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Check Valves

Check Valves are used in pipes under pressure between Class 150~2500LB, working temperatures﹣196~600℃. They are used in industries including oil, chemistry, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, and power gene-ration to prevent the backward flux of the media.

Design Feature of Check Valve

1. The products feature a reasonable structure, reliable seal, good performance and nice modeling.

2. Either soft or hard seal can be selected for the product upon different working conditions. The sealing face is built up with Co-based carbide alloy, leaving a better wearability, corrosion and scrap resistance and a longer duration.

3. Small opening pressure, the disc can be opened fully with a very small pressure differential.

4. Inside-set bolt-bearing structure reduces leakage and reliable use.

5. Class≥1500LB, the middle cavity uses a self-tightening sealing structure to have the sealing performance reinforced along with the pressure rise so as to ensure the sealing performance.

6. Different parts materials and different sizes for flange, butt-welding are available for sensible combination according to different working facts and customers' requirement

Technical Data of  Check Valves

Check ValveSize DN40-DN600
Face to Face DIN 3202 F6
Flange Drilling EN 1092-2 PN16
Inspection and Test ISO 5208

﹡For all available general design, face to face standard and flange drilling,please kindly contact CNBM directly.

Materials of Parts

Parts Description Material
1 Body GG25
2 Seat Ring Brass
3 Disc Ring Brass/EPDM
4 Disc GG25
5 Hanger GGG50
6 Hanger Pin Stainless Steel
8 Cover Gasket Graphite with Soft steel
9 Cover GG25

﹡For other material request,please kindly contact CNBM direct Dimensions of  Check Valves

Size(DN) L D D1 D2 b n-d H W.T(kg)
40 180 150 110 84 18 4-19 110 9
50 200 165 125 99 20 4-19 130 13.4
65 240 185 145 118 20 4-19 140 17.7
80 260 200 160 132 22 8-19 150 20.8
100 300 220 180 156 24 8-19 160 29.3
125 350 250 210 184 26 8-19 190 47
150 400 285 240 211 26 8-23 210 67
200 500 340 295 266 30 12-23 250 118.7
250 600 405 355 319 32 12-28 310 171.9
300 700 460 410 370 32 12-28 340 232.5
350 800 520 470 429 36 16-28 450 330
400 900 580 525 480 38 16-31 520 460
450 100 640 585 548 40 20-31 550 580
500 1100 715 650 609 42 20-34 590 700
600 1300 840 770 720 48 20-37 680 780

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 Check Valve

The Application of check valve

 Check Valve

The package of Check Valve 

 Check Valve

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Q:40 how large check valves are installed in the water pipes?
Crown valve press40 of the pipe outer diameter of 48 DN40 check valve on it
Q:What is the difference between the check valve h64h-250 and the h61y-250?
According to JB/T308-2004 "valve type programming method"One is the swing check valve (4), and the sealing surface is Cr13 (H)One is the lift check valve (1), and the sealing surface is made of Y
Q:How do I install the pump outlet check valve?
Installation of pump outlet check valves: swing check valves are generally mounted on horizontal pipes: for DN~80mm check valves, they can also be mounted on vertical or upward sloping pipes. The straight through lift check valve shall be installed on the horizontal pipe; the vertical lift check valve must be installed on the vertical pipe, and the medium shall be from bottom to top.
Q:What is the difference between the H44H check valve and the H41 check valve?
The large check valve shall be independently supported so as not to be affected by the pressure caused by the piping system2, attention should be paid to the direction of the flow of the medium should be in accordance with the direction of the body marked arrow3. Vertical lift check valves shall be mounted on vertical pipes4.
Q:Check valve does not automatically check back, how to adjust?
The non-return valve does not automatically check the cause:1, the valve at both ends of the road must be blocked, there is dry ventilated room. Such as long-term storage, should always check rust corrosion.2, the valve should be cleaned before installation and eliminate the defects during transportation.3, the installation must be carefully checked on the valve signs and nameplates are in line with the use of requirements.
Q:Installation of stainless steel tank outlet must be equipped with check valve?
Outlet?If the delivery is not waterIf the pump is pumped up, it should be loaded
Q:What are the differences between the vertical check valve and the horizontal check valve?
The structure principle is the same, but the cost and volume are different, there is nominal pressure difference, the use place is different
Q:What is the reason that the check valve does not stop water?
7, when installing check valve, should pay special attention to medium flow direction, should make medium normal flow direction and the direction of the arrow on the valve body is consistent, otherwise it will cut off the normal flow of media. Valve should be installed at the bottom of the pump suction pipe.The general formula 8, lift check valve should be installed in horizontal pipe, vertical lift check valve and bottom valve is usually installed in a vertical pipe on the road, and the bottom-up flow of media.9, the check valve closes, will produce water hammer in pipeline pressure, will lead to serious damage to the valve and piping or equipment, especially for the big pipe or high pressure pipeline, it should pay attention to those who use check valve.
Q:What does the check valve "H41F" mean?
According to the provisions of the JB/T 308-2004 valve type programming method:H== check valve4== connection: flange type1== structure form: lifting typeF== sealing surface material: fluorine plastic
Q:What is the purpose of installing a check valve in the air pipe before the fan?
The fan before the wind pipe installed on the check valve to prevent the fan after the ceased operation outside of the wind because of the air pressure is blown indoors because of the inverse.
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