China best cryolipolysis machine / slimming equipment price

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                        China cryolipolysis machine best price

 China best cryolipolysis machine / slimming equipment price

Technical parameters


Temperature rage


Temperature Accuracy


Treatment area size 

Mid: 250mm×50mm

Min: 145mm×50mm

Fit: 140mm×50mm

Negative pressure

0-0.07 M Pa



Electrical requirement

230VAC  50Hz  1500W







1. Most popular way in losing weight in the market!

2. Special design for handpeice, no any pain feeling when finished the treatment.

3. No surgery, no anesthesia, no needles, no scarring, no downtime.

4. Single treatment can reduce 20-30% reduction in the fat layer

5. The Procedure is comfortable for most patients; They can read, work on their laptop computer, listen to music

6. Automatic adjustment of vacuum pressure control, very little noise at work.

China best cryolipolysis machine / slimming equipment price

China best cryolipolysis machine / slimming equipment price

China best cryolipolysis machine / slimming equipment price

A non invasive, non surgical treatment that gets rid of stubborn fat on the tummy, love handles, back and inner thighs. Freeze away your fat with NO DOWNTIME! Watch as patients undergoes the procedure, and learn how Coolplas works

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Q:Is there any radiation from the telecommunications fiber?
Fiber no radiation ah! , But to avoid directly pick up the fiber optic terminal connector directly against the eye, the transmission of high power under the circumstances will cause damage to the eyes.
Q:My house has a radio and television room downstairs, I would like to ask the equipment how much impact on the human body radiation?
A great impact, resulting in a great physical harm, to pay attention.
Q:Gas stations can not use the phone,
If the concentration of flammable gases in the air is large, it can easily cause an explosion. And some scholars have pointed out that the electromagnetic waves emitted by the mobile phone and the fuel warfare equipment may cause natural resonance phenomenon, resulting in heat and explosion. Therefore, not only the gas station, mobile phones can not be used in other combustible gas environment, such as chemical plants, oil depots and blasting sites should be closed. Now we go to the gas station refueling, it is natural to turn off the car engine, if you want their lives more secure, please shut down your cell phone.
Q:Does the telecommunications fiber cat have radiation?
The wireless function can be turned off The browser to open the account password in the cat above to write, go in it off on the line Besides home wifi radiation not high cell phone, do not worry
Q:Is the telecom splitter installed on my roof, is it radiation to my family?
Is not installed in your home you have radiation of this society you think there is no radiation there is a signal where there is radiation is the key to see the radiation of Chengdu, the light separator is the optical signal transmission on the human body no effect
Q:Is the hair dryer radiated?
And this radiation will increase the risk of leukemia and brain tumors in children. If you often contact the electromagnetic waves at night, will affect the body of melatonin (Melatonin) secretion, thereby hindering the sleep and immune system. Proper use of the hair dryer 1, open and close the hair dryer as far as possible away from the head a little. 2, when used, it is best to keep the hair dryer and the head vertical, and must have a 15 cm safe distance. 3, as long as dry like, and not more than half an hour, if you want to use for a long time, the best intermittent stop. 4, can not hand to grasp the hair dryer head. 5, in the "grip" inside the iron and the like to join the "magnetic material", can reduce the electromagnetic waves. 6, in addition, should be avoided in the wet place to use the hair dryer, to avoid the risk of leakage. Try to use the middle or low temperature, but a long time to use high temperature, so as not to burn. Put away  The answer was adopted by the questioner
Q:What is the power supply voltage of the beauty amplifier?
The input operating voltage is not important. The operating voltage of the transducer is important.
Q:Can pregnant women sleep on the computer?
The more the number of computers in the room, placed more intensive, the lower the frequency of electromagnetic radiation in the air the greater the greater the harm to the human body. The northern radiation intensity of the computer monitor (screen) greatly exceeds the radiation intensity on the front of the display (screen). Some enterprises and institutions to use the computer's workplace, school computer classrooms and some Internet cafes before and after the left and right placed around the computer, the front row of staff back to the back of the computer monitor back, before and after the neighboring computer, Big. Even if a general radiation protection net (plate) is attached to the display can only block a small amount of radiation from the front of the display. Can not solve the fundamental problem. Many people mistakenly believe that as long as the LCD monitor to replace the computer on the ordinary (glass) display, you can completely eliminate the computer host, monitor, mouse, keyboard and related equipment on all the radiation. In fact, it is impossible to eliminate all parts of the computer in the whole part of the radiation, but only to high investment to reduce the local radiation on the display, but still can not eliminate the computer master, mouse, keyboard and related equipment on the computer radiation People's problems.
Q:Hebei Yun Yip Hospital four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound check it?
Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound is an ultrasonic inspection equipment, it is based on excellent ergonomic design,
Q:Does the TV have radiation? How much penetration is it?
2, drink tea Experts believe that usually drink green tea can play a certain role in anti-radiation, green tea contains vitamin C, vitamin E, especially tea polyphenols, has a strong antioxidant activity, can remove the body of oxygen free radicals, thus Play a role in anti-radiation, enhance the body immunity. In addition, the tea contains carotene, which in the intestinal wall and the role of the liver, can be transformed into vitamin A, and vitamin A has nourishing the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, the role of prevention of night blindness. In addition, the radiation generated by the TV screen will lead to dry and dry water, accelerated aging. Therefore, in the process of watching TV may wish to soak a pot of tea, both anti-radiation can give the body water. If you are not accustomed to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating the body function. 3, in the TV next to put green plants Green plants have the ability to absorb radiation automatically, so you can put some green plants next to the TV to reduce the radiation. However, there are certain restrictions on the green plants placed next to the TV, because many TV sets are not waterproof, the circuit board will be directly with the outside air contact. If the TV next to the water plant or too much green plants to bring the moisture, will seriously affect the use of electrical safety and service life. Therefore, placed in the vicinity of the TV is best similar to cactus, cactus or aloe and other drought-resistant green plants.

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