Beauty Equipment Slimming Machine Cavitation RF System

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    China Manufacturer New products Skin Care Medical Equipment                           Ultrasonic RF Cavitation slimming rf machine    


                  Looking for distributors / agents from worldwide 


Beauty Equipment Slimming Machine Cavitation RF System

Beauty Equipment Slimming Machine Cavitation RF System

Cavitation slimming RF Machine Brief Introduction 


1. Combined Ultrasound, Cavitation RF machine for melting fat tissue.

2.Adopted modular design and compact structure ensures the user easy to install and maintain.

3. Accumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction.

4. Body slimming and shaping.

5. Skin lifting and firming, face lift, eye lift.

6. Skin Care, Skin tightening and reduce deeper wrinkles.


Cavitation slimming RF Machine Technical Parameters 


Security Degree




Ultrasonic Frequency



Ultrasonic output power



Ultrasonic output mode


Hand-held treatment head

The material of head


Stainless steel

The size of Ultrasonic head


Diameter 68mm

The surface temperature of Ultrasonic head



Radio Frequency

RF frequency



RF output power



Bipolar RF heads(eye)



Bipolar RF heads(face)



Bipolar RF heads(body)



Sixpolar RF heads(body)


UP TO 100W

Mono polar RF heads


UP TO 100W

Operation Time


10 minutes,1-60minutes adjustable

Cooling System


Air cooling




Net Weight



The Standard of Fusebox



Input Power





AC220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Cavitation slimming RF Machine Face, Back and Handles 

Beauty Equipment Slimming Machine Cavitation RF System

Beauty Equipment Slimming Machine Cavitation RF System

 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine


 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine





Established year


1999, about 15 years

Company Type


Manufacturer has export licence



Factory, R&D, International Sales, Domestic sales, Salesafter, Marketing




Minimum order quantity


 1 set

Price Terms



Payment Terms


L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Ali Insurance

Delivery Ways


Express (DHL, TNT), Air Express to your airport, by sea

Technical Support


1 year warranty and lifetime technical support

Sales After Service


By internet within 24 hours and some support service in your office



Many worldwide and still developing more 



IPL, Laser, RF, PDT, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis



Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, body slimming

Scar removal, tattoo removal, skin care



Our R&D will satisfy you at competitive price

Contact me, Ida Wang


Email,  Whatsapp,  Skype, 



sales11 at sincoheren dot com , 0086 136 9122 5025 , wwxy320


Our products are widely used in cosmeticsaesthetics, and dematology fields.


We have R&D department so we can meet your specific demands if you need.


Any interested, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 

Beauty Equipment Slimming Machine Cavitation RF System

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Q:Home decoration radiation source which interior decoration radiation source
First, building materials 4 large radiation source 1, granite Home furnishings are sometimes used as a large source of radiation. Granite is formed by volcanic eruption of magma, radiation is higher than marble, "Indian red" and other red granite radiation may be higher. In all the light-colored granite, only the "background high" areas of white rock, potassium feldspar minerals (especially potassium-40 isotopes and more) of granite, containing zircon minerals (ancient) deterioration Rocks and granites containing Tianhe stone minerals, it is possible to form radioactive radiation intensity is too large and may have a certain hazard phenomenon. Most of the light colored granite can be safe and practical. To avoid the protection method: the purchase of stone can require manufacturers to produce inspection reports, the same species of stone because of its ore, ore, origin of different radioactivity are very different, so the choice or use of stone can not only a single look at its A test report, especially when used in large quantities, should be tested in batches or in stages.
Q:Does the telecom fiber junction box have radiation to people?
No! Light is by visiting! Light transmission is no radiation! But the cable has a radiation ~ no matter what things as long as the power is only the size of the radiation problem
Q:Does the kettle have radiation?
Extremely weak radiation, will not endanger human health
Q:Will the electromagnetic induction heating equipment will have electromagnetic radiation on the human body do you have physical damage to the operator?
4, modern life is absolutely inseparable from the electromagnetic waves, and we live space is also full of all kinds of wavelengths of electromagnetic waves like the sun, the earth if no sunshine, everything will lose life, so the sun is beneficial to the electromagnetic waves. In addition there are a lot of infrared medical equipment, but also beneficial to the human body electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic heating of this electromagnetic radiation is not useful, but it is not harmful to the human body, according to the test when the phone is about one-sixty. Can be assured that use.
Q:What is the difference between ultrasonic and electromagnetic waves, what is the use of what, Kai far from what age
Q:Does the refrigerator radiate?
All the power of the equipment has a radiation every 123 minutes to start a ------- depending on the temperature controller set the location of the noise is quite big, normal ------ as long as the normal cooling is normal
Q:My house behind the installation of two telecommunications box, there is a mobile light to pay the wall of the wall, I would like to ask the radiation is not big 10
I do not know the radiation, but I've seen the fire
Q:Every day facing the computer screen 12 hours, what harm the body!
Five, breathe Computer-borne gas hazards Respiratory systems: computers, laser printers and other equipment will release harmful to human health of ozone, not only toxic, but also can cause some people breathing difficulties, for those who asthma and allergies, the situation is even more serious The. In addition, for a long time to stay in the ozone gas concentration of high places, but also lead to lung lesions. The computer is an epoch-making invention, it brings people to work, study, life, all the convenience, but also brought concern, people are more or less worried about long-term computer work on the health effects, Such as computer radiation will not cause damage to the human body. Young women and pregnant women are more afraid of the impact of fertility or adverse to the fetus.
Q:How long is the telecommunications fiber cat radiation?
You can also turn off the fiber cat when you do not use the network. But also reduce radiation. I hope my answer is helpful to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Q:Does the light oven really save electricity than the induction cooker? Which small radiation?
Light furnace with two quartz tube, power point, the same time more power on it. Light wave furnace is a combination of light and microwave furnace, it is in the microwave oven cavity to add a light source of the light, clever use of light and microwave synthesis of the use of food to complete the heating process. Microwave oven is the use of microwave to cook food a stove, and its microwave is an electromagnetic wave, its working principle is mainly to use the power supply to the magnetron to provide high voltage of 400 volts, microwave tube magnetron in the high pressure stimulation Microwave, and then through the waveguide system, sent to the cavity.

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