D-GGD AC Low Volatge Distribution Cabinet

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GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet
1high breaking capacity
2good dynamic & thermal stability
3flexible electric schem

GGD AC low voltage distribution cabinet
1,high breaking capacity
2,good dynamic & thermal stability
3,flexible electric schem

GGD distribution equipment,reactive power field compensator is suitable for low voltage distribution switch power substation, power users as mining enterprises etc, rated voltage isolator ac 380V rated current 3150A to the distribution system in power distribution equipment, lighting and the energy conversion, distribution and control. The products, high abilities which are rated current of 50KA short. Line, flexible, practical, easy combination of novel structure, etc. This product is the representative assembly type fixed panel switchgear.
The product conforms to the low voltage switchgear equipment GB7251 IEC60439, the low voltage switchgear equipment and control equipment etc.

Conditions of Use
1. Ambient air temperature is not higher than +40 °C, not lower than -5 °C; 24H shall not exceed the average temperature of +35 °C.
2. Indoor installation, use no more than 2000m above sea.
3. The ambient air relative humidity at the highest temperature is +40 °C less than 50%, lower temperature to allow a greater relative humidity (eg: +20 °C 90% when), should take into account the changes due to temperature can be occasionally produce condensation.
4. Equipment installation with the vertical gradient of not more than 5 °C.
5. Equipment should be installed in the absence of severe vibration and shock, and the lack of electrical components to place erosion.


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Q:list the equipment, devices and electrical appliances used in the diff. rooms of the house and in other places
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Q:Is it possible that electrical surge caused by lightning fry one small chip of my security alarm nothing else?
The alarm company employs the expert who says so! I'd say it is completely possible. One problem with an alarm system is all the wiring connecting it to the various triggering devices. It is usually long, and elevated, not shielded in any way. It works like a large antenna. So, a lightning flash doesn't even have to cause a surge on the power lines, in order to induce a voltage on all this wire. Distant lightning will produce an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse). It is like a strong radio signal. It only has to exceed the breakdown voltage of any chip it can get to. As this has to be some particular chip, it could be taken out alone. It only takes the destruction of a single gate in it to render it useless. I'm sure the manufacturer would have had enough experience to realise the cause of that particular chip being taken out! Nothing else in your house can present such a large antenna to the pulse.
Q:how can i prevent dust from gettingin my electrical equipment?
You could turn your Living room into a clean room, and put on a bunny suit every time you go into it!
Q:what it will be the best name for a business that will sell equipments?
Industrial okorder
Q:how to select the rating of voltage in electrical equipment.?
It was pure depending on the need from market and the possible available power source for these products being sell in future.
Q:What is the day like for an electrical engineer?
I am an electrical engineer at the university of texas at austin and I recently interned at L3 as an electrical engineer working with hardware. Basically from what Ive done you really work with testing electrical equipment making sure it works correctly. I worked a lot with multisim, matlab, and other programing/testing devices. You also get to install hardware ocassionally. But most of the time I followed around my mentor and learned what the day to day job required. Had to get a security clearance though.
Q:Hi all , I'm creating an Inventory system .?
You need multiple tables. Using int() auto_increment primary keys for linking each section of data you want something like : stock_codes ( id int(6) primary key auto_increment, stock_code varchar(45) unique key, stock_description varchar(45), stock_qty int(6), suppler_id int(6) ) stock_movement ( id int(6) primary key auto_increment, in_date date, out_date date, moved_qty int(6), stock_id int(6), ) It helps to have tables of suppliers details, client details, sales person details, department details etc. If items have possible alternative suppliers you dump the supplier_id from the stock codes and use a link table for the stock id and supplier id to identify each inward transaction. Add tables for any additional information using links from the other tables to co-ordinate the data.
Q:What is the most important things I should learn about Electrical Risks and Safety Prevention?
Wear 2 inch soles on your shoes keep one hand in your pocket don't stand in water and never touch a ground.
Q:Electrodes are found in electrochemsistry, not in a generator?
According to Wikipedia: An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit (e.g. a semiconductor, an electrolyte or a vacuum). There is an example of an electrode used in generators, and all industrial/commercial electrical systems. It is called a grounding electrode. It is a metallic rod that is driven deep in to the dirt, to establish a contact with the background Earth voltage. Is the dirt a nonmetallic part of the circuit? Well, dirt often does contain metals in it, but it isn't dominantly metal, so it still is considered non-metallic. And we normally hope that the dirt isn't part of the circuit, but there is a chance that it can become part of the circuit, and that is generally why grounding electrodes are installed. The grounding electrode doesn't really play an active role in the operation of any of the electrical equipment. It is more of a safety feature, as a JUST IN CASE the insulation on the live wire fails. Suppose the live wire insulation fails, and the live wire contacts the metal structure of a device (that isn't intended to play an electrical role), and you as a human victim touch that metal structure. You are also standing on the ground, and the natural path of electric current from the metal structure to the ground is through your body. Unless of course, a better path is established in advance. And that is what a grounding electrode, and the rest of the grounding system does. It establishes electrical continuity with all metals that aren't intended to be electrically involved, so that any failure of the live wire will trip the circuit breaker before there is a chance that the human gets injured.
Q:How is the electrical maximum demand?
We refer to it as Demand Factor. Its the total calculations of all lighting, dedicated appliance, general use power in the unit of Current (Amps). We have a NEC formula to calculate what is required when build a dwelling or commercial build. usally done by engineers on the E-sheet of blue prints, but any lic. electrical contractor, journeyman, etc. can make those calculations. I am not going to write a 10 page explanation of Demand Factor calculations. Its not one easy formula. You have to add percentage value for light loads, general use is 180 watts per outlet. Continus duty circuits need to be cal. at 125% demandetc. See there is alot more, When I was an apprenntice I did not learn this stuff until fourth year. EDIT: Well isn't that a *****! Thats why i never heard of that term. UK refers to metered service as maximum demand? USA its called Kilowatt hour usage

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