Electric Oven with 60min timer with stay on

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Product Description:

Electric  Oven with 60min timer with stay on

Product Specifications:

1. 4 stainless steel heating elements

2. 3 easy-turn round knobs

3. 60min timer with stay on

4.65-240℃  temperature control

5. 4 stage function control switch

6. Suitable for 4-slices toast;

11. 14 Liter

Standard Accessary:

◆Enameled Baking Tray, 1pc ◆Chromed Grill Rack, 1pc ◆tray / rack handle, 1pc

Cavity Size(mm):270*256*188

Unit Size(mm):400*345*245



G.W.:G.7.8 KGS

Loading Qty: 590PCS/20'GP(MOQ);1190PCS/40'GP;1344PCS/40'HQ

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Q:Can I put the cartons in the oven?
If the temperature is too high, it will burn. I have tried it
Q:How much time do you need to preheat the cake oven?
Food processing small coke oven coke easily happened, this can cover a layer of aluminum foil for food, or slightly open the oven door to heat it; medium oven because the space is enough, and can control the temperature, the temperature is too high, unless lit too close or baked too long, there will be less burnt the situation. Uneven temperature furnace processing, although the temperature control of medium-sized ovens, but still difficult comparable to professional large oven. For the production of Chinese and Western snacks for example, because of the temperature as the major medium oven oven is stable, so when baking have to be more careful attention to the temperature change, must be timely to the side to turn snacks or cooling, in order to avoid a cake or bread on both sides of the expansion is highly uneven, or some cookies without some immature circumstances.
Q:How much does the oven make when it is fermented?
1. in addition to butter, mix all the ingredients and start kneading dough. The dough is about equal. After molding, add the butter and knead until the dough shows a large amount of film. 2. wait for the dough to ferment, about two times larger after flattening out the air. 3. knead the dough into the shape of the bread and then put it on the baking tray and wait until it is two times the size. 4. preheat the oven to 180 degrees and bake for 25 minutes. The bread is ready.
Q:Use of commercial electric ovens. The problem of wire load of watt hour meter.
You should first distinguish between 220V or 380V voltage products. Although they are all 6.5KW, the 220V has only one set of heating wires, and the 380V has three sets of heating wires.1. voltage is 220V, power is 6.5KW, the general family of power lines is enough, the original watt hour meter can also be used, do not need to go to the power supply department. Wires are usually 4mm2 enough, too. If you have only 2.5mm2 wires in your house, you can use them. But the socket to be dedicated, the line must be dedicated.The 2 voltage is 380V, which is a three-phase power supply, ordinary families do not have three-phase power (only the villa and high-grade residential, it should be a three-phase power supply) to the power supply department to apply for installation of three-phase power supply, will be on-site installation (including wire wire, three-phase meter, pipe joints, three-phase power distribution the box and so on something). The cost is all out of you (including labor expense).
Q:How do you control the temperature of the oven without temperature?
Don't touch any food heating tube, but also to prevent oil, etc. the batter drops into the heating tube, otherwise the oil will bake carbon attached to the heating tube, difficult to clean, also affect the heating efficiency. The best barbecue with foil completely wrapped up, can prevent the surface burned, also can avoid the free oil after vaporization and condensation in the oven the inner wall. After the best roast, timely cleaning, so as to avoid the accumulation of the cold water. Don't hit just run out of the oven door, glass door to avoid explosion.
Q:How is the three-phase oven connected?
Three phase five wire electric oven, heating element is three-phase star connection method, three FireWire, neutral point, zero line, ground wire, casing case, a total of five lines!You can put the three-phase FireWire three lines into the line, zero line and ground wire together, then connect the power ground wire, the casing will be out of power!
Q:PP plastic can be put into the oven?
Ordinary plastic PP plastic preservation box can not be put into microwave ovens and ovens, because at high temperatures plastic will produce harmful substances.
Q:Which brand of electric ovens is good? What's the difference?
The heating elements used in electric ovens can be broadly divided into three categories: one is an electric oven using a far infrared tube and a quartz heating tube, and the other is the lower grade of all electric ovens. However, the basic function is to achieve the electricity, just baked speed will slow down a bit. Therefore, it is suitable for families with an average economy, but needs to buy an electric oven and a single family. The other is an electric oven with two far-infrared tubes and a quartz heating tube, which is characterized by faster heating. However, compared with the former, the price should be slightly higher, generally expensive one hundred or two hundred yuan. Another is an ultraviolet heating tube attached to the attachment, which can be used for high temperature sterilization. It can disinfect, disinfect, the hygiene degree is higher, and the heating speed is fast, so the price is more expensive, it is suitable for the consumer with good economic condition.
Q:Bake soft bread. What's the temperature of the oven and how long is it?
Soft and dependent on the fermentation time of the dough, and baking is not a big problem, knead the dough, let it wake up, fermented into the dough, the finger straight into, pull out without adhesion
Q:What brands of ovens are of good quality and easier to use?
Fan with a barbecue, the effect is very good, not only to save energy 20%, and taste better. But fan for baked pastry limited role, the oven has an internal air outlet, one or two entrance, hot air circulation repeatedly between the entrance and exit of hot air around the box to a corner, and the outlet temperature will be low, so the air outlet temperature will be between four and uneven to have an effect on baking, coloring. So, in choosing the fan, choose the oven that the fan can control separately.

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