Dot mode Transponder (LEU) Signal Transmission Cable

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Product Description:

Dot mode transponder (LEU) signal transmission cable


Product Description


  Applicable for Dot mode transponder and LEU electronic unit combination, and transmit code, signals, for using at railway electrical area.

  Cable working temperature -40°C~+60°C,long-term working temperature no more than +70 °C.

Model and Structure



Installation   requirements


(core No.)


PO insulated A1   sheathed double steel armored PE outer sheathed transponder transmission   cable

direct bury, pipeline, hanging


1x4x 1.53


PO insulated   synthesis sheathed double steel armored PE nutter sheathed transponder   transmission cable

direct bury, pipeline,hanging

Product Electrical Characteristics





Testing method






DC resistance at   20°C

Single conductor   DC resistance

Working pair of   conductor resistance imbalance






L/ 1000


Insulation   resistance DC 500V 20°C

Single insulation   core to other insulation core (connected with screening and metal)








50Hz 2min Insulation dielectric strength

Within cores

All cores connect   together (or each core) double screening and metal sheath



GB/T3048. 8




Electricity capacity   0.8~1.0kHz






Special   resistance 1800kHz





Coefficient of   condenser coupling

1800kHz 20°C



GB/T5441. 7



Ideal screening   coefficient(50Hz)(Al sheathed cable) cable metal sheathed voltage   50V/km~200V/km






Continuous of the   screening layer


Electrical   conduction

Bell or LED



Cable Structure

Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail:

international wooden drums or according to your   requirement.

Delivery Detail:

In 15days or as the quantity   you required

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1.Free samples can be afford if needed.

2.2 years warranty after selling



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