Control Cable Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable

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It is used as the control  cable in the controlling,monitoring and protecting circuit with rated AC voltage  up to 450/750V.

PVC insulated and  sheathed control cable is general type, we can also manufacture the products  suitable for using in the different sites according to the customers  needs.Silicon rubber insulated control cable has excelent properties of  resistant to high temperature, aging, oil and radiation and is flexible.  Fluoroplastic insulated and sheathed control cable adopts F46 or PFA, has the  properties of wide use, water-proof, resistance to oil ,acid, alkali and wearing  and all kinds of chemical gent(except the chloroform),hard to cause burning  etc.It is widely used as the transmitting wire for the instrments, apparatus and  control suystem in the chemical, petroleum, power, metallurgical industry under  the higher or lower temperature and all kinds of severe  conditions.

Plastics insulated and  sheathed control cable,implement China National standard  GB9930.

Rubber insulated and  sheathed control cable implement the enterprise standard.

Fluoroplastic insulated  and sheathed control cable implement the enterprise  standard.


1)       Rated AC voltage:  U0/U450/750V

2)       Permitted long-term  operating temperature of conductor:




Long-term  operating temperature

PVC insulation and  sheath


PE insulationg and  sheath


low-smoke and  halogen-free,flame-retardant polyolefin insulation and sheath


Cross-linked PE or EPR  insulation


F46 and silicon rubber  insulation and sheath


3The lowest  environment temperature:


Fixed  laying


PVC insulation and  sheath



F46 and silicon rubber  insulation and sheath



4)       Installtion and laying  temperature:

PVC sheath—not lower than  0;

Fluoroplastic sheath—not  lower than -25.

5) Permitted minimum  bending radius: not less than 6times outer diameter for non-armoured,interlocked  or braid armoured cable not less than 12 times outer diameter for copper-tape  shield or steel wire tape winding, steel tape wrapping armoured cable,and not  less than 8 times outer diameter for fluoroplastic insulated and sheathed  cable.


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Q:What does the cable (YJV-5 * 6) mean?
Full name: cable ZR-YJV22-4 * 16MM2ZR: flame retardant ----- YJV22: copper conductor cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed double steel belt wrapped armored power cable --- 4 * 16MM2: 4 core, each core 16 square millimeters.
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Fire paint is esterified by epoxy resin plant acid, respectively, with iron oxide red, iron oxide black, zinc yellow and other pigments and physical paint grinding, and adding driers, to, butanol modulation
Q:"Cable laying" cable cross-sectional area refers to the cable cross-sectional area, or refers to the copper core cross-sectional area
Low-voltage power cable, also known as: low-voltage power cable. The voltage rating is 0.6 / 1KV. National Standard No .: GB / T-2008. The voltage rating of the control cable is 450 / 750V. National Standard No .: GB / T9330-2008. The voltage rating of these two cables, the country has a clear standard. Can not be changed.
Q:Cable zc_y v22 what does it mean
No problem with the copper, the home is no problem as if you take a twisted pair as a telephone line KVV with BV material, the process is not much difference in the production
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PLC and computer communication cable, different manufacturers of PLC connection is not the same
Q:Fourth, what causes the power cable fire accident
Once the cable in the event of fire, the fire ferocious, rapid spread, in the burning will occur when a large number of harmful gases, resulting in fighting difficulties
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This is not the end of the family with a good audio and video lines are thousands of dollars I do not know what kind of advice you want to go to the local workers Duan Gengmang Gama moths tied to the supermarket stall can find!
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Especially the external hard disk box, when used very prone to this situation
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Horizontal laying of the cable within the cable, generally do not need fixed, natural laying can be. Vertical laying section of the cable within the bridge, with the need to match the line card, the use of tied rope (multi-purpose single insulated wire) one by one fixed cable, fixed spacing should meet the requirements. According to the control cable and the power of the different layers of laying, if the power cable to be multi-layer need to have 300mm spacing (or load capacity is large enough), if it is control cable, casually laying, if the laying of power cable laying below Layer, above the laying of control cable, but not too much affect the power cable cooling. If the high-voltage cable and low-voltage cable in principle do not allow common laying.
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Should be such a model it WDZB-YJV0.6 / 1kV4x240 + 1x120 power cable halogen-free low smoke flame retardant B grade refractory cross-linked polyethylene insulation - polyethylene jacket 0.6 / 1kV power cable, 4 core 240mm + 1 core 120mm copper Core cable.

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