Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

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1.Product Quick Details

Copper coated wire, just as its name implies is unique to the surface of copper wire, the wire through electroless copper plating and copper plating, etc. the copper metal fixed on the surface of the wire, the wire has good corrosion oxidation resistance and electrical conductivity.

a). Small transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock   coils, watch coils, magnetic heads.
b). Automotive sensors and coils as relais and ignition coils.
c). Generators, dry-type or oil-immersed.
d). Anti-explosion motor, air-conditioner compressor, washing machines.
e). Military and space applications.

2.Product Characteristic

a) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent,
b) Excellent electricity performance
c) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility,
d) High cut through


Diameter: 0.2mm-8.0mm
Standard: IEC, NEMA,GB
Thermal Class: 130/155/180/200/220 °C
Certification:SGS,UL Approved,iso9001,iso14001

4.Reference Picture

Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

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