Electric Oven Suitable for 4-slices toast

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Product Description:

Electric Oven Suitable for 4-slices toast

Product Specifications:

1. 2 quartz heating elements;

2. 2 easy-turn round knobs;

3. 15/30/60min timer with stay on;

4. 65-240℃  temperature control;

5. Suitable for 4-slices toast;

6. Capacity:9 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):248*231*168

Unit Size(mm):363*287*199




Loading Qty: 1110PCS/20'GP(MOQ);2290PCS/40'GP;2590PCS/40'HQ

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Q:How do the electric oven defrost the steak and fish?
Reasonable thawing is the key link to keep frozen food quality. The food is thawed, when the temperature rises to a certain range (0 degrees up to 8 DEG C), relative humidity of 80% - 90%, which can make the food inside the cell crystallization of ice melt water absorbed into the cells to reply. If thawed, the water flows out of the juice. As the juice out of protein, minerals, vitamins and other substances, food flavor and nutrients will be lost.
Q:How to buy a domestic oven?
Domestic oven, general price in 600 yuan or so, at least 25 liters capacity is too small, it is not convenient, the baking color effect is not good, if you do pastry or cake, also want to consider the cake mold height, because in the process of baking cake and pastry is to initiate the small capacity to counter the upper baking lamp. I didn't have the choice when I bought it. I went to a hotel supplies shop and saw a series of products for praying and licensing. It seemed pretty good. I bought it for 5 years. It's not bad! In addition to a period of time useless, and did not wipe the case in time, the timer failed, and then turn the timer knob a few times to remove the oil, and now there is almost no fault. A lot of baking theory has been recommended Changdi brand, because there is no use, can not express opinions, appearance, there are many MM in use. Personal point of view, for reference only, I wonder if I can help you.
Q:How to clean the oven grease
1. (preferably put on gloves) remove the detachable part of the oven, such as the grill, the pan and the chassis, and then scrub with a neutral detergent. Grease particularly heavy, heavy oil can be used to remove the kitchen lampblack net, to do the key parts of the decontamination.Two: put on a piece of old newspaper in the oven door, with a dry loofah or small bamboo brush peacoke oven brush out completely.Three: oven internal heating tube must be wiped with dry cloth, can not use wet cloth scrub, so as not to affect the insulation of heating pipe, leakage, short circuit. It should be noted that the inner part of the oven is not to be flushed with water except for the removable part.Four: if you find the heating pipe and protective screen dirty, it is difficult to wipe with a soft dry cloth, and do not arbitrarily change the use of steel wire ball, frosted cleaning ball and other surface cleaning tools wipe. If there is a wire or frosted particles fall into the heating tube, light barbecue out of the smell of the unique smell of coke, and then cause the entire circuit short circuit, you can try to clean with a strong nylon cloth to wipe.Five: after cleaning the heating tube, you can start cleaning the oven's inner shell and inner liner. The dishcloth dipped in the diluted solution of the neutral detergent and dried slightly, wiping the shell of the body in a wet wipe. After cleaning and then dipped in a dilute solution, slightly twisted stem, wrapped in the hand into the oven to wipe the grease, finally rinse with water and wipe dry after dry, wipe two times.
Q:How do I use the oven for two fermentation?
Ferment in an oven - second times:1 will make good type of dough placed in the tray, pay attention to keep some distance, because the two fermented dough to expand.2 place the pan in the oven, place a pot of hot water under the oven and turn off the oven.3 the best fermentation environment for the dough is the temperature of 38 degrees and the humidity of 80%. If necessary, a hot water must be changed in the middle.4 when the dough rises to 2-2.5 times the size, the dough is ready.
Q:How do you clean the gas oven that has been put on for a long time?
Oven cleaner to "steady"To ensure thorough cleaning to do a "comprehensive" electric oven after each use, especially in the production of beer Roasted Duck, grilled chicken chicken, roasted pigeon meat, oven oil flavor will be heavier, in the oven, bake wallNet, tray and the chassis, if not timely cleaning, it is very difficult to remove a heavy oil, so every time after baking, such as oven temperature dropped to 50 degrees Celsius (not hot temperature), can carry out cleaning work.The cleaning must be carried out in the event of power failure and partial cooling! Just complete the barbecue oven temperature is as high as 150 degrees Celsius, not immediately clean, one hand is likely to burn, on the other hand, sudden cooling when cleaning, maintenance of the oven interior fittings have negative effects of maintenance.
Q:Is the new oven empty before baking or empty after baking?
1, the heavy dirt on the baking board: the pan often has burnt dirt, in fact, as long as the use of a variety of waste cards can be quickly scraped.2, quickly clean the grill burned dirt can use online baking friction foil to brush off. Remember to use the foil as a cleaning tool, to knead after use, can take to increase the friction of the foil.Use "lovely cleaning stick" to deal with the inner part of an oven that cannot be reached by handTie the rag at the tip of the long chopstick and fix it with a leather case. A round headed cleaning rod that can be used to clean the surface, or a pointed cleaning rod for edge corners.1, dip in detergent, remove oil stains: the round clean rod wet with water, dipped in detergent, can be used to wipe the stain on the inner wall of the oven.2. Clean the edges of the oven with a pointed clean bar: the four sides of the oven and the stain in the corner can be wiped clean with a pointed cleaning stick in the front way.
Q:Is the oven good for electricity or gas?
Electricity is better.Because before the popular gas oven, the fuel gas (basic gas and liquefied petroleum gas) can also be cost-effective, compared with the electricity to save about half the cost of fuel, and that the power sector can provide the home electricity capacity is generally small, should be increased, process procedures are extremely difficult.
Q:What's the function of an electric oven?
Common sense of safe use of electric oven1., no power cord, plug and electric oven immersed in water or other liquids, in case of electric shock2. when the oven is working, the surface temperature may be very high. Please do not feel free to touch it. If you want to touch or move the electric oven, use special gloves for the oven3. place the oven on the insulated horizontal table for use4., the use of electric oven is strictly prohibited children to operate, and should be placed in the oven where the child can not contact5. place the oven in a dry, flat place and keep enough space around it to keep a minimum of 10-15cm distance from the surrounding object6. when cleaning the electric oven, unplug the power plug and wait for the oven to cool until it is room temperature7. do not use the electric oven for a long time, please unplug the power plug8. please do not use parts supplied by non manufacturers9. do not pull the power cord, unplug the plug before moving the electric oven and move the oven with both hands10., do not put the oven in the vicinity of flammable or heat sources
Q:What containers can be put into the oven? Where's the microwave oven? Why?
Microwave oven and oven heating mode is not the same, can not replace each other. For example, many microwave dishes are plastic, and the oven is useless.
Q:Which is better, microwave oven or oven?
Microwave oven is more useful than oven, but microwave oven can not replace oven, microwave oven function is not easy to use, because she only heating, low efficiency

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