Kuma shape like Vela shape RF vacuum machine for body shaping cellulite removal

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Product Description:

Treatment Theory

Body Shaping:

By changing the polarity of the electrodes of the organism tissue 10 million times in 1 second, the10Mhz bipolar high-frequency can heat the fat tissues in the layer 0.5-1.5cm under the skin to strengthen the spreading of the oxygen molecule, which can increase the exchange of the material of the cells and speed up the fat metabolism.

By heating up the fat tissue under skin without hurting the epidermis layer, the 500-2000nm wavelength infrared light can decrease the size of fat cell and redistribute the water and glycerin. .

By increasing the blood supply of the fat tissue, the rolling vacuum massage can strengthen the release of the enzyme to speed up the fat metabolism.

Technical parameters

RF power

Up to 50W

RF frequency

10M Hz

Infrared light power

Up to 20W

IR Spectrum


Negative pressure

0-0.07 M Pa

Treatment Area Size

(Body): 50mm × 55mm

(Arm): 37mm × 23mm

Electrical requirement

230VAC  50Hz  400VA






1.      TGA,FDA,CE.Cleared

2.      10MHZ bipolar radio frequency (RF) with two rollers can penetrate into the layer of 0.5-1.5 cm below the skin to work on the adipose tissue effectively.

3.      700-2000nm infrared light can heat the connective tissue of accelerate the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibers.

        It can also improve the blood circulation and lymph circulation to promote the metabolism.

4.      0-0.07MPa adjustable vacuum can suck the target area into the space between the two rollers,           which are actually 2 electrodes.

This can make the treatment accurately and effectively. It can also make the treatment more comfortable. The auto-rollers can do massages as well.

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