Ductile Iron Lug Type Butterfly Valve

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PTFE butterfly valves

About Product

A butterfly valve consists of body ,stem ,disc , actuator (manual actuator, worm-gear actuator , aerodynamic actuator or electric actuator) , and PTFE butterfly valve can implement the process for turning on turning off and regulating the flow by the circumrotation of stem and disc  that is droved by actuators.

1.Simple and compact construction. Small in size and light in weight. Easy transportation, installation and maintenance.
2. Quick 90 degrees on-off operation. Minimized operating torque ,energy saving.
3. Excellent sealing performance with ZERO leakage. Long service life.
4. Wide selection of materials ,applicable for various media..
5. Flow curve tending to straight line. Excellent regulation performance.

 PTFE butterfly valves



End flange:

ANSI B 16.1,EN1092,AS2129

Face to face:

ANSI B 16.10

Top flange:

ISO 5211

Normal pressure:





DI/ALB/Rubber lined Disc/1.2501/1.4529/CF8/Hastelloy Alloy/Monel




NBR/Hypalon/EPDM/Neoprene/NR/Wear-Resistant EPDM/Viton/Silicon/Heat-Resistant EPDM/White EPDM/EPDM(NSF)/PTFE

Suitable temperature:



Fresh water, sewage, sea water, air, vapor, food, medicine, oils, alkalis, salt etc.

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Q:Need flush valve for design project.?
Flapper valves are all about weight and pivot points and center of gravity. The air bubble inside the plug acts like a ping pong ball initially, holding the flapper open. When the water gets down to the level of the flapper, it tends to close too soon as you point out. But you can attach a smal plastic cup to the back of the flapper that fills with water and holds the flapper open when the water level is very low. You put a small hole in the bottom of the cup so that the water in the cup slowly drains out and finally the cg shifts and the flapper closes.
Q:installing shutoff valves for kitchen faucet?
Shutoff valves come in two varieties. 1. A compression fitting and looks like it is bolted onto the pipe. 2. Is soldered onto the copper pipe at each end of the tap. If you are paying your plumber by the hour, believe me, you will want him in and out including travel time in under an hour. If cutting the copper is and would be his quickest way then let him have at it. Good Luck Richard
Q:Dangers of mitral valve prolapse?
There are many people with mitral valve prolapse that never have symptoms related to it and never have any problems as a result. Mitral valve prolapse can lead to the backflow of blood through the mitral valve known as mitral regurgitation. This can potentially lead to abnormal heart rhythms, such as atrial fibrillation. The concern with skydiving is that it would lead to a surge of adrenaline resulting in increased heart rate, strength of heart contractions and overall workload of the heart. If you have MVP without regurgitation, then your risk would be similar to the general population. If you have regurgitation it depends on the severity the regurgitation. If you have mild regurgitation, then it also should not be a problem. If you have severe regurgitation, then you could run into problems from the increased workload of the heart. In this case, I would suggest you discuss it with your Cardiologist. It is unlikely that you have atrial fibrillation. If you by chance do, then it depends on how well your heart rate is controlled. If there is any doubt, then ask your Cardiologist. Good luck.
Q:What is a Deluge Valve? (Fire Suppression)?
This Site Might Help You. RE: What is a Deluge Valve? (Fire Suppression)? How does a deluge valve differ from a standard alarm valve in a wet system? What are differences from a standard wet pipe system regard alarm trim and NPFA codes Also if an existing system, over 2000sft, (pipe sched method) has no siamese connection, and I am adding addtional heads via the...
Q:Mitral Valve Prolapse Hereditary Info?
I think it could have just skipped you in the generation of it all, it is not always hereditary to every generational child sometimes it will skip a generation and may catch your children when you have some. I know thats not the best news but most of the time thats how it works.
Q:Should copper pipe come into contact with stainless steel valve?
Q:Need help replacing the old valve stem for tub/shower to replace with new valve stem?
Check back on your website to see if they have the procedure for removing/installing the new stem. These usually have to be turned to allow them to be removed. You should be able to purchase a tool to help you release it. Also, be aware the old stem could be hard to remove due to build-up and/or torn seals. After you get it our, try to remve and deposits in the valve and then apply a little lubricant to the new stem before you insert it. Be sure the lubricant is compatable with the seals.
Q:Gummed up french horn valves?
Here are 3 options I know of - 1) take it in and have it cleaned. This can cost anywhere upwards from $40. I paid $75 last time. 2) Clean it yourself. Take out all the slides, pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid soap into each valve (one at a time). Get it all the way through, like you would when using oil. Use warm water and rinse out all the soap. Let it dry. This is very tedious, but has worked for me the couple times I've done it. 3) Like someone else said, use a thinner valve oil to semi-rinse out the gumminess. This has also worked well for me. Keep the lead pipe clean!
Q:Using thicker oil to eliminate valve clatter?
10W40 works fine. That's all I've ever run in my Explorer - and presently it has just under 200,000 miles.
Q:How much does it generally cost to replace valve seals?
Hate to say this but Chevrolet never put *valve seals on top of the valve guides in a stock OEM engine. Standard Chevy engines depended upon the umbrella shield that fits around the top of the valve springs held in place by the spring retainers and valve split locks as shields to keep splashing pushrod oil off the valve stems. Any time you have smoke at start-up and at idol you have worn or struck rings in the piston ring grooves or mis-shapen cylinder walls. Typical valve guide wear delevers blue smoke put the tail pipes on *deceleration when vacuum pulls oil down the increased clearance between the valve stems and the honed valve guide holes.

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