Electric Oven Suitable for 4-slices toast

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Product Description:

Electric Oven Suitable for 4-slices toast

Product Specifications:

1. 2 quartz heating elements;

2. 2 easy-turn round knobs;

3. 15/30/60min timer with stay on;

4. 65-240℃  temperature control;

5. Suitable for 4-slices toast;

6. Capacity:9 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):248*231*168

Unit Size(mm):363*287*199




Loading Qty: 1110PCS/20'GP(MOQ);2290PCS/40'GP;2590PCS/40'HQ

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Q:Can oven bake cookie cake without temperature control?
No temperature control, that is, only one temperature, and can not be changed, in this case can also be baked, but the process is relatively difficult to control, and may greatly affect the finished product effect.1, first, bake a product and judge the approximate temperature of the oven based on experience.2, bake cookies, if lit, you can cover some oil paper, high temperature cloth, etc., to prevent direct baking biscuits,Lower the fire, you can add pad, baking pan and other ways to lower the fire.
Q:Which is better for a domestic oven?
Buy oven first according to their own needs to choose, general household oven requirements are as follows: 1.19 liters, too little not die; 2 must have time to switch, the temperature control switch, on fire; 3 to bake cookies, preferably with the convection fan; 4 Roast Chicken frame need not be used. Some pads can roast potatoes and onions,.5. do not try to buy Electronic computer control, mechanical control and durable and convenient.
Q:10L what's the size of the oven?
10L oven can be put into 8 inch cake mold. But the actual application can only be used below 8 inches of mold.10L oven is a mini oven, the actual size of the internal is generally 26 cm X23 cm, height of 16.6 cm, if the imported ramp type oven is less, less than 24.5 cm X22 cm. Less power, less than 800 watts.
Q:What's the material of the Galanz oven heating tube?
The heating tube in the electric oven is very important because it works by heating the heating tube. Now the electric oven heating tube material is generally nickel alloy, is relatively easy to aging. The stainless steel heating tube is durable and safe.
Q:How to choose the quality oven oven brand in the domestic oven market?
Selection of heat dissipation system. The embedded oven will directly insert the oven into the cabinet. If the cooling system is not good, the cabinet around the oven can be easily scalded and even dangerous to fire. So the choice of embedded oven must choose pre cooling real, through the oven inside of the engine rotating suction cool from the outside, while the internal oven produced extra hot air through the air duct out of the door body. The oven in the market has two air ducts (separate suction air outlet) and a single air duct (at the same time inspiratory air vent) points, it is best to choose a two channel oven, so that better heat dissipation. Depp's embedded oven is double air duct, you can go to the store to see the details. In addition to the embedded oven professional pre cooling system, even intelligent delay cooling system is the oven after work, the cooling system will still continue to work to help the oven heat, protect the body effectively, prolong the service life. So don't cut off the power immediately after using the oven and wait for the machine to continue to cool for some time.
Q:What other tools do you need to buy an oven?
Measuring thermal protection gloves, silicone scraper, weighing the number of grams, want to make cookies and cakes to purchase low powder, want to do to buy bread flour, which I feel is necessary, other things, such as mold, butter and cream what I suggest, with what you want to do not need a one-time purchase at any time, all buy out.
Q:Method of fire pastry oven?
Semi Famian4.5cups flour + 1.5 teaspoon instant yeast + 3/4 teaspoon baking soda1, yeast and baking soda with a small bowl of warm water (30-40 degrees Celsius) tune, and into the face, if the water is not enough, you can add some warm water2, oven at 150 degrees, 3 minutes after the turn off, put a good face on the cover lid, put it into the oven for half an hour to half (full baking baking oven, almost 1 hours).3 half baking out dough for 5 minutes. A face of xing.
Q:PP plastic can be put into the oven?
The plastic products made from polypropylene, though high in temperature, can be deformed and elongated if heated for a long time. Therefore, after cleaning, you should use it immediately. Please put PP plastic wrap in cold water and use it again. This is a good way to prevent deformation. In addition, toughened glass PP plastic box may explode in the face of extremely cold and hot when.
Q:What are the uses of an electric oven?
Dry foodAs we all know, melon seeds, biscuits and other food after a period of time in the home will become wet, not only affect the taste, but also seriously affect the storage time of food, and household electric oven can be a resurgence of food, re drying into the state they just bought. Tasty and healthy.
Q:What is the advantage of oven temperature control?
If the electric oven is equipped with a hot air circulation, it will guarantee the same quality at the same time as the four layers.

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