Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire-Retarding Power Cable

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Characteristics of cable

Rated voltage Uo/U is 600/1000V.

Permissive continuous working temperature of conductor is 90 .

The lowest installation temperature of cable is 0 .Min. Per missive bending radius is
For cables with armor,it should be no less than 6 times of external diameter of cable.
For cables with armor or copper tape screen,it should be no less than 12 times of external diameter
of cable.
For flexible cables with screen,it should be no less than 6 times of external diameter of cable.

Zero halogen characteristics:

When cables are in combustion,no corrosive toxic gases should be exhaled.Through checking PH value and
conductivity of water solution of gases exhaled from main non-metal of firing cable,the content of corrosive gases
which may exist,are checked out.

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Q:Why medium voltage power cable sometimes write 8.7 / 10kv sometimes written in 8.7 / 15kv where the difference
Now basically control the cable core insulation leather are numbered, is not you not? 50-core control cable is rare, and finally there is no way, and I tell you a primitive approach: "turn the core method", that is, a layer of the cable in a layer (although a lot of core, or layered ) Of which one of the core, and then all of the head of the wire can be wired, than to do a good record (which line received what line number), each layer of wire to do such a mark and wiring, The order of the wiring is in accordance with the clockwise to pick up; the other end of the cable to find a layer of the first line of the core mark core (or lead the core), with anti-clockwise order, j OK! The Heart did not end, first find a small cable cable try! Ha ha!
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CPU; central processor. The core of the system: for example: Intel Pentium 4 processor and so on
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There is no such need at all. You only need to switch to a Gigabit router on any line (because the Gigabit router has reached your fiber home requirements, and do not need to pay expensive optical converter and fiber purchase costs). Gigabit router recommended netcoreNR285G / NR255G. If you really want to change the fiber, first of all you have to solve the machine with several loom of the fiber LAN connection problem, the two are you have to decide to buy finished fiber access, or to buy bulk fiber itself then (you can be responsible to tell you, If you are the latter, although the fiber is a few dollars a meter cheaper, but you need a fiber splicing machine welding fiber, this machine as long as the fiber is very expensive, about 1 meter will be eighty to ten hundred 3-5 million, as many as .000 + have, of course, if you can borrow and you will then pick the line), so under normal circumstances I do not recommend in their own homes get all the fiber LAN, so maintenance will be very troublesome. hope this helps.
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Hello: First, before the construction and renovation works, by the construction unit according to the construction map of the local trunking chisel, in the repair of the first trunking before the wire tube fixed firmly, and then clean the net trough of the dust and loose Building materials, water spray, according to the trunking repair the amount of choice to use fine stone concrete or cement mortar layered filling; Second, in the home decoration, according to the decorative drawings of the hydropower line transformation, resulting in part of the trunking, After fixing the pipe firmly, clean the base layer and fill it with gypsum, so that the construction speed is fast and the shrinkage cracks are not prone to occur.
Q:Elevator control cable selection is based on what
"GB / T5013.5-2008 rated voltage 450 / 750V and below rubber insulated cable" Part 5: elevator cable This part gives the rated voltage of 300 / 500V rubber insulated elevator cable technical requirements of the factory in accordance with this standard for the production formula Is the general you see the elevator with the cable what the standard "GB-93 electrical installation installation elevator electrical installation and acceptance of the specification" site in accordance with this construction acceptance although the 93 standard but not yet abolished to understand?
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85 can: √3 = 1732 This is the lowest mathematical knowledge, the current (I) derived: I = (Note that this is the wire diameter, not the cross-sectional area, the power line specifications are all used to represent the cross-sectional area), with the current, The Wire diameter formula: d = 08 × √I, and then use the wire diameter, the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire to find out, this is the mathematical formula: radius × radius × 314; Well, this count finished, the use of power cord specifications Out Very simple, you need to remember the two formulas, one: P (electric power) = √3 × 380 (three-phase voltage) × I (current) × cosφ Another formula: foolishly dumplings dumplings sacrifice feng goose d = 08 × √I For electricians, these formulas should eat bones and melt into the blood Answer by: maxianhui120 |
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Summary Upstairs you can replace the control cable, but can not replace the communication cable? In some cases instead of the control cable, but can not replace the communication cable? View original post & gt; & gt;
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Copper core: 1.5 square can carry 24A current, 2.5 is 32A, 4.0 is 42A; aluminum core: 1.5 is 18A, 2.5 is 25A, 4.0 is 32A. Power (watts) = voltage * current, their own calculation. Port algorithm: 10 square below the current multiplied by five, copper line up, pipe high temperature 8/9 fold 2.5 square high level is 4 square, 4 times 5 equal to 20 amps if the tube is then multiplied by 0.8 ambient high temperature multiplied by 0.9 both through the tube and the high temperature multiplied by 0.722.5 square copper The manual carrying current in the manual is 27 amps. If it is 220v indoor voltage, is probably 6 kilowatts
Q:DIY installation of their own need to buy what other wire?
Then you look at the TV menu, there is no one called the computer option (or similar) can generally be used as a computer monitor (with hdmi line can be connected), but because the 32-inch TV resolution is not very high (1368X768 ) So the display may not be too good
Q:What is the general use of high-voltage cable bushing
This is subject to site conditions and the use of cables. In a construction encountered in the cable tray in the cable need to wear pipe problems. Laying the cable is a manufacturer of coal powder leak detection equipment signal line. It was the first time that this problem was encountered. Requirements: 1: the line voltage level is very low, and very long, and requires a very accurate transmission (such as network lines), this time in order not to make the same line of other lines affect its signal transmission, is needed (And if the metal tube) 2: or the line of the voltage level is very high, and with the trough there are many low voltage level signal line, then wear it a good. The bridge within the cable can not wear steel pipe, of course, the bridge is also allowed to wear a line of steel pipe installation, the bridge can be empty according to the number of cable design requirements, when the line a lot of large bridge should be the main line, The branch line of the household or into the equipment can be flexibly accessed through the steel pipe.

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