Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

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1.Product Quick Details

Copper coated wire, just as its name implies is unique to the surface of copper wire, the wire through electroless copper plating and copper plating, etc. the copper metal fixed on the surface of the wire, the wire has good corrosion oxidation resistance and electrical conductivity.

a). Small transformers, linear motors, relays, solenoids, small motors, clock   coils, watch coils, magnetic heads.
b). Automotive sensors and coils as relais and ignition coils.
c). Generators, dry-type or oil-immersed.
d). Anti-explosion motor, air-conditioner compressor, washing machines.
e). Military and space applications.

2.Product Characteristic

a) Excellent resistance to abrasion and solvent,
b) Excellent electricity performance
c) Excellent heat shock, adherence and flexibility,
d) High cut through


Diameter: 0.2mm-8.0mm
Standard: IEC, NEMA,GB
Thermal Class: 130/155/180/200/220 °C
Certification:SGS,UL Approved,iso9001,iso14001

4.Reference Picture

Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

Copper Clad Iron Wire –High Quality and Low Price

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Q:electrical connection from box to home- 3 pole four wire- What is fourth wire?
your 4 wires are probably the white, black, ground, and traveler wire. The 4th wire, the traveler wire is needed if you want to have a 3-way or 4-way switch. Since you don't have this type of switch, otherwise it will be obvious where the 4th wire goes, just put a cap on it and tuck it inside the box.
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I doubt if they will fit right, your better off taking them back and getting the right wires.
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Wire is as obsolete a word as telegram or cable, which is what wire stands for.
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Just get some speaker wire its not that expensive ; go to Wal Mart where they have the TV's and ask for speaker wire or go to the hardwear store and ask for speaker wire or lamp cord thats polorized for the wire you have twist the two golden wires together at both ends and twist the blu and green together at both ends now use the golden for positive and the other for negative.....
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Well the rca connections are either an input for an auxiliary device or an output for an amp. The ground wire should be grounded as long as it is a ground wire, a lot of radios are case ground and will work with out the wire grounded but may experience interference. As far as the wires coming from the sound bar, there is no need to replace the entire wire. Usually radios have four speaker outputs, front left, front right, rear left, rear right. Each pair is color coded and one of the two wires has a stripe on it. Once you determine which wires from the sound bar are pairs you can hook them up to the back of the radio, positive and negative wont make a big difference unless its a specific frequency range. You may notice a slight variation in sound if you turn the volume up loud. In that case just reverse the wires. You'll also want to find out which pair of wires from the radio is for which speaker location and hook them up correctly. You don't need to be worried about getting shocked from the speaker wires so you can test the different outputs with the radio on but you must be careful not to touch the wires from the radio together or you can short out the radio. As far as the red wire, it should be the power wire for the light and the black is ground. Make sure any wires you connect are firmly connected and covered to prevent shorting out. Shrink tube is quite cheap.

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