2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

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Portable Hifu Machine for skin rejuvenation 

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu


HIFU technology focus high intensity ultrasound waves on skin without any damage to any tissues. It inputs 

accurate high intensity ultrasound energy with distance 4.5mm from skin and adds the friction to make skin 

turning up high thermal effect, coagulate the thermal into micro dots. These dots stimulate skin self renewal, resulting in collagen regeneration and rebuilding the elastin, 

reducing the wrinkle and increasing skin elasticity.





HIFU is different withνknife, which leave a large damage area when it works on skin. HIFU leave a clear transitional zone, which is less than 50 μm and only contain 5~7 layers cells, but no make a damage to surround tissues.


1. Non-invasive treatment. It can reach to SMAS layer. Safe and noninvasive.


2. Pure imported machine and LCD panels. Stable and reliable performance.


3. Intelligent control, automatic calibration, simple operation.


4. There are 3 therapy heads: 1.5 mm, 3.0 mm and 4.5mm. It can accurately positioning energy placement and exactly and carefully control the size of the energy.


5. It can treat on parts of body precisely. It can suit for all kinds of skin types



2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu




Improve face contour indistinct


Against flabby face


Anti sagging skin


3D shape V-face


Rejuvenation skin


Remove neck-wrinkle


Lift eyes& brows


Remove crows feet & pouches


Removal double chins


Reduce nasolabial folds



4.Typical parameters:








Treatment heads:3.0mm/4.5mm




Voltage:Ac100~250v, 50/60hz

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

2015 Newest High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Hifu

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Is not installed in your home you have radiation of this society you think there is no radiation there is a signal where there is radiation is the key to see the radiation of Chengdu, the light separator is the optical signal transmission on the human body no effect
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Anhui Telecom ultra-clear iTV opened 4K area, do 99 yuan and above love home package, iTV free to send, with 4K TV to see Telecom iTV, enjoy 4K super clear viewing pleasure.
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X-ray and gamma-ray generated by the electromagnetic energy, different from the RF transmitter generated by the electromagnetic energy. RF device electromagnetic energy belongs to the spectrum of the lower frequency of that end, can not break the molecules together with the chemical bond, it is classified as "non-ionizing" radiation. Where will there be electromagnetic radiation? There are many sources of electromagnetic radiation. Both inside and outside the human body are covered by natural and artificial radiation emitted by the energy and magnetic energy; lightning is one of the examples of natural radiation sources. As for the artificial radiation source, including microwave ovens, radios, television broadcast transmitters and satellite communications devices. Electromagnetic radiation in two levels, the frequency band radiation, radio frequency electromagnetic waves. Frequency of the national standard electric field strength of 4000v / m, magnetic induction intensity of 0.1mT; radio frequency electromagnetic wave unit is μW / ㎝ 2, the national standard limit of 40, for the general public environmental assessment value of 20%. Common law Coulomb's law: F = kQq / (r ^ 2); electric field strength: E = F / q point electric field strength: E = kQ / (r ^ 2);
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No! Light is by visiting! Light transmission is no radiation! But the cable has a radiation ~ no matter what things as long as the power is only the size of the radiation problem

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