H2vet Handheld Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner

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Premium product, discount price
H2vet offers quality images, powerful data management, and ideal portability at affordable prices.
Standard configuration:
H2vet main unit
6.5″ LED displayer
Permanent storage of 128 images
Real-time 256-frames of Cine Loop
Measurement & calculation software packages
Electronic convex array transducer: CA3.5MHz/R60 (2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/5.0MHz)

Electronic linear array transducer: LA6.5MHz/L64 (5.0/6.5/8.0MHz)
Electronic micro convex transducer: MC5.0MHz/R20 (3.0/5.0MHz)
Technical Specifications:
General Descriptions
Imaging mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
Gray scale: 256
Display: 6.5’’ LED displayer
Transducer frequency: 2.5 ~ 8.5MHz
Transducer connector: 1
Scanning angle (°) : from 60 to 120 (depending on transducers)
Built-in Battery: AC and DC power supply mode, with high-capacity lithium battery
Multi-application: Abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, emergency treatment, and routine
examination Inspection in troops, ambulance, teaching, family practice,
and other special environment Reproductive service inspection in
Department of Health, or Family Planning Department, etc.

Image Processing
Pre-processing: 8 γ corrections
8-segement TGC
Gross Gain
dynamic range (≤120db)
left and right flip
up and down flip
Post-processing: frame correlation
point correlation
line correction
digital filtering
digital edge enhancement
pseudo color processing

Cine loop: 256-frame cine loop memory
Storage media: permanent storage of 128 images, USB
Zoom: magnify 2 times of real time image
Focus: dynamic electronic focusing



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Q:Computer generated by the current harm to the human body please you 3Q
Second, the computer microwave damage to the body. Computer low frequency electromagnetic radiation and low energy x-ray, easily lead to human central nervous system disorders. A British office electromagnetic wave study confirmed that the computer screen issued by the magnetic field and low frequency radiation will lead to 19 kinds of illnesses, including eye itching, short loss of memory, irritability, depression and so on. For women are also likely to cause reproductive function and embryonic development abnormalities.
Q:Substation radiation range
These residents on the roof of the wires are 11 million volts of high-voltage wire, will have a strong radiation, the human body is harmful. In addition, due to the voltage up to 110,000 volts, and the wire equipment may fail, so the building high-voltage line "harmful theory" and "harmless" source Foreign experts from the perspective of epidemiological survey "harmful" conclusion; Domestic experts from the electrical point of view "harmless" conclusion. 2, high-voltage line to whom the greatest impact The impact on young children, the impact on adults is small. 3, the impact of high-voltage line in the end how much? British epidemiologists concluded that children living with electromagnetic radiation had a leukemia rate of one in 700, twice as high as those living in children without electromagnetic radiation (one in 1400). Swedish National Industrial and Technical Development Committee concluded: 1,15 children under the age of exposure to the average magnetic induction intensity greater than 0.2 micro Tesla environment, the prevalence of leukemia is more than 2.7 times the general children; 2, if the magnetic induction is greater than 0.3 Microtech is 3.8 times. "The electromagnetic field can lead to suicide and adult leukemia, which can lead to a certain degree of risk of developing childhood leukemia, adult malignant brain tumor, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, abortion and so on," the California Health Sciences Review Agency concluded. 4, high-voltage line is how people have an impact? Its safety index value High-voltage transmission of high current, high current magnetic field on the impact of human health.
Q:Can pregnant women sleep on the computer?
Computer host, monitor, mouse, keyboard and the surrounding equipment will produce radiation, eyes can not see, hands touch. According to scientific research shows that: computer-generated low-frequency electromagnetic radiation on the human body caused by the damage is hidden, the accumulation of people often (long-term) in the ultra-strong computer low-frequency electromagnetic radiation environment using the computer, leading to dizziness, headache, Tinnitus, brain cancer, breast cancer, blood pressure, abnormal blood pressure, chest tightness, bradycardia, bradycardia, heart failure, loss of vision, loss of appetite, fatigue, memory loss, some people hair loss, leukopenia, immunity, cataract, leukemia, , Heart rate reduction, sinus heart rate, male sperm quality, some women menstrual disorders, maternal abortion, stillbirth, fetal malformations, reproductive lesions, genetic lesions, cancer and other terrible diseases. People in the operation of the computer, the face will absorb a lot of electromagnetic radiation particles, often radiation will appear facial rash. A person working on a computer for five hours, the computer produces low-frequency radiation damage to the human body, the equivalent of a day of life loss.
Q:Are there any radiation in the high pressure room of the power equipment?
so it will not be like electromagnetic radiation as the body directly absorb, but will be in the body inside the induction current, then the induction current we need to control " The
Q:My house has a radio and television room downstairs, I would like to ask the equipment how much impact on the human body radiation?
Certainly more or less radiation, the body will become increasingly weak
Q:What are the rumors about radiation?
To give an exaggerated example, even if people put into the subway, the train station used X-ray security device, to scan about 100 times to reach a chest radiation received by the dose. However, pregnant women and children still try to avoid the above situation, although the small dose of security, may also cause some radiation on the body. Rumors of four home appliances radiation induced gene mutation? Some people worry that home appliances radiation will have an impact on human health, and even claims that home appliances radiation not only induced gene mutation, to promote the production of mutant cells, but also disrupt the secretion of hormones, affecting the central nervous system, leading to neurasthenia. But in general, each home appliance has a fixed operating frequency of the national standard (marked in the product specification). In the same work intensity, the higher the frequency, the greater the radiation effect on the human body. Microwave oven At the start of the door at the maximum electromagnetic radiation, but the microwave can absorb the electromagnetic waves, cut off the electromagnetic waves, even if the cooking is not too close.
Q:Will the digitalizer, such as reading the input device,
In addition, can raise some cactus or cactus and other radiation-resistant flowers, it is said to drink green tea, can also reduce the number of radiation hazards.
Q:Telecom fiber cat radiation how much? Does the installation affect at home?
Do not worry about this Oh, I often touch the cable. The cable is a thick layer of hard plastic. There is a layer of white tube inside, inside the oil, the most inside is a few glass of silk, is light. If you ask how long the telecommunications fiber cat's radiation is. Can tell you. Install your 10 years of radiation in your home. Do not you take a few times the amount of mobile phone radiation. The current radiation around can be said that the phone is a big phone, and the moment is the strongest.
Q:Is the LCD radiation of the LCD screen within the safe range?
 Desktop computer host radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆!   However, the next test is not too optimistic, subwoofer speakers, the operation panel center, from 0.03 meters, 0.63μT; speaker right side of the central, from 0.03 meters, 5.68μT; radiation, but not small, that it What is the safe distance? After careful testing found that when the distance of 0.4 meters, its radiation is reduced to 0.17μT. So subwoofer loudspeaker serious radiation, use at least half a meter to keep the distance.    Subwoofer speaker radiation index: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆?   The last thing to say is the laptop, the display before the 0.1 m 0.13μT, 0.3 meters before the display 0.10μT, 0.3dB 0.13μT on the side of the display, the top of the keyboard 0.19μT, power adapter 0.22μT. Test results show that the notebook keyboard radiation slightly stronger, the largest power adapter.    Notebook radiation index: ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆    Note: the LCD screen radiation is very small, CRT monitor slightly larger, but are in the security range; host behind, side radiation larger, it is strongly recommended that you do not want to heat for easy, open the chassis; subwoofer loud noise, when used At least half a meter away; notebook radiation concentrated in the top of the keyboard, the use of notebooks and power adapter should be kept away from the distance. Hey, right, light that the computer and notebook radiation is not, but that optical mouse for a while red blue is very scary, there is radiation? That wireless mouse, wireless keyboard is not the radiation than the ordinary to small it? There are wireless LAN launchers! There are digital equipment, what digital camera,   Tell you, this kind of battery DC electric appliances is the most secure   Ordinary mouse ordinary keyboard wireless mouse wireless keyboard wireless gateway printer digital camera and MP4 power adapter
Q:Gas stations can not use the phone,
In the gas stations and gas stations around the atmosphere, there are generally volatile gasoline gas, and some of the poor gas stations on the ground there are gasoline stains, as long as there is a small spark, it may lead to the gas Like the explosion of objects. And the phone's call moment will have a very small spark, and if the phone body aging, the internal circuit short circuit phenomenon, the spark situation will be more serious.

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