Concrete Curing Compound(Y)

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Concrete Curing Compound(Y)

Y is a milk-white water-based liquid curing membrane for protecting concrete from loss of water during the early stage of the curing period. It ensures that the concrete develops full strength and reduces the risk of cracking through over-rapid drying. It also eliminates scaling and sanding of the surface.

Y should be sprayed to the surface of newly placed concrete. The compound should be applied as soon as the concrete is free from surface water. Y is supplied ready for use. It may be applied with a soft broom or low pressure spray equipment. Application may begin as soon as the MNC-Y be absorbed thoroughly on the surface of concrete without leaving marking or pitting. Spraying should be allowed to earlier application.
Y may be used to cover 4-6 square meters per liter depending on the condition of the surface and the method of application. Ensure complete and even coverage in one application.

1. Reduces surface shrinkage and cracking by eliminating moisture loss from exposed areas.
2. Enables cement to hydrate more efficient, thus improves concrete strength and durability.
3. Is economical and easy to apply.
4. Produces excellent performance on large concrete areas.
5. Reduces surface dusting.
6. Reduces the permeability of concrete.

Y provides a spray-on temporary membrane to retain moisture in concrete for effective curing. It is especially useful for large areas of concrete construction such as runways, motorways or bridgeworks.

Package & Storage
1) Y is packed in 50kg or 250kg drums.
2) Y has a shelf life of 3 years when stored at temperatures between 5
and 35. Containers should be kept airtight to prevent surface evaporation. Freezing or prolonged exposure to direct heat or sunlight must be avoided.

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