Convection Electric Oven with 33 Liter

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Product Description:

Convection Electric Oven with 33 Liter

Product Specifications:

1. 4 stainless steel heating elements

2. 3 easy-turn round knobs

3. independent power indicator

4.90-240  temperature control;

5. 4 stage function control switch

6. Hot plate:1 x ø185mm, 1200W, 4-stage(0,400,800,1200W) setting

7. Hot plate:1 x ø155mm, 700W, 4-stage(0,300,400,700W) setting;

8.independent power indicators to each hotplate;

9. independent working or together with oven

10.Suitable for 9-slices toast;

11. 30 Liter-33 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):381*320*255

Unit Size(mm):530*375*341




Loading Qty: 358PCS/20'GP(MOQ);750PCS/40'GP;868PCS/40'HQ

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Q:What's the standard size of the oven?
About these, the above content for reference, embedded now more popular, it is better to save space, the specific choice of what the size of the oven or to look at the needs of the consumer, can not be generalized.
Q:What kind of food can be cooked in a household oven?
Before you buy a home electric oven, you should first make sure that you buy this item for what you want to do. The purpose is different, and the type of selection will be different. If it's only used to roast chicken wings, peanuts, melon seeds and the like, of course, you don't need an oven with too much size. It's small and cheap enough to cope with. If you want to roast the whole chicken, then you should choose the oven with the rotating shaft in the middle of the oven, so that it can be heated evenly and conveniently. If you want to bake a bigger birthday cake, of course, the oven needs to be a little bigger. If you're not sure what you want to do with the oven, then Xiao Bian suggests that you'd better buy a large capacity oven, so you can do anything and not waste it.
Q:Can the roasting pan of the oven be put on the heating tube?
The heating tube needs to have a heat radiation distance, the barbecue plate is placed directly on the heating tube, will cause the local temperature to be extremely high, burns the barbecue dish and the food, even has the fire hidden danger.
Q:Clean the upper part of the oven
A. unplug the plug and turn off the power.B. will be able to remove parts removed, such as pan, grill, chassis, and then wash with neutral cleaning agent, grease particularly heavy, can be used to remove strong detergent for kitchen heavy oil, to focus on decontamination.C. put the oven in the old newspaper, open the bottom, then lean left and right, let the chips fall into the newspaper, and then brush out the coke from the oven.D. the heating tube in the oven is wiped gently with a dry cloth. The entire oven can not be flushed with water except for the removable part.The E. neutral detergent diluted with dry cloth cutter, with wet wipe wipe the body shell, and then wrapped in the hand, then gently wipe out into the oven for internal decontamination, finally all with water to clean, dry and ventilated.F. after cleaning the oven, if you still feel greasy smell, you can completely dry after the whole body, put a bowl of lemonade or vinegar, water is not stamped, dry bake for 10 minutes, you can achieve improved results.
Q:Is the self-cleaning function of the oven useful?
Oven typeThe heating elements used in electric ovens can be broadly divided into three categories: one is an electric oven using a far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube, and the other is the lower grade of all electric ovens. However, the basic function is to achieve the electricity, just baked speed will slow down a bit. Therefore, it is suitable for families with an average economy, but needs to buy an electric oven and a single family. The other is an electric oven with two far-infrared tubes and a quartz heating tube, which is characterized by faster heating. However, compared with the former, the price should be slightly higher, generally expensive one hundred or two hundred yuan. Another is an ultraviolet heating tube attached to the attachment, which can be used for high temperature sterilization. It can disinfect, disinfect, the hygiene degree is higher, and the heating speed is fast, so the price is more expensive, it is suitable for the consumer with good economic condition.
Q:How to choose the quality oven oven brand in the domestic oven market?
Well, look at what kind of oven you choose. The home oven is usually desktop and embedded. But there are similarities and differences between the two choices.
Q:How is the three-phase oven connected?
Three phase five wire electric oven, heating element is three-phase star connection method, three FireWire, neutral point, zero line, ground wire, casing case, a total of five lines!You can put the three-phase FireWire three lines into the line, zero line and ground wire together, then connect the power ground wire, the casing will be out of power!
Q:The damper is also used to regulate the amount of air entering. 1, winter is best to pull, not too much, too much air, 2. Pull it out, can't you pull it up? If there's no problem with other parts of your car, 3. No, it is not for Santana, manual throttle, pull a little wind speed will increase, but not to hot, can use a short time.
Remind the driver friend, after the engine water temperature reaches forty degrees, be sure to put the damper back to the original position. Otherwise, not only waste fuel, but also in the cylinder to form carbon deposits, to speed up cylinder wear and tear, shortening engine life.It is difficult to start in winter, mainly on carburetor engines. The design of the engine takes into account the winter gasoline is not easy to evaporate, start difficult, specially designed damper.
Q:Is the oven good for electricity or gas?
In safety, an electric oven is much safer than a gas oven.Maintenance is an electric oven. It's simple and convenient. It's clean and easy to clean.The electric oven can have more and more extensive applications, with more optional styles and sizes, and a wide range of applications.
Q:Recommend a home electric oven? The best insulation effect, the shell is not hot, thank you.
For the first time in the oven, I found that only a layer of back behind the oven, oven how many degrees back the number of degrees, not found on the Internet to do insulation layer of the oven, so I bought myself on the Internet, I roll aluminum silicate (refractory 1600 degrees) do heat preservation

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