Aluminum XLPE Aerial Bundled Cable

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500 Meters m
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10000 Meters per Week m/month

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Product Description:


1.New type of Aerial Bundle Cable for Power tranmission, used for rebuilding of urban and forest regions. Whichv can improve safet


2.STANDARD: IEC228 IEC209 IEC60502

3.Application:the product is new type of aeriel cable for power transmitting, It is extensively used in overhead power transmission line,It improves the safety and reliance of electrified wire netting

4.Specification: Aluminiumstranded conductor(compacted),AAC messenger core (or ACSR messenger core),XLPE(or HDPE)insulated, Twisted(or parallel) power cable

5.The basic construction is as follows:3 power cores consisting of standard aluminium conductors, insulated with ABC AERIAL BUNDEL CABLE



Product Description

+ One sheath lighting aluminium conductor with XLPE insulation (optional)

+ One messenger Al-alloy conductor (bare or covered)

+ The messenger conductor can be of galvanised steel wire also.

+ The purpose of messenger wire is

A) It acts as load bearing wire.

B) It acts as earth or neutral conductor.


To be used at voltages of 600V phase-to-phase or less and at conductor temperatures not to exceed 75 for polyethylene insulated conductors or 90 for crossliked polyethylene(XLPE) insulated conductors.



It meets or exceeds the following specifications:

1. Aluminum Wire, 1350-H19 for Electrical Purposes.

2. Aluminum Conductors, Concentric-Lay-Stranded.

3. Aluminum Conductor, Concentric-Lay-Stranded, Coated Steel Reinforced(ACSR)

4. Concentric-Lay-Stranded 6201-T81 Conductors

5. Compressed Round Stranded Aluminum Conductors Using Single Input Wire.


It meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI/ICEA S-76-474

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Nearest Port Qingdao,Shanghai,Tianjin
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