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Usage/Applications Of Ductile Iron Check Valve

Check valve is to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open, close the valve flap, used to prevent the media back valve, also known as the check valve, Dan Xiangfa, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve. Check valve is an automatic valve, its main role is to prevent the media back, to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, as well as the release of the container medium.

Technical Date

Material Specification

Nominal Diameter


Valve Body

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron

Nominal Pressure


Valve Disc

Cast Iron or Ductile Iron or Stainless Steel

Operation Temperature


Flange Driling Standard

EN 1902-2 PN10/16

Seal Material


Suface Treatment


Valve Spring

Stainless Steel

Quick Details

Standard or Nonstandard:





Medium Pressure





Temperature of Media:

Normal Temperature



Place of Origin:

China (Mainland)

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Q:What is the function of the small check valve on the deep well pump?
Frequency conversion and it does not matter, the inverter is to speed down, so that the pump has a suitable flow and lift. This valve can not go.
Q:Should the flue check valve be made by the civil team or the installation team?
Internal construction, check the inner ring outside the cement glue installed
Q:Check valve h44h-25p what does that mean?
H- stainless steel4- flange connection4- rotary single structure check valveH sealing material is Cr13 stainless steel25- pressure 2.50MPAP-18-8 stainless steelH44h-25p= stainless steel flange connection, swing type single check valve pressure 2.50MPA valve body, material 18-8 stainless steel
Q:What are the differences between the vertical check valve and the horizontal check valve in function and principle?.
First of all, the outward appearance of the vertical check valve flow direction, that is, the direction of check valve installation is vertical to the horizontal direction. The horizontal check valve is horizontal.
Q:Why is the water ring vacuum pump equipped with check valves?
The check valve is a one-way valve, the instantaneous vacuum of the stopping pump is higher than the pump cavity, and the gas enters the pump cavity from the exhaust port, and the water pressure is connected to the vacuum pipeline, and the function of the check valve is to prevent water from entering the pipeline
Q:What is the function of the check valve in the pipeline?
An important role for Fujian Biaoguang valve for check valve in the pipeline:The check valve is divided into three kinds: lift check valve, swing check valve and butterfly check valve. The lift check valve can be divided into two types: vertical check valve and horizontal check valve. Swing check valve is divided into single check valve, double check valve and multi flap type check valve three. Butterfly check valve for the straight through check valve, the above several kinds of check valve in connection form can be divided into threaded connection, check valve, flange connection check valve and weld check valve three kinds.
Q:What is the reason that the check valve does not stop water?
4 the vertical lift check valve shall be mounted on a vertical pipe.5, the lift type horizontal check valve shall be installed on the horizontal pipe.6. Do not check the weight of the valve in the line. The large check valve shall be independently supported so as not to be affected by the pressure caused by the piping system.
Q:Check valve authentication information
If you need surface processing, please contact the manufacturer.ISO 9001-2008Check-All valve company has ISO9001-2008 certification. Our certificate number is: FM 40858, which was issued by the British Standards Institute (BSI). The certificate indicates that the design, manufacture and distribution of all Check-All products comply with the requirements of ISO-9001-2008. This also means that when you order the Check-All valve, you will be assured of a high quality check valve on time.NACE Compliance certification of the American Society of corrosion protection engineersMany Check-All valve products comply with NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 and NACE MR0103. Contact manufacturers can get.
Q:Is the flue check valve the same as the flue check valve? What's the difference?
The flue check valve is not the same as the flue check valve;Flue check valve: a valve that is used at the joint of the hood, flue pipe and flue. Mainly to prevent the role of soot intrusion. The smoke in the apartment building is a public flue, and sometimes the food is always wafted from upstairs to downstairs when cooking, usually from the flue. This check valve can have a certain extent to prevent soot from the role of intrusion, but after all, it is difficult to completely sealed, so the food can not completely prevent the taste of isolation.Check valve refers to rely on the flow of the media itself and automatically open and close the valve flap, used to prevent media backflow valve, also known as check valve, one-way valve, counter flow valve, and back pressure valve.
Q:Is the check valve in or behind the gate valve? Why?
The exit of the general pump is the first soft connection (shock absorber), followed by the check valve, and then the partition valve (such as butterfly valve, gate valve, cut-off valve, etc.), this is not the final answer.The question is interesting, and no corresponding information has been found in the relevant standards. We have also discussed the related issues, but differences of opinion is relatively large, the advantages of 1, first installed check valve installed after the valve or butterfly valve, check valve, can be protected, especially in a parallel pump, when the pump does not start, another pump starts when the impact force is gate valve or butterfly valve bear, disadvantages: gate valve or check valve who will protect? There have been a case of butterfly valve is broken. 2, first installed gate valve or butterfly valve installed after the check valve, advantages: can protect the butterfly valve or gate valve, the impact on the check valve to bear. Disadvantages: check valve who will protect, check valve by pressure difference switch, if the high pressure high pressure pipe, pump, if the flow is not stable, so check valve will repeatedly switch, will affect the check valve life. Personal opinion: check valve, check valve performance now have changed, many are using the slow closing check valve, so the impact force is two aspects to bear, because exports are not fully open the valve or butterfly valve, so you can put in check after the gate valve or butterfly valve valve. If not the slow closing check valve installed in the valve or the best after the butterfly.

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