Manufacturers supply of YC3*4+1*2.5 rubber soft cable

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Rubber sheathed flexible cable with product supply information

1, use: General Rubber suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below household appliances, electric tools and various mobile electrical equipment insulation cable.

2, the conditions of use: rated voltage of Uo/UYC type is 450/750V, YZ is 300/500V; theallowed working temperature of cable should be not more than 65 DEG C; "W" typederived cable with weather resistance and oil resistance, suitable for outdoor ortouching of greasy dirt.

3, models, and applications.



The main purpose of


Rubber insulated flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Rubber insulated flexible flat cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Heavy duty rubber sheathed flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment, can bear bigger external mechanical force

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Q:10KV high voltage cable and 380V low voltage line can not share the cable tube causes and hazards?
Low-smoke halogen-free flame retardant cable material contains high-filled magnesium hydroxide or aluminum hydroxide, so the choice of the screw for the general use of ordinary type of screw and its pressure alone 粻 toilet to help Pie Cheese wedge open blindness ratio Can not be too large, generally between 1: 1 ~ 1: 2.5 more appropriate. Extrusion process also has an impact on the low smoke halogen-free cable material extrusion important factor, that is, the extruder cooling device, because the special characteristics of low smoke halogen-free material, in the extrusion process, due to friction and large Of the heat, which requires extrusion equipment to have a good cooling device in order to control the process temperature. This is a problem that can not be ignored, if the temperature is too high will make the cable surface has a large pores, the temperature is too low will make the machine's machine current increases, easy to damage the device.
Q:Types, specifications and types of marine wire and cable
Three: excellent electrical insulation properties: a good dielectric, resistance is great, dielectric constant of 20 or so, in all electrical insulation material is the smallest Four high degree of chemical stability: can withstand all the strong acid, including aqua regia, hydrofluoric acid, concentrated hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, fuming sulfuric acid, organic acids, strong alkali, strong oxidants, reducing agents and various organic solvents Very suitable for high purity chemical feeding use Five: low friction coefficient: the friction coefficient is generally only 0 is a very good self-lubricating material, and the friction coefficient does not change with the temperature changes
Q:Bvvb 300 / 500V is the number of square wires
Bvvb300 / 500V is the number of square wires that are not marked above.
Q:Boot fan after the normal rotation, the screen no display, forced shutdown and then boot everything is normal
Can not take a trunking. Strong and weak should be separated as far as possible. Impact: 1: If the telephone line online, will interfere with the telephone line, will lead to slow speed and frequent broken network. 2: If it is fiber broadband, cable inside a reinforced steel core, rely on too close will produce induction current, a serious time will lead to electric shock. For example, the following news Fengmou husband and wife live Ninghe District, 9 o'clock in the morning, Fengmou home computer when the sudden shock, his wife came to rescue when the electric shock, the two died on the spot. The investigation, the cause of the accident is 10 kV high voltage electrical lines connected with the Unicom fiber optic cable, through the cable on the cable support line will be 10 kV high voltage into the Fengmou home, resulting in two couples were killed by electric shock.
Q:What is the impact of water in the buried pipe?
A common type of natural nitrobenzene rubber insulation control cable KXV
Q:How to calculate the wattage wattage and power of the wire?
This is more professional, it is necessary to know the line, there are to know the number of roots, as well as the thickness of insulation, etc., must also have information to check, I suggest you better buy GB products, but also assured, safe, but also worry The Why not do it! The The
Q:Why medium voltage power cable sometimes write 8.7 / 10kv sometimes written in 8.7 / 15kv where the difference
Impossible, no matter how the video line is unable to transmit the audio signal.
Q:I am the practice of hydropower supervision Will the prefabricated box box tube this part of the supervision should be the main check which points?
There are many models of cable, the size of the model is how the size of different specifications, the cable contains the power cable!
Q:Dark line into the mud how to solve the mud
You say the phenomenon I know, you do not worry, because the interface is connected with a thread, the cement in the sand is not get in, can only go into a small amount of cement slurry, and mud in the cement itself Put the gap between the interface blocked, and can not finish into the inside, rest assured, you said the phenomenon will not appear.
Q:Control cable selection 36X0.5mm2 control cable (24V) control signal, I would like to ask 0.5mm2 cable carrying capacity?
Two cases 1: The monitor power light is on. The logo of the monitor brand is displayed when the monitor is turned on. Then black, do not show other things. 90% of this situation is the computer host problem, the general situation to pull the host memory, wipe the gold finger with an eraser, and then install back (the installation note the location of the card slot). There is a host if there is a separate graphics card, pull out the discrete graphics, but also wipe the graphics card cheat, and then install back try 2: monitor power light. But it's dark. And then press the monitor power to open the light, but also can light up, and then black (here is the light that in addition to display the display logo, but also display the desktop. NUM lights on the keyboard can light up), then the display is the high voltage plate Or the lamp has a problem

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