Wafer Check Valve For Water

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Quick Details of Wafer Check Valve

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Double Disc Check Valve

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Port:China Main Port


Packaging & Delivery of Wafer Check Valve


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Specifications of Wafer Check Valve


Double Disc, Wafer Type, Suitable for DIN/BS/ANSI

Zero Pressure No Leaking

Wafer type butterfly valve check valve

Valve Design: API 594

Valve Pressure Testing & Inspection: API 598

Flange Connections: ANSI Class 125/150 or DIN PN10/16


Usage/Applications of Wafer Check Valve




Optional Material



DI, Carbon Steel


Buna-N or EPDM



Stainless Steel



Stainless Steel

No Optinal


Stainless Steel

No Optinal


Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel




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Q:What does the check valve "H64" and "H14" mean?
H check valve6 welding connection1 threaded connection4 swing check valveJB/T308-2004< valve type programming method >There should also be sealing surface material code and nominal pressure level
Q:How much pressure is the check valve h47x-10q?
Check valve h47x-10q is 1.0MPa pressureAccording to the provisions of the JB/T 308-2004 valve type programming method:H== check valve4== connection: flange7== structure: butterfly typeX== sealing surface material: Rubber10== pressure rating: 1.0MPaQ== body material: ductile iron
Q:If there is no check valve, there will be a reverse flow of water, what is the damage to the pump?
For the work of the pump, when stopped, the water will reverse the impact of the blade, resulting in changes in motor power, while the impact will bring air, it is easy to blade cavitation, affecting the life of the pump ah!Like you said, if the two pumps are connected in parallel, another pump reverses, and that's the same thing. Damage doubles. For a high power motor, it doesn't start several times.
Q:Butterfly micro stop type check valve HH46XP-10Q, what does the letter mean?
The first H stands for slow closing, the second H represents the check valve, the X represents the sealing surface, and the rubber, the P represents the butterfly plate, and the stainless steel Q represents the ductile iron.
Q:Detailed distinction between backflow preventer and check valve
The backflow preventer consists of two separated check valves and a drain valve. Due to the local head loss of the check valve, the pressure in the middle cavity is always lower than the pressure at the inlet. This pressure difference causes the drain valve to be closed and the pipe is in normal water supply. In abnormal pressure (i.e., the outlet pressure is higher than that of the middle cavity), even if the two check valve can not reverse sealing, safety relief valve can automatically open the reverse water emptying, and the formation of air separation, ensure the health and safety of water upstream.
Q:Tap water tank with vertical and horizontal check valve.
Extrusion includes seat and plate or piston designed to prevent the valve slamming. Additional material added to the seat produces two extrusion zones. Try to squeeze the fluid out of these areas and slow down the valve during rapid closing. But there is a price to pay for that. The limited gap increase region is an ideal site for collecting small solid particles. The squeeze pressure protection for controlled closure, due to the collection of solids, may cause additional problems, unless the gap is sufficiently extruded, the solids can be ejected. A narrow seal may shatter a fragile solid, such as coal. The extrusion zone tends to expand the width of the available valve seat and reduce the ability of the valve to crush solids. This effect must be considered, taking into account all the characteristics of the related solids.
Q:What does the swing check valve "h44h-16" mean?
Swing check valve with the built-in rocker swing structure, all opening and closing parts are arranged in the valve body of the valve, the valve does not penetrate, in addition to the seal gasket and seal ring with flange, overall no leak, to prevent leakage of the valve may be. Swing check valve rocker and disc connections using spherical connection structure, so that the valve in the 360 degrees within a certain degree of freedom, there is appropriate micro position compensation.
Q:What's the difference between a throttle valve and a check valve? Are they the same?
The check valve is directional, so it should be clear when installing. It is like a swinging door that opens in one direction or closes on the other. When the liquid flows towards the opening, the door opens, and when it is stopped, the self pressure of the liquid passing through the door closes automatically and acts as a hindrance to the flow of liquid.Throttle is simple, water switch is one of the throttle valve.
Q:The working principle and structure description of the mute check valve
1, when the medium according to the provisions of the direction of flow, the valve by the media force, is open; the medium back, due to weight and disc valve by the medium reverse force, so that the sealing surface of the valve flap and valve seat sealing and closed, to prevent the media counter to.2, the body and valve sealing surface using stainless steel surfacing.3, the length of the valve according to the provisions of GB12221-1989, flange connection size according to the provisions of JB/T79-1994.
Q:Check valve H41T-16. What are the numbers and letters in it?
H stands for check valve, 4 stands for flange 1, and represents form 16 for pressure. This is cast iron lift check valve
Yue,located in Ducun Industrial Park, Linhu Town, Wuzhong District, Suzhou, mainly produces valves. Our company is equipped with one scale automatic static coating line, two assembly testing lines, many sets of semi-automatic assembly testing equipment as well as processing equipment such as 5m,3m and 2m vertical lathes, 4m and 2m milling machines and boring machines.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Suzhou, China
Year Established 2000
Annual Output Value Above US$ 3 Million
Main Markets West Europe, South Africa, the Middle Eas
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2008

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Nearest Port Shanghai
Export Percentage 40%
No.of Employees in Trade Department 500 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese; Spain; Alabic
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Factory Size: Above 18,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 4
Contract Manufacturing OEM Service Offered; Design Service Offered
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