out in the event of power failure and partial cooling.Has just finished work when the temperature in the oven is as high as 150 degrees Celsius, not immediately clean, one hand is likely to burn, on the other hand, sudden cooling when cleaning, maintenance of the oven interior fittings have negative effects of maintenance.
Q:Why preheat the oven before baking?
This is a must, at industry all recipes are square, after repeated tests prescribed baking conditions, namely temperature and time, and to promote the scale of production, such as the company I work for the hundreds of stores, with the same formula, if the oven is heated to a predetermined temperature in advance that will not be able to the scale of production.

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