BV2.5 household decorate copper aluminum core national standard testing 450/750 v

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Product Description:


BV wire or plastic wire, name, general purpose single core hard conductor sheathed power cable.



B is represented categories, wire cloth, T on behalf of the conductor is: the copper conductor, V represents the insulation is: PVC.



1. Plastic wire type



BV is divided into: ZR - BV and NH - BV.



ZR - BV: copper core PVC insulated flame-retardant wire: insulation material with flame retardant, leaving no spontaneous combustion flame.



ZR - BV: flame retardant BV line is divided into A, B, C, D four grades, including class A is best, and so on, the most commonly used for ZB - BV.



NH - BV: copper core PVC insulated refractory wire: fire normally can be normal use.



2. The scientific name



Copper core PVC insulated wire



3. BV line USES



General purpose single core hard without sheathed cable conductor, is fit for ac voltage up to and including 450/750 power equipment, electrical appliances, instruments and equipment with cable wires.



4. BV line features



With acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, moistureproof, mouldproof.



5. The wire type and name



1. The classification and USES is used for distribution of current use, as part of the wiring, expressed in the letter "B";



2. The conductor material is copper, with the letter "T", said the wiring of the copper conductor omitted;



3. The insulation material for PVC, with the letter "V";



4. Wiring structure is simple, in addition to the above three points, some still sheathed, sheath material is polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is also expressed in the letter "V"; Sheath materials for rubber is represented by the letter "X". No behind the sheath, and you don't have to say.



Such as the BVV said copper core PVC insulated PVC sheathed round wire.



6. Commonly used BV line model



BV line usually use insulation center metal conductor cross-sectional area to differentiate between the specifications. (such as the four square copper BV line cross section is 2.24 mm in diameter, according to the circular area calculation formula S = PI * r * r = 3.939 mm2)



Commonly used bv line type: 0.75 square, 1 square, 1.5 square, 2.5 square, four square, square, 10 square, square, 25 square, 35 square, 50 square, 70 square meters, 95 square meters, 120 square meters, 150 square meters, 185 square meters, 150 square etc. [1]


7. Other related content



BV cord with BVR said that BV rubber and copper wire with BX, said BV rubber aluminum expressed with BLX, BV plastic aluminum expressed in BLV, refractory BV line in NH - BV, flame retardant BV line with ZR - BV said



Purpose: ordinary insulated wire, household electrical wiring, it is the most commonly used type of wire.



With 100 square meters of new homes for the class, four square copper BV wires 200 meters, 2.5 400 m, 1.5 300 meters, 100 meters 1.5 square copper core of BV double color wire. The above said is not decorate condole top, if want to condole top 1.5 line even more



BV wire diameter side there are also several 0.2 0.3 0.4 0.5 number 300 400



8. Commonly used BV line color



Commonly used BV line colors: red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, double color (yellow, green, brown.



9. Bv plastic wire product standards



GB/T5023-2008 is equivalent to this standard IEC 60227-1997, JB/T 8734-2012 is equivalent to this standard IEC 227-1979


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YJV: (copper) XLPE insulated PVC sheathed power cable, it is the power cable for transmission and distribution system; rated voltage from 0.6 / 1KV ~ 220KV or even higher; KVV: (copper) PVC Insulated PVC sheathed control cable, it is the control cable for control, monitoring, protection and other occasions, suitable for AC rated voltage 450 / 750V; two different uses of the cable, different insulation materials; YJV cable there are other related Model YJV22 / 32; ZR, NH, etc .; KVV cable nominal cross-section from 2.5 ~ 6mm2; core number 2 ~ 61 core range;
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BVV line refers to the copper core plastic sheath line; BV wire refers to the copper core PVC insulated wire. BV - bare copper wire, often wear pipe, bridge laying. BVV - jacket line, often apply. BV line referred to as plastic copper wire, name, general purpose single core hard conductor without sheath power cable. B represents the category, cloth wire, T represents the conductor: copper conductor, V represents the insulation is: polyvinyl chloride. Applicable to AC voltage 450 / 750V and below power plants, household appliances, instrumentation and telecommunications equipment with the cable wire.
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