Cummins Diesel Generator 500KW/625KVA C33

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Manufacturer:Chongqing Cummins Engine
Model:Original Cummins KTAA19-G6A, 4-cycle
Air Intake System:Turbo, Water / Air Cooling
Fuel System:Fuel Pump, EFC
Cylinder Arrangement:6 in line
Bore and Stroke:159X159(mm)
Compression Ratio:13:1
Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM:610KW/830HP 
Governor Type:Electronic
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow:2054L/s
Exhaust Temperature:584
Max Back Pressure:10kPa 
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction:6.23kPa 
Burning Capacity:750L/s
Fuel System
100%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:205 g/Kw.h
50%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity:50L 
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM:345-483kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity:116.5L 
Max Water Temperature:104℃
Manufacturer:Original STAMFORD ,Marathon,MECC,Kaijieli
Frequency and Speed:50Hz/1500rpm
Connecting Type:3 Phase and 4 Wires, “Y” Type Connecting
Power Factor:0.8
Protection Grade:IP23
Exciter Type:Brushless, Self-Exciting, with AVR
Insulation Class, Temperature Rise:H/H
Voltage Regulation, Stead State:±1%
Volts Warp(Sudden Reduce):+25%
Volts Warp(Sudden Increase):-20%
Frequency Regulation, Stead State:5% 
Frequency Warp(Sudden Reduce):+12%
Frequency Warp(Sudden Increase):-10%
Frequency Recovery Time:5S
Open Type Size:3700(mm)X1570(mm)X2080(mm)
Open Type Weight:4820kg
Control System:Original Uk deep sea auto controller 
Standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, European CE

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Q:Need Advice on a generator for Home?
A 5000 watt generator will normally supply most of what you need, a 3500 will give a little more trouble with overloads, but will be quieter wihen not loaded. That Yamaha is a nice generator, if your the type that drives a MB S-Class, if you drive a Ford, you may want to be looking at a $700 Generac brand generator, fuel consumption will vary with load, but running at near capacity will burn a tank (5 gallons) of fuel in 8 hours, the higher the consumption of a generator he bigger the tank they put on. May want to check to see if Fridge and freezer are on opposite legs of your 240V service. FYI: Many electrical panel companies now make bolt in transfer switches to make any circuit in your house available to a generator rather than a gentran that just allows a few circuits
Q:Christian / Anti-Christian propaganda?
That no new information is ever created through evolution. It's either very ignorant or an outright lie, like most creationists comments.
Q:Bus generator problems!! Any Advise for replacement?
You don't say what the generator problems are. It may be undersized for the AC units you are trying to run plus other things you are trying to run. The AC unit may require all of the generator's capacity for about 2 seconds to start. So if one AC is running, there may not be enough capacity to start the second AC unit. What other things are you running off the generator at the same time? The 6,500 watt generator can only supply a maximum of 27 amps out of the 240 volt outlet or 15 amps out of each of the 120 volt outlets or any combination that does not exceed the 6,500 watt capacity of the generator. A diesel engine has nothing to do with the capacity of the generator. Diesel engines are used on larger capacity generators or continuous duty generator sets. The generator itself doesn't care what type of engine is spinning the rotor. Will the generator run just one of the units? If it does, then my thoughts are the generator doesn't have the capacity to run the loads you have.
Q:fossil fuel power plants?
Depends on the type of power plant. There are some, like coal and furnace-type natural gas plants, that burn fossil fuels in a furnace or combustor. The burning of the fuel heat water flowing through a boiler, evaporator, or steam generator to produce steam. This steam is directed to a steam turbine which turns a generator and sends power to the grid. Fossil fuels can also be used in a gas turbine (basically a jet engine mounted stationary) to directly turn a generator and send power to the grid. This is known as simple cycle. The waste exhaust from the gas turbine can be sent through a heat recovery steam generator to produce steam. This steam is directed to a steam turbine which turns a generator and sends power to the grid. This would be a combined-cycle operation. Fossil fuels can be used to run a diesel generator.
Q:An electrical power system consists of identical diesel generators?
Not going to worry about this one but with a 50% failure, I think you outta buy Caterpillar. (You might want to fire your maintenance engineer as well)
Q:Doesn't anyone know the answer? how long can one be in a room full of diesel fumes and survive?
It's okorder
Q:Does one gas power station make a lot of energy?
One power station will have many gas turbines and generators. This depend upon the availability of gas,power consumption in that area,pollution problems etc.
Q:Will the electric company buy electricity from a personal generator?
Yes, you can sell energy to the grid but it's often not cost-effective. You have to look at your equipment and operation cost, as well as the cost per kWh that your utility pays. Also, WVO is not as easy or free to come by as it used to be, as demand is now much higher. Restaurants usually don't give away their waste oil for free any more, as fuel companies now pay restaurants to pick up their used cooking oil. You can buy grid-tie inverters that plug into the wall outlet for reasonably small amounts of generation (about 1500 watts or less). For larger amounts of generation, you'll want a professionally-installed inverter and meter. The cost of electricity is so inexpensive per kWh that even if you did manage to source free WVO, the income from selling the electricity likely wouldn't even cover your costs to set up and maintain the generation equipment. Your system would also likely produce more emissions per kWh than the utility generation stations. You may have to deal with legislation for the emissions and/or noise, depending on how populated your area is.
Q:What is the usually assumed voltage of 3000kw DC generator design?
This is not possible or practical for any reason; especially using DC !!
Q:Convert kVA to kg/h?
Man, your question is really cryptic. I assume that you are trying to relate kg/h (kilogram per hour) of (maybe fuel) into the engine with kVA (kilo-volt amperes) out of a generator that it may run. There is no conversion factor. But there are some rules of thumb that some can make, based on the size and service of the engine. But you did not provide even that scant information, either.

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