Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

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Product Description:

1. Structure of Ball Screw Gate Valve Description

1) It has a long service life of seal surface supersonic sprayed hard alloy.

2) Valve open/close is ball screw structure which reduces effectively torque to the 1/3 of common valve.

3) Gate valve structure.

4) Stem structure has the function of pressure balance and switch indication.

5) Stem seal packing, seat end surface seal ring are flexible energized seal structure to have reliable seal.

6) Be applied to large size and high pressure valve.

2. Main Features of Ball Screw Gate Valve

1) Advanced test for quality 

2) MTC provided 

3) Good price and service

3. Ball Screw Gate Valve Images

Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

Ball Screw Gate Valve with API 6A Standard

4. Ball Screw Gate Valve Specification

1) Working Pressure: 2000PSI~20000PSI

2) Nominal Size: 3-1/16"~9" (78mm~230mm)

3) Working Temperature: -46°C~121°C(Class LU)

4) Material Class: AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH

5) Specification level: PSL1-4

6) Performance Requirement: PR1

7) Working Medium: oil、natural gas、mud and gas containing H2S、CO2

5. FAQ of Ball Screw Gate Valve

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Q:Is my Gas Valve faulty ?
There are a few possibilities. The valve runs on a low voltage line. The low voltage is provided by a transformer. It it possible the transformer is bad. Be sure the power switch to the furnace is on. (should be on the side of the furnace. Easy way to check is (on the thermostat) turn the fan switch from auto to run. The blower fan should come on. Check that the gas valve is in the ON position.(if you have had to light the pilot it may still be in pilot position.) Another possibility is a clogged gas line. If you have an older home rust can accumulate inside the iron gas lines. Where the gas line attaches to the furnace there should be a drip leg. This is a short length of pipe that points down with a cap on it from the TEE that goes into the furnace. This short piece of pipe is to catch any moisture or rust that comes thru the line. First TURN OFF the gas at the shut off in the pipe it's self. This is a quarter turn valve. When the handle is in line with the pipe the gas is on. When it is opposite the pipe (pointing out to the side) the gas is off. After turning the gas off, remove the cap from the bottom of the drip leg to remove any accumulation.USE PIPE DOPE not teflon tape when putting the cap back on.Turn the gas valve back on and check for leaks.
Q:Silent sump pump shut-off valves?
Silent Sump Pump
Q:How serious are multiple leaking heart valves?
hard problem. seek in search engines like google. it will help!
Q:How is heart valve dysfunction measured?
I have a leaky mitral valve. Yes, the degree of regurgitation is usually assessed by echocardiogram and is graded on a level of 1 to 4 or + to ++++ with 1 being minor and 4 being quite severe. Generally, surgery isn't required unless you are in the 3-4 range, but everyone is different. In ten years, mine hasn't progressed any, so hopefully you will have the same luck.
Q:home water heater has 175psi pressure relief valve installed.?
OKAY...the 30 psi is bogus....I've never heard of that! The pressure coming into your house and the water heater is typically 70psi to 100psi....the relief valve is set to pop off at 175 psi....if the pressure in your water heater reaches 175 then the valve will pop....when this happens you need a new relief may want to figure out why this happened also......your heater may be set too high... try turning it down a little......but first check the incoming water pressure to your this by buying a water pressure gage and screwing it on to an outside hose bibb and turning the hose bibb on......if the pressure is over 80 psi (which is what most plumbing code calls for) then you probably want to install a pressure regulator in the yard to lower the pressure......Example.....if you have 120psi coming into the water heater, and when water heats it expands and builds pressure then you could reach 175 psi and your relief valve will pop off.......good luck!!
The EGR valve or Exhaust gas Recirculation valve is placed on the exhaust gadget. those frequently get hung up with rust and different exhaust deposits. The motorcar might want to be less than production unit assure being in easy words 3 years old. i might want to examine with a broking service to work out if the motorcar and/or section continues to be less than assure. A defective EGR valve will reason the computing device to make the incorrect settings to the gas and air mix causing the engine to run too prosperous or too lean. Its no longer too unfavourable contained in the little while period, yet your gas mielage will struggle through, and also you are able to fail a state inspection so get it repaired previously then.
Q:Will schrader valve tubes work at 110 psi?
These valves are used on large trucks which often run there tire pressure at 100 psi and there is no problem. I am a truckdriver and see no reason why they should fail at the pressure you are planning to run at. They are a reliable valve.
Q:Is a EGR valve needed on a Pontiac Bonneville 3.8 liter?
I have a 1996 Firebird with the same 3.8L V6 motor. I recently had to have the EGR valve replaced, as well. I am not sure- but I think that the EGR valve has to do with the emissions. It may not pass an emissions test if the EGR valve has been bypassed. If you have to have it replaced, it probably won't be that expensive. Good luck. EDIT: here is an explanation of what an EGR valve is, and what its function is, thank you to this gentleman named Shovelkicker for providing an answer elsewhere in 'answers.' This was not my own post- this mechanic whose name is Shovelkicker wrote this explanation, which was written about one year ago in response to another individual's question regarding what an EGR valve is. (The) EGR valve is the Exhaust Gas Recycling valve. This is for when a motor is cold and needs extra fuel to keep running. Back in the days of chokes you would restrict the air going into the carburator to make the car run richer. With fuel injection cars more fuel is added to the engine to richen the mixture. This richer mixture causes the exhaust to have unburnt hydrocarbons, meaning not good for the environment. The EGR opens and allows some of the exhaust to be added back into the intake to be reburned. Once the engine warms up to operating tempurature the EGR closes. The EGR should be a UFO looking item about the diameter of a big coffee cup. Should be brownish metal, lightly rusted from the heat. A a steel pipe, around 1/2 to 1 inch in diameter, will run from the EGR to the exhaust at the back of the engine. Some EGR valves are on the front of the engine, some at the rear. Most frontwheel drive cars with will be right above the exhaust manifold on the front of the engine.
Q:EGR Valve drivability issues?
i have a egr valve,the same as you,but mine is leaking vacuum.i got 2 new gaskets,but the weather isnt on my side.your trouble sounds like my trouble,and i was told by a mech.,that its the electronic egr valve.
Q:Broke a Bolt in the Valve Cover?
Valve Cover Studs

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