IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price

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TUV Medical CE 808nm Razorlase Hair Removal Diode Laser Device 


                          Best hot selling hair removal machine 



Remove unwanted hair completely and permanently

Applicable to any hair color and all skin types


IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price





Laser type

Diode laser


Up to 10 Hz

Spot size


Energy Density

120J/cm² max

Hand piece Cooling system

Sapphire contact cooling tip

Pulse width

5~ 400ms

Electrical requirement

230VAC  50Hz  1300W





IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price




1. Effective, fast, convenient and safe treatment

2.No need pain management and shorter treatment sessions

3. International hair removal golden standard.

4Safe and fast laser machine

5Sapphire contact cooling


1. Hair removal completely and permanently. Pain free, Safe, fast, effective

2. Applicable to any hair color

3. Applicable to all skin types.

4. Improved latest type of Diode Laser machine.

5. 10.4 inch high sensitive touch screen. Excellent Sapphire contact cooling.

 IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price

IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price

IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price

IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price

IPL Laser Hair Removal Diode Laser Machine Price

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Q:Home downstairs telecommunications fiber and digital TV receiver (the whole district) will not have radiation, the human body has no harm?
Fiber inside the transmission of light you say there is no harm? How much is the receiver, but no harm. The world is full of radiation, see the strength of it.
Q:Does LCD TV have radiation?
There is, but very small, generally watching TV when the TV is more than 3 meters away, can be ignored
Q:The picture shows the mobile device on the external walls of the dormitory, RRU, power supply and switches, etc.,
Here only deal with equipment, including fiber optic box, RRU, etc., no antenna, radiation is minimal, the amount of radiation is not as good as your computer host.
Q:Is the hair dryer radiated?
Hair dryer has radiation, but the degree of harm is not, can be assured to use. General ordinary household 1000W hair dryer, radiation value of about 350mG (mG: millis is the magnetic field strength unit). Hair dryer is a low-frequency electromagnetic field, there will be no radio frequency electromagnetic field of the role of heating. The main threat to human health is mainly: Low-frequency electric field and low-frequency magnetic field will produce or induce current in the human body, if the current is large enough, can stimulate the nerves and muscles. But to produce this stimulus, the energy of the electromagnetic field itself can be large enough, the home hair dryer absolutely can not achieve such a "level", so when used can be assured.
Q:What is the safety value of electromagnetic radiation?
China promulgated the "provisions of electromagnetic radiation protection", provides the electromagnetic radiation pollution equipment and the impact of the standard limit, only when the electromagnetic wave reaches a certain strength, only need to focus on protection.
Q:Substation radiation range
These residents on the roof of the wires are 11 million volts of high-voltage wire, will have a strong radiation, the human body is harmful. In addition, due to the voltage up to 110,000 volts, and the wire equipment may fail, so the building high-voltage line "harmful theory" and "harmless" source Foreign experts from the perspective of epidemiological survey "harmful" conclusion; Domestic experts from the electrical point of view "harmless" conclusion. 2, high-voltage line to whom the greatest impact The impact on young children, the impact on adults is small. 3, the impact of high-voltage line in the end how much? British epidemiologists concluded that children living with electromagnetic radiation had a leukemia rate of one in 700, twice as high as those living in children without electromagnetic radiation (one in 1400). Swedish National Industrial and Technical Development Committee concluded: 1,15 children under the age of exposure to the average magnetic induction intensity greater than 0.2 micro Tesla environment, the prevalence of leukemia is more than 2.7 times the general children; 2, if the magnetic induction is greater than 0.3 Microtech is 3.8 times. "The electromagnetic field can lead to suicide and adult leukemia, which can lead to a certain degree of risk of developing childhood leukemia, adult malignant brain tumor, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, abortion and so on," the California Health Sciences Review Agency concluded. 4, high-voltage line is how people have an impact? Its safety index value High-voltage transmission of high current, high current magnetic field on the impact of human health.
Q:Is there a cable TV box in the corridor and the fiber sub - box
There is no radiation, Take a radio, put around, Listen to the radio there is no abnormal sound.
Q:Will the digitalizer, such as reading the input device,
There must be radiation,        In life, radiation everywhere, in the radiation source of the environment to work, study, life is easy to insomnia, memory loss, physical weakness, low immunity,      
Q:Mobile phone radiation or TV radiation?
Phone model radiation value Nokia 8860 1.39 Nokia 8210 1.00 Siemens C35i C35 A36 A35 1.11 Siemens M50 1.01 Siemens SGH-8500 1.49 Siemens SGH-N100 SGH-3500 1.38 Samsung SGH-A110 1.13 Sony Ericsson T28s 1.70 Sony Ericsson KF788 1.56 Sony Ericsson R280 1.41 Motorola SC-3160 1.52 Motorola i500 1.25 Motorola V70 1.10 Experts have determined that if the cell phone for each kilogram of human tissue radiation value greater than 1.3 watts, it will cause damage to human genetic information, and now the radiation limit is 2 watts per kilogram. (Unit: Watts / kg) Mobile phone users must pay attention to ah !!
Q:How much radiation is the scanner?
Power supply wiring board (under the use of state) radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ Text: vacuum cleaner and hair dryer radiation, iron is not small radiation, the use of children should be far away from the power wiring board radiation also Cause your attention, do not put it on the bed. Electric foot basin, treadmill, fat sports machine This is now popular electric foot basin, let us see how much radiation it? From the power line 0.03 meters, 2.20μT. Electric foot basin radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ others like to live at home, this treadmill how much radiation? Treadmill working conditions, the panel at 0.15μT, conveyor front 3.90μT, conveyor tail 0.11μT. Treadmill radiation index: ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ladies love, always like weight-loss, let us look at the fat machine how much radiation? Fat sports machine, side, high gear, 0.03 meters, 5.48μT. Fat sports machine radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Tip: electric foot basin radiation, fat sports machine radiation are larger, treadmill conveyor belt radiation larger front. What is the spectrum analyzer is not the radiation is not small? In fact, as long as the infrared is no longer the scope of our test, and it is not produced by electromagnetic radiation. So yeah, you can rest assured that

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