Electric Oven Suitable for 4-slices toast

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Product Description:

Electric Oven Suitable for 4-slices toast

Product Specifications:

1. 2 quartz heating elements;

2. 2 easy-turn round knobs;

3. 15/30/60min timer with stay on;

4. 65-240℃  temperature control;

5. Suitable for 4-slices toast;

6. Capacity:9 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):248*231*168

Unit Size(mm):363*287*199




Loading Qty: 1110PCS/20'GP(MOQ);2290PCS/40'GP;2590PCS/40'HQ

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Q:Is the oven heating tube bright for a while and not normal?
When the oven does not reach the set temperature, the heating tube is heated (bright) to the set temperature (temperature), which is the temperature control of the oven.The oven is usually controlled by temperature. It can not be long bright. It also has the function of protecting oven.
Q:How do you get rid of the smell of the new electric oven?
The new purchase back oven, bake 2~3 times high, usually before the factory will brush a rust oil, this white smoke is the rust oil volatile phenomenon, up and down fire to more than 300 baking.
Q:Recommend some home ovens
In the oven baked food, the food surface covered with a layer of aluminum foil, or the food is completely wrapped with aluminum foil, can effectively prevent the surface burned, does not influence the effect of roasting.The size and power should be distinctElectric oven specifications are divided by power, the general power from 500~2000 watts, to meet the basic requirements of baking, at least should be more than 900 Watt High power electric oven, heating fast, less heat loss, low power consumption, especially the three controlled electric oven, should buy power for good. But in the purchase of the oven, you should also consider the power of your home wire, do not blindly pursue high-power, back home, but not working properly.Experience chapterTo determine the basic direction of the purchase, we should go straight to the goal, then you should pay attention to some details, people often say "details determine success or failure, the details of this are not careful, you will not buy favorite electric oven.
Q:Is it useful to fry the oven down?
Impractical.It's very impractical.You can't put the oven under the hood when you use the frying pan.It's better to use a heating tube in an oven instead of a stoveWash the super trouble, oil spread to the oven door handle behind the wire.
Q:What are the types of electric ovens, cost-effective?. Home does not need to be very professional, but basic functions can not be less.
Followed by functional aspects, the main functions are generally the basic baking, rotating baking, hot air, wall lamp, thawing, fermentation, etc..1, the basic roast: there are two points to consider, one is whether the upper and lower tubes can be independent temperature control, and the other is 4 tubes or 6 tubes?. The advantage of independent temperature control and 6 tubes is that it can be baked more evenly and easier to control.2, rotating baking: used to roast whole chicken and duck, but personally think that this function is very chicken ribs, and not too much practical.3, hot air: mainly used in barbecue classes, help to roast more thoroughly and more evenly, but if it is a small oven, in fact, the general use of the general, after all, the oven is so big.4, wall lamp: personally feel is not essential, of course, any better, because it is important to observe the situation in the baking time, but currently available on the wall or security clearance, or is very dim, is worse than No. I suggest that if you buy a wall lamp, you buy a LED flashlight directly, and you can see it more clearly.5, thawing fermentation: This is also different from each other's function, I personally use more, because the home often cooked pasta, fermented things faster.
Q:Is the microwave oven suitable for use in dishes and ovens?
Fan with a barbecue, the effect is very good, not only to save energy 20%, and taste better. But fan for baked pastry limited role, the oven has an internal air outlet, one or two entrance, hot air circulation repeatedly between the entrance and exit of hot air around the box to a corner, and the outlet temperature will be low, so the air outlet temperature will be between four and uneven to have an effect on baking, coloring. So, in choosing the fan, choose the oven that the fan can control separately.
Q:What is the advantage of oven temperature control?
If the electric oven is equipped with a hot air circulation, it will guarantee the same quality at the same time as the four layers.
Q:Why should the oven with aluminum foil
The foil is a similar to the paper sheet metal packaging or packaging for carrying food. It is widely used in every field of life. Now we often use home baking in foil already not by tin made, because of the low melting point of tin, 160 degrees will occur brittle, so limiting the application of aluminum foil. In modern process, aluminum foil is used instead of tin, and the melting point of aluminum foil is 660 degrees, so baking or other high temperature heating method can use it, and it is clean and sanitary, and the price is not high. So strictly speaking we use now should be called "foil", rather than "foil"
Q:How do you clean the oil on the inner wall of the oven?
4. the heating tube in the oven is wiped gently with dry cloth. The entire oven can not be flushed with water except for the removable part.5 the cloth with a mild detergent diluted wring dry, wet wipe to wipe the body shell, and then wrapped in the hand, then gently wipe out into the oven for internal decontamination, finally all with water to clean, dry and ventilated.6. after cleaning the oven, if you still feel greasy, you can put a bowl of lemonade or vinegar after the whole body has dried completely. The water will not be covered and dried for 10 minutes, then the effect will be improved.
Q:Can the iron pan be put in the oven?
Heat resistant glass, heat-resistant ceramics, enamel, iron, aluminum, stainless steel, copper can be put in the oven. Containers, such as plastics, plain glass, foam, glazed ceramic, which are not suitable for heating (250 DEG C), are not suitable for use in ovens.

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