Manufacturers supply of YC3*4+1*2.5 rubber soft cable

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Rubber sheathed flexible cable with product supply information

1, use: General Rubber suitable for AC rated voltage 450/750V and below household appliances, electric tools and various mobile electrical equipment insulation cable.

2, the conditions of use: rated voltage of Uo/UYC type is 450/750V, YZ is 300/500V; theallowed working temperature of cable should be not more than 65 DEG C; "W" typederived cable with weather resistance and oil resistance, suitable for outdoor ortouching of greasy dirt.

3, models, and applications.



The main purpose of


Rubber insulated flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Rubber insulated flexible flat cable

Used for various portable electric equipment and tools


Heavy duty rubber sheathed flexible cable

Used for various portable electric equipment, can bear bigger external mechanical force

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Q:quick fix for my throttle cable?
Is not there a metallic tab that you would be able to pop up at the throttle cable mount near the throttle body? I thunk you just carry that up and take the slack out after which push it back down to lock it in place.
Q:Why cant i hear sound on my tv when i connect my laptop to it using HDMI cable?
Some manufacturer’s hardware does not support running audio through HDMI cable. To find out if that is true in your case consult your user manual, check manufacturer’s website or contact customer service. If your system does support audio through HDMI all you probably need to do is enable it. Go to your control panel and double click on sound icon. Select HDMI audio source right click and set it as default. In windows XP you will need to go to audio tab and select HDMI audio under sound playback as default device. For alternate ways of getting a sound to your TV read step 5 in the guide that is listed in the source
Q:how can i control a digital cable box remotely from another room?
All you need is an IR distribution system. Which is basically a IR Repeater. There is no reason it won't work. I have installed dozens with no problem. All that would connect to the cable box is a 'flasher' that sticks to the front of the unit. Now these can sometimes be too powerful, so a standard table flasher could solve the problem.
Q:where or what file do i look in to access my tower? I've hooked it up to my laptop via ethernet cable.?
just because they are 'talking' doesnt mean they have access to each other. First the ethernet cable need to be a crossover cable and you need to set up the network for each other to be able to access the files
Q:Is there any way I can hack a Parental Control code on a directv cable box?
Ask him for the number, or to reset the parental code.
Q:I have Dish cable and the Tv remotes control both Tvs!?
Your best resolution is to call Dish technical support.
Q:What are the national executive standards for cross-linked polyethylene insulated PVC sheathed cables?
familiar with the construction design documents on the grounding line settings, connection location, and grounding trunk section, cross-connect ground line selection and so on
Q:my 1989 Mustang cruise control wont work whats wrong?
Q:I have Charter Cable and wondering why a damage in the cable is preventing broadband from coming in?
This may be beyond your control: When the tech told you that the landlord needed to be told, it appears that the cabling problem exists between Charter's entry point in the building to the entry point in your unit. Which is your landlord's territory, requiring your landlord to make the work request to Charter. Sounds like you've done all you could. RG-59 from the wall outlet to your cable modem is sufficient. You could swap it out w/ RG-6 but, because the run should be relatively short, I don't think you'll see enough of an improvement to support broadband. Wire Maintenance will only support what you have control over, which is from the wall outlet to any wiring in your unit. Now, your landlord may make the request to get Charter to do the fix, but you may end up having to pay for it unless Charter allows the work under Wire Maintenance. Good luck.
Q:Dell US version 7559 reset failure, can not open the machine
There is no such need at all. You only need to switch to a Gigabit router on any line (because the Gigabit router has reached your fiber home requirements, and do not need to pay expensive optical converter and fiber purchase costs). Gigabit router recommended netcoreNR285G / NR255G. If you really want to change the fiber, first of all you have to solve the machine with several loom of the fiber LAN connection problem, the two are you have to decide to buy finished fiber access, or to buy bulk fiber itself then (you can be responsible to tell you, If you are the latter, although the fiber is a few dollars a meter cheaper, but you need a fiber splicing machine welding fiber, this machine as long as the fiber is very expensive, about 1 meter will be eighty to ten hundred 3-5 million, as many as .000 + have, of course, if you can borrow and you will then pick the line), so under normal circumstances I do not recommend in their own homes get all the fiber LAN, so maintenance will be very troublesome. hope this helps.

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