Convection Electric Oven with 33 Liter

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Product Description:

Convection Electric Oven with 33 Liter

Product Specifications:

1. 4 stainless steel heating elements

2. 3 easy-turn round knobs

3. independent power indicator

4.90-240  temperature control;

5. 4 stage function control switch

6. Hot plate:1 x ø185mm, 1200W, 4-stage(0,400,800,1200W) setting

7. Hot plate:1 x ø155mm, 700W, 4-stage(0,300,400,700W) setting;

8.independent power indicators to each hotplate;

9. independent working or together with oven

10.Suitable for 9-slices toast;

11. 30 Liter-33 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):381*320*255

Unit Size(mm):530*375*341




Loading Qty: 358PCS/20'GP(MOQ);750PCS/40'GP;868PCS/40'HQ

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Q:What's the oven doing with the water?
As long as the electricity doesn't work! Use the hair dryer to blow with the cold wind, every few days with nothing
Q:What containers can be put into the oven? Where's the microwave oven? Why?
Microwave oven and oven heating mode is not the same, can not replace each other. For example, many microwave dishes are plastic, and the oven is useless.
Q:Can the oven replace the microwave oven?
The oven is used for transmission, baked meat and other food, with a longer time; the microwave heating method for radiation, fast, but the taste is not very good, now most of the microwave oven with grill and steam, but not by microwave radiation, but also inside the quartz heating tube.
Q:The beauty of the oven has a fermentation function, how to use?
In fact, the oven can ferment the dough. My own method is: the grid on the bottom, the oven 40 degrees 5 minutes the first heat to preheat, small plastic boxes in the oven and then put a full 80 degrees hot water, the hot water is to maintain the temperature effect and maintain a certain humidity effect.
Q:What's the choice of the oven?
Food componentThe capacity of an electric oven usually varies from 9 litres to 60 litres (household), so you must fully consider the use of the electric oven when you select the capacity specification. If it's only for a family of three toast, 9 to 12 litres is enough; if you're going to have a turkey dinner or a barbecue party, naturally choose the bulk of the product you want. Need special remind is, electric oven is not power lower the better, high power electric oven heating up speed, heat energy consumption less, but will be more energy saving. Household electric ovens should generally choose more than 1000 watts of products.
Q:Is the new oven empty before baking or empty after baking?
Step 1: (preferably put on gloves) remove the detachable part of the oven, such as the grill, pan and chassis, and then scrub with a neutral detergent. Grease particularly heavy, heavy oil can be used to remove the kitchen lampblack net, to do the key parts of the decontamination.Step two: put on a piece of old newspaper in the oven door, with a dry loofah or small bamboo brush peacoke oven brush out completely.Step three: the heating tube inside the oven must be wiped with a dry cloth, not wet cloth, so as not to affect the insulation of the heating pipe, leakage, short circuit. It should be noted that the inner part of the oven is not to be flushed with water except for the removable part.Step four: if it is found that the heating pipes and protective nets are dirty, it is difficult to wipe them with a soft dry cloth, and do not change the surface cleaning tools, such as steel wire balls and frosted cleaning balls. If there is a wire or frosted particles fall into the heating tube, light barbecue out of the smell of the unique smell of coke, and then cause the entire circuit short circuit, you can try to clean with a strong nylon cloth to wipe.Step five: after cleaning the heating tube, you can start cleaning the oven's inner casing and inner liner. The dishcloth dipped in the diluted solution of the neutral detergent and dried slightly, wiping the shell of the body in a wet wipe. After cleaning and then dipped in a dilute solution, slightly twisted stem, wrapped in the hand into the oven to wipe the grease, finally rinse with water and wipe dry after dry, wipe two times.
Q:What's the difference between an oven and a microwave oven?
The main use of microwave ovens is to color the food in the oven so that it can cause more appetite. It can be used to quickly heat up food, moderate heating food, cooking food, etc., but it is easy to dry. Although microwave ovens can also make cakes, roast chicken wings, make pizza, etc., it is difficult to make the oven so good baking effect.
Q:What should you pay attention to when purchasing professional baking oven?
Buy a tube under separate control temperature, space must be large enough that more than 35L, or on the fire of contact problems, not only to spend money to buy at the same time, oven temperature controlled oven, even more easily scorched, counterproductive.
Q:What kind of brand do you buy in the oven, or Changdi?! Capacity is greater than 30L, fancy new 42L out of a 36L, which is better?
I use Changdi, Changdi, more people, recipes, what's more, okay.
Q:Clay oven which is good
Mainstream brands of beauty, Galanz, Changdi can temperature control, time control, there is the best circulation of wind

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