Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

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Multifuction medical equipment ultrasonic rf cavitation    

slimming rf machine skin care

for body slimming face lift eye lift skin care skin tightening


   Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System


                  Looking for distributors / agents from worldwide 


Cavitation slimming RF Machine Brief Introduction 


1. Combined Ultrasound, Cavitation RF machine for melting fat tissue.

2.Adopted modular design and compact structure ensures the user easy to install and maintain.

3. Accumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction.

4. Body slimming and shaping.

5. Skin lifting and firming, face lift, eye lift.

6. Skin Care, Skin tightening and reduce deeper wrinkles.


Cavitation slimming RF Machine Technical Parameters 


Security Degree




Ultrasonic Frequency



Ultrasonic output power



Ultrasonic output mode


Hand-held treatment head

The material of head


Stainless steel

The size of Ultrasonic head


Diameter 68mm

The surface temperature of Ultrasonic head



Radio Frequency

RF frequency



RF output power



Bipolar RF heads(eye)



Bipolar RF heads(face)



Bipolar RF heads(body)



Sixpolar RF heads(body)


UP TO 100W

Mono polar RF heads


UP TO 100W

Operation Time


10 minutes,1-60minutes adjustable

Cooling System


Air cooling




Net Weight



The Standard of Fusebox



Input Power





AC220V/110V, 50/60HZ

Cavitation slimming RF Machine Face, Back and Handles 

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine


 Beijing sincoheren portable ultrasound rf slimming cavitation machine




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1999, about 15 years

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Manufacturer has export licence



Factory, R&D, International Sales, Domestic sales, Salesafter, Marketing




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 1 set

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L/C, T/T, Western Union, Money Gram, Paypal, Ali Insurance

Delivery Ways


Express (DHL, TNT), Air Express to your airport, by sea

Technical Support


1 year warranty and lifetime technical support

Sales After Service


By internet within 24 hours and some support service in your office



Many worldwide and still developing more 



IPL, Laser, RF, PDT, Cavitation, Cryolipolysis



Hair removal, skin rejuvenation, pigment removal, body slimming

Scar removal, tattoo removal, skin care



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Our products are widely used in cosmeticsaesthetics, and dematology fields.


We have R&D department so we can meet your specific demands if you need.


Any interested, please feel free to contact us for more detailed information. 

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

Best Cavitation Cryo Lipo Slimming Machine RF Beauty System

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Q:My home from the 220KV substation about 240 meters, will be subject to electromagnetic radiation hazards? 5
3) sleep do not put the phone around the side, ah, light you can win a lot of people, remove the mobile phone radiation this big head, the rest of the strength is estimated that you pull with everyone, maybe not sleep better than the computer guy point.
Q:Does the TV have radiation? How much penetration is it?
2, drink tea Experts believe that usually drink green tea can play a certain role in anti-radiation, green tea contains vitamin C, vitamin E, especially tea polyphenols, has a strong antioxidant activity, can remove the body of oxygen free radicals, thus Play a role in anti-radiation, enhance the body immunity. In addition, the tea contains carotene, which in the intestinal wall and the role of the liver, can be transformed into vitamin A, and vitamin A has nourishing the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, the role of prevention of night blindness. In addition, the radiation generated by the TV screen will lead to dry and dry water, accelerated aging. Therefore, in the process of watching TV may wish to soak a pot of tea, both anti-radiation can give the body water. If you are not accustomed to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating the body function. 3, in the TV next to put green plants Green plants have the ability to absorb radiation automatically, so you can put some green plants next to the TV to reduce the radiation. However, there are certain restrictions on the green plants placed next to the TV, because many TV sets are not waterproof, the circuit board will be directly with the outside air contact. If the TV next to the water plant or too much green plants to bring the moisture, will seriously affect the use of electrical safety and service life. Therefore, placed in the vicinity of the TV is best similar to cactus, cactus or aloe and other drought-resistant green plants.
Q:What are the rumors about radiation?
To give an exaggerated example, even if people put into the subway, the train station used X-ray security device, to scan about 100 times to reach a chest radiation received by the dose. However, pregnant women and children still try to avoid the above situation, although the small dose of security, may also cause some radiation on the body. Rumors of four home appliances radiation induced gene mutation? Some people worry that home appliances radiation will have an impact on human health, and even claims that home appliances radiation not only induced gene mutation, to promote the production of mutant cells, but also disrupt the secretion of hormones, affecting the central nervous system, leading to neurasthenia. But in general, each home appliance has a fixed operating frequency of the national standard (marked in the product specification). In the same work intensity, the higher the frequency, the greater the radiation effect on the human body. Microwave oven At the start of the door at the maximum electromagnetic radiation, but the microwave can absorb the electromagnetic waves, cut off the electromagnetic waves, even if the cooking is not too close.
Q:Is there any radiation from the telecommunications fiber?
Fiber light is generally lower than 0 dBmw, radiation effects can be ignored, but to avoid directly pick up the fiber optic connector terminal directly against the eye, the transmission of high power will cause damage to the eyes.
Q:Radiation 4 stable reflection platform how power
Build a lot of generators, provide at least 30 power, and then build a poles, respectively, the generator link to the poles, and then from the poles as a starting point, linked to the molecular reaction platform, and the controller on the line.
Q:Are all factories required to carry out environmental impact assessment of radiation equipment?
No. Only the radiation source unit to do evaluation, specifically asked the local environmental protection department
Q:Is there any radiation in the substation?
There are, live power box, wire, electrical (such as electric lights, color TV, mobile phones, etc.) have radiation, but the radiation size is different.
Q:Partial discharge characteristics
3, in the insulation structure in the local discharge, will be associated with the generation of electrical pulse, ultrasonic, electromagnetic radiation, light, chemical reactions, and cause local fever and so on; As the partial discharge of the above characteristics, so how to avoid partial discharge of electrical equipment, how to remove the partial discharge, so that the normal operation of the equipment has become the most important equipment maintenance personnel to consider things. In order to remove this latent fault phenomenon, there are a number of methods for on-line detection of local discharge phenomena for some electrical pulses, ultrasonic waves, and electromagnetic radiation generated by partial discharge.
Q:What is the radiation in front of the refrigerator?
Should try to avoid working in the refrigerator near it, even when taking food should also try to avoid the refrigerator when the refrigerator work. In addition, if the refrigerator heat pipe dust too much, the greater the electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, should always use a vacuum cleaner to drain the dust on the heat pipe to improve its efficiency, is an effective way to reduce electromagnetic radiation.
Q:Do not work on household appliances affect pregnant women do
So remind pregnant women, do not have time to sit in front of the TV, but should be more to outdoor activities, watch TV every day should not be more than 3 hours. What is the impact of household appliances on pregnant women: mobile phone There are data that the phone's serious electromagnetic radiation on the fetus teratogenic effect, so pregnant women should not often use the phone, the phone can also cause endocrine disorders, affecting lactation, so nurse should also try to avoid using the phone. What is the impact of household appliances on pregnant women: electronic massage Pregnant women in the gold Taiwan, Sanyinjiao and other points massage, will seriously affect the normal development of the fetus. In early pregnancy, if applied improperly, may also lead to miscarriage. What is the impact of household appliances on pregnant women: electric blanket Scientists believe that people use electric blankets, because there is a capacitance between the body and electric blanket, so even if the insulation resistance is fully qualified electric blanket, there will be induced voltage generated and the role of the body, between the body and electric blanket induction Voltage up to 40-70 volts, and 15 microamps of current. This current is small, but because the electric blanket close to the pregnant women under the body in the development stage of the fetus may be a potential danger, China has not carried out this study, has not yet seen pregnant women due to sleep electric blanket leaving the fetus The occurrence of deformity reports, but for safety reasons, or not for the better.

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