Control Cable Rubber Insulated and Sheathed Control Cable

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It is used as the control  cable in the controlling,monitoring and protecting circuit with rated AC voltage  up to 450/750V.

PVC insulated and  sheathed control cable is general type, we can also manufacture the products  suitable for using in the different sites according to the customers  needs.Silicon rubber insulated control cable has excelent properties of  resistant to high temperature, aging, oil and radiation and is flexible.  Fluoroplastic insulated and sheathed control cable adopts F46 or PFA, has the  properties of wide use, water-proof, resistance to oil ,acid, alkali and wearing  and all kinds of chemical gent(except the chloroform),hard to cause burning  etc.It is widely used as the transmitting wire for the instrments, apparatus and  control suystem in the chemical, petroleum, power, metallurgical industry under  the higher or lower temperature and all kinds of severe  conditions.

Plastics insulated and  sheathed control cable,implement China National standard  GB9930.

Rubber insulated and  sheathed control cable implement the enterprise standard.

Fluoroplastic insulated  and sheathed control cable implement the enterprise  standard.


1)       Rated AC voltage:  U0/U450/750V

2)       Permitted long-term  operating temperature of conductor:




Long-term  operating temperature

PVC insulation and  sheath


PE insulationg and  sheath


low-smoke and  halogen-free,flame-retardant polyolefin insulation and sheath


Cross-linked PE or EPR  insulation


F46 and silicon rubber  insulation and sheath


3The lowest  environment temperature:


Fixed  laying


PVC insulation and  sheath



F46 and silicon rubber  insulation and sheath



4)       Installtion and laying  temperature:

PVC sheath—not lower than  0;

Fluoroplastic sheath—not  lower than -25.

5) Permitted minimum  bending radius: not less than 6times outer diameter for non-armoured,interlocked  or braid armoured cable not less than 12 times outer diameter for copper-tape  shield or steel wire tape winding, steel tape wrapping armoured cable,and not  less than 8 times outer diameter for fluoroplastic insulated and sheathed  cable.


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