Control Cable of Rated Voltage up to and Including 450/750V

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Shield or Armoring













Control cable






Copper wire braid shield


Flexible conductor




Copper tape Shield








Steel tape armoring




KVV22 means PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC sheathed control cable.

KYJVP-ZR means XLPE insulated copper wire braid shielded PVC sheathed flame-retardant control cable.

KYJVP2-NH means XLPE insulated copper tape shielded PVC sheathed fire-resistant control cable.

  • Description of the purpose and usage properties

The cable is applied to controlling circuit, monitoring circuits or protection lines etc. of rated voltage up to and including 450/750V.

The maximum permitted long-term operating temperature of XLPE insulated control cable shall be 90℃, and 70℃ for PE or PVC insulated control cable. The ambient temperature of installation of the cable shall not be less than 0℃.

The permitted bending radius of the cable with copper tape shielding or steel tape armoring shall not be less than 12 times of the outer diameter of the cable, and 6 times for all the other types of cables.

Note: The type of cable listed is for PVC insulated and sheathed control cable. The relevant part of the table is also suitable for XLPE or PE insulated and PVC or PE sheathed control cable with corresponding shielding, armoring and flexible conductor.

The optional flame-retardant or fire-resistant types of the cables listed are also available.

  • Delivery

The delivery length of the cable shall not be less than 100 meters. The short end not less than 20 meters shall be permitted in delivery, and the length of short ends shall not be more than 10% of the total length of each delivery. Any delivery length shall be permitted in accordance with the mutual agreement of the purchaser and the manufacturer.

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Q:Power cable help! I don't want my house to go into flames...?
Don't worry too much about what the cord says. Worry about the power requirements on the appliance label, and making sure you are feeding it with the voltage required, with a capacity within the range. In your instance, you will need a converter transformer that converts your outlet voltage to 100V, and has 550 or larger watt capacity.
Q:Hard drive choices/power cables? Help?
Fantasy power outlets don't sound standard. SATA is consistent on both PCs and Macintosh computers.
Q:Does the GeForce 9800 GT require it's own power cable?
All 9800 GT cards require additional power source, so each is bundled with a molex to 6-pin adapter, even though all modern PSUs have such cables.
Q:power and control cable can be installed in seperate parallel conduits?
Yes. That shouldn't be a problem. if it were data or extra low voltage dc then there could be some mutual induction issues. generally speaking. low and extra low voltage can be installed in the same conduit as long as the extra low voltage cables are insulated to the higher voltage present. ie use all cables rated at the highest voltage.
Q:If i buy a Ipod Touch in the USA or Indonesia can I use a power cable from Australia with it?
well idk about quality, i mean they all SHOULD be the same, they are from the same company and they're pretty much the same idk about that, but USA is USUALLY a good choice. I think if u get one in Bali they should have it automatically set up to the language they speak, or else why would apple make them international if people can't even understand what they say? idk what you mean by power calble, however, the standard voltage in Australia may be more or less then USA. There are usually products that you can buy at best buy or any electronic store that allow you to plug you're ipod into a different countries plug so that you can charge it and it wont blow out just ask a representative at best buy ;)
Q:Power cable compatibility concern?
most computers use an IEC 3 blade connector. if you have one of these standard connectors that fits the computer on one end and your power outlet on the other, then you are good to go. these are generic and used on many different electronic devices not just computers.
If you guys in Italy use the one that is a right side up version is this =D then you should be fine. If bot you can buy a replacement cable for like $20 at a game store or best but or something like that.
Q:Where is a good spot to run my power cable for an amp?
I recommend running it on the same side as your battery. That way you won't have to cross all the way to the other side of the car. Also, it reduces the length required for the wire. If there is somewhere that you can life up (like a panel you can pull up on the bottom of your car, where the doors are), you can potentially hide the wire under that and run it also.
Q:I need an extra power cable for my sata hard drive?
Q:Lighting wire, I do not know is it. The When to use BV1 * 2.5, when to use 2 * 2.5, when to use 3 * 2.5, when to use 4 * 2.5,
It does not look good, but also affect the wallpaper, wallpaper, in full swing, and then from the chain reaction, then it is worthless, it is recommended to use decorative decorations decorated, perhaps alone for more suitable wallpaper pattern or color ... that does not affect the wallpaper Can also play a decorative effect ... Thank you

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