Electric Oven OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX061

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Product Description:

OEM Electric Oven Kitchen Appliances


Specifications and Advantages of electric oven:

  1. stainless steel oven body

  2. Capaticty :  6 Liters

  3. Power: 600W

  4. 15mins timer with bell ring

  5. With upper and lower quartz heating element for heating

  6. 2 quartz heating elements

  7. 4 stages switch for heating selector(top-buttom heaters)

  8. High temperature-resistant glass door, transparent and clear, stylish and durable

  9. Mechanical-type control the operation

  10. With red ready indicator

  11. We can do white or black body/control knobs as you wish, two control knobs

  12. With small volume, it's easy to be stocked in kitchen, when you don't use it.

  13. With 600W power, it's safe and energy-saving when you use it.

  14. Good quantity, very competitive price. 



Accessories of electric oven:

  1. Food tray 1pcs

  2. Wire rack  1pcs


Loading Information of electric oven:

20GP: 1360pcs   



Gift box size(mm): 377*240*202

Outer carton size(mm): 498*393*430

Psc/Carton: 4

N.W.: 8.4

G.W.: 11.2




Electric Oven OEM Kitchen Appliances CMAX061


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Q:What containers can enter an electric oven?
Ceramic products, metal baking plates, high borosilicate glass, high temperature glassware can do (to buy quality clearance, product marked),It is best not to put enamel products, some products can sometimes melt temperature above the surface.Never put a plastic product on it. It melts and produces poisonous gas.
Q:Can chestnuts be baked in an oven?
Wash and dry chestnuts, and use a knife to cut a knife (cut the epidermis) on each chestnutCut the chestnuts into a bowl and pour 1 tablespoons of vegetable oil (usually vegetable oil, such as soybean oil and corn oil). Peanut oil and tea oil are better.)
Q:What are the types of electric ovens, cost-effective?. Home does not need to be very professional, but basic functions can not be less.
Liner: a lot of cheap ovens do not indicate the liner material, some domestic brands, including the United States, or by the galvanized liner, not too safe, now to export standards, must use stainless steel or aluminum liner or better enamel liner. But the small household oven, because of the cost problem, I understand, the best also on the aluminum liner. PS: there are some aluminum plated inner bladder with oil coating, the advantage is convenient cleaning, bad place, individual is not very fond of non stick paint, feel unnecessary, in order to facilitate cleaning, increase some security risks.
Q:An electric oven is a good thing to buy with a revolving roasting fork or not
Is the best choice of the two heating pipes, separate temperature control oven with tray, buy their own foil. The special thick meat marinated in advance for 3 hours or so can be baked, the soup had remained in the tin foil, even missed, is the simple brush tray. I often Roast Chicken at home, fish, meat and lamb chops, squid and so on, are used to do pan. The effect is very good.
Q:10L what's the size of the oven?
The size of the cake is in Imperial units, and the correct unit is in inches. 1 inches =2.54 cm, 8 inches of cake, that is, the mold is not, the diameter of the cake is about 20.32 cm, plus the edge of the mold is about 22 cm or more.
Q:Can microwave ovens be used in an electric oven as well?
Not universalMicrowave oven and oven heating principle is not the sameMicrowave oven is food, fever itselfThe oven is a halogen tube that bakes the food
Q:What brand is the electric oven better?
Selection: some high-end electronic ovens can change the heating mode, heating time and food rotation according to the pre programmed procedures. For example, "360 degrees rotating baking function", you can make roast chicken and other meat for 360 degrees rotating baking, so that food heating evenly. Some electric oven is equipped with fish net utility accessories, can give you more space to play.
Q:The problem of oven cleaning! (the liner is smoked)
The following two different cleaning methods: 1, simple clean - unplug the plug, to be cooled container, sponge or soft cloth dipped in a little detergent, scrub containers, and then rinse with warm water. Do not let the water into the furnace head! Do not use abrasive materials or metal balls and other rough surface scrub! Wipe a clean metal part with a sponge or soft cloth; wipe with nylon and other materials. 2, automatic cleaning - unplug the plug until the container cools, the hot water and a small amount of detergent into the container, cover the lid and plug in, adjust the time knob to 10 minutes (pay attention to do not adjust the temperature). Hot air circulation automatically clean the dirt in the container. Unplug the plug and rinse with warm water.
Q:Oven or micro boiler?
As far as microwave ovens are concerned, there is no final conclusion. Yes, people must have radiation. But it's OK to stay away. So microwave work away from it?. Microwave ovens are more common in some families. Usually hot porridge, what soon. But for those who love baking, the oven is essential. On the volume, the microwave oven is much smaller than the oven.
Q:In the oven or microwave oven baked good
Oven is the biggest role in baking all kinds of biscuits, cakes, pizza and other delicious, although some things, other tools can do, but only a substitute, can not be adjusted, the temperature will not be cooked out of the taste of the oven;

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