H2vet Handheld Full Digital Ultrasound Scanner

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Premium product, discount price
H2vet offers quality images, powerful data management, and ideal portability at affordable prices.
Standard configuration:
H2vet main unit
6.5″ LED displayer
Permanent storage of 128 images
Real-time 256-frames of Cine Loop
Measurement & calculation software packages
Electronic convex array transducer: CA3.5MHz/R60 (2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0/5.0MHz)

Electronic linear array transducer: LA6.5MHz/L64 (5.0/6.5/8.0MHz)
Electronic micro convex transducer: MC5.0MHz/R20 (3.0/5.0MHz)
Technical Specifications:
General Descriptions
Imaging mode: B, B+B, B+M, M, 4B
Gray scale: 256
Display: 6.5’’ LED displayer
Transducer frequency: 2.5 ~ 8.5MHz
Transducer connector: 1
Scanning angle (°) : from 60 to 120 (depending on transducers)
Built-in Battery: AC and DC power supply mode, with high-capacity lithium battery
Multi-application: Abdomen, obstetrics, gynecology, emergency treatment, and routine
examination Inspection in troops, ambulance, teaching, family practice,
and other special environment Reproductive service inspection in
Department of Health, or Family Planning Department, etc.

Image Processing
Pre-processing: 8 γ corrections
8-segement TGC
Gross Gain
dynamic range (≤120db)
left and right flip
up and down flip
Post-processing: frame correlation
point correlation
line correction
digital filtering
digital edge enhancement
pseudo color processing

Cine loop: 256-frame cine loop memory
Storage media: permanent storage of 128 images, USB
Zoom: magnify 2 times of real time image
Focus: dynamic electronic focusing



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Q:Does the TV have radiation? How much penetration is it?
2, drink tea Experts believe that usually drink green tea can play a certain role in anti-radiation, green tea contains vitamin C, vitamin E, especially tea polyphenols, has a strong antioxidant activity, can remove the body of oxygen free radicals, thus Play a role in anti-radiation, enhance the body immunity. In addition, the tea contains carotene, which in the intestinal wall and the role of the liver, can be transformed into vitamin A, and vitamin A has nourishing the eyes, relieve eye fatigue, the role of prevention of night blindness. In addition, the radiation generated by the TV screen will lead to dry and dry water, accelerated aging. Therefore, in the process of watching TV may wish to soak a pot of tea, both anti-radiation can give the body water. If you are not accustomed to drinking green tea, chrysanthemum tea can also play a role in resisting computer radiation and regulating the body function. 3, in the TV next to put green plants Green plants have the ability to absorb radiation automatically, so you can put some green plants next to the TV to reduce the radiation. However, there are certain restrictions on the green plants placed next to the TV, because many TV sets are not waterproof, the circuit board will be directly with the outside air contact. If the TV next to the water plant or too much green plants to bring the moisture, will seriously affect the use of electrical safety and service life. Therefore, placed in the vicinity of the TV is best similar to cactus, cactus or aloe and other drought-resistant green plants.
Q:Does the light oven really save electricity than the induction cooker? Which small radiation?
Haha, of course not the ~~~~~ Induction Cooker power, because of his high thermal efficiency, heating time off ah ~! The same kettle, look at the pot to open the first know ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ As for the radiation, induction cooker radiation, of course, is the quality of qualified products, radiation will not have an impact on the human body, or we are out of these manufacturers every day to engage in activities, cooking, really can not be pregnant? Oh ~ ~ Light wave furnace, but also light radiation ah, look at the book to understand ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ all light-emitting objects, have radiation ~!
Q:Radiation 4 stable reflection platform how power
Build a lot of generators, provide at least 30 power, and then build a poles, respectively, the generator link to the poles, and then from the poles as a starting point, linked to the molecular reaction platform, and the controller on the line.
Q:How to reduce the computer's radiation to people?
Computer-generated rays include visible light, radio waves, low-frequency electromagnetic waves, static electricity and ultrasound. According to the radiation is divided into free radiation and non-free radiation: free radiation from the tube; non-free radiation from the computer display electronic parts of the current and voltage. But no matter what kind of radiation, in the normal normal operation, its strength is not enough to cause harm to the human body. Although the computer radiation is not enough to harm the human body, but the choice of the computer is best to buy low-radiation display, in addition to reducing radiation, but also can eliminate the psychological burden. In addition, there are some measures that can make the computer radiation harm to the human body to a minimum: ◆ avoid a long time continuous operation of the computer, pay attention to the middle of the rest. The distance between the eyes and the screen should be 40-50CM, binocular vision or mild downward attention to the best screen. ◆ indoor light to be appropriate, to avoid direct exposure to light on the screen and produce interference light. The studio should be kept dry and dry. ◆ lying on the table to sleep when you remember to turn off the computer, not just turn off the screen. Because the tummy when the head directly to the computer, just turn off the screen is unable to put an end to the radiation. ◆ Keep your skin clean. There is a lot of static electricity on the surface of the computer screen, the dust can be scattered to the face and hand skin exposed, a long time prone to rash, pigmentation, severe cases and even cause skin lesions.
Q:Does the ultrasonic machine have radiation?
Such as welding machine, itself is no harm to the human body, but some welding machine noise is very long, long time work
Q:X-ray radiation problems, will not cause cancer 5
Radiation is divided into two categories, ionizing radiation and non-ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation refers to the high frequency radiation that can ionize the substance, which can damage the DNA molecule and thus may cause cancer. Non-ionizing radiation is low-frequency radiation, there is not enough energy to directly damage the DNA molecules, so there is no evidence that this radiation can induce cancer. For the general population, physical examination is the main opportunity to contact ionizing radiation. In the physical examination, X-ray, computed tomography (CT), nuclear medicine test, etc., are ionizing radiation, is a careful radiation source; MRI, ultrasound and other non-ionizing radiation, relatively safe.
Q:Protection of electromagnetic radiation pollution
● Use your phone correctly. In the moment the phone is connected, the release of electromagnetic radiation is the largest, instantaneous up to 2000mGs (millisecond). It is reported that the field strength in the 10-150 mGs, you can make the body inhibit tumor cancer gene R53 lesions, thereby increasing the risk of cancer. After the phone turns on for tens of seconds, the intensity of the electromagnetic radiation can be reduced by half. Therefore, it is best to connect the phone for tens of seconds before answering the phone. When answering the phone, try to keep the head away from the phone, or use a separate headset and microphone to answer the phone. At the same time, try to reduce the talk time, the best left and right ears to listen to. Usually do not open the phone hanging in the chest, to prevent damage to the heart. Especially women, the impact of electromagnetic radiation on endocrine and pregnant women is more significant. Recommended Products: Ultrasonic leak tester Radiation detector / electromagnetic radiation tester Sound level meter / sound meter / noise meter Anemometer / anemometer / air gauge / wind pressure gauge Radiometer / Illuminance Meter / Illuminance Meter / Illuminance Meter Dew point instrument Thermometer / thermometer / hygrometer Digital dust meter Dust particles / laser particle counter
Q:Will the digitalizer, such as reading the input device,
There must be radiation,        In life, radiation everywhere, in the radiation source of the environment to work, study, life is easy to insomnia, memory loss, physical weakness, low immunity,      
Q:On the computer time to see a long time to vomit, which know how this is going on? The B
Experiments show that: people look at the long rolling things, it will induce nausea, vomiting, and even epilepsy! The screen is rolling, long staring at it, of course, will feel sick. And look at the display mode is not suitable for our normal reading habits of humans, it is recommended to use the print to read the text.
Q:Photogenerated watches add a lot of components, charging power will not have radiation? Long wear on the body is not right?
Hello, the optical energy is the core technology of Citizen. The photodynamic watch absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to keep the watch running.

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