Auto parts injection molding machine Screw Diameter

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FT-  550     规格表   Specifcatiom


                            MODELUnit           FT- 550
Injection SystemScrew Diametermm323845
Injection Pressurekg/cm222015751180
Max.Shot Weight(PS)g95125180
Max.Shot Weight(PS)OZ3.34.36
Screw Strokemm140
Screw Speed Maxrpm0-200
Nozzle Contact Forcetons3
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm200
Number of Temperacture Control-3
Material Hopper CapacityL20
clamping systemClamping Forcetons55
Platen Sizemm650×490
Distance Between The Baremm500×340
Min.Mold Heightmm200/250
Opeing Strokemm200
Max.Opening Daylightmm400/450
Ejector Forcetons2.5
Ejector Strokemm95
Hydraulic power systemMax.Hydraylic Pressurekg/cm2140
Pump OutputL47
Oil Reservoir CapacityL170
Cooling Water ConsumptionL/hr800-1000
Pump Motor Powerkw11
Barrel Heating Powerkw4.5
Total Weightkw15.5
OthersMachine Weighttons2.2
Machine Dimensioms(L×W×H)m2.1×1.4×2.6
Shipping Weighttons2.6
Shipping Measurement(L×W×H)m2.3×1.7×1.8


Above spec sheet, if design changes without notice!


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Q:Is the temperature of the Kato vacuum pump casing working high and normal?
Oil cooler is dirty, how to determine whether the cooler dirty, mainly to see the oil inlet temperature and the temperature difference between the oil inlet temperature, normal temperature difference between 20 - 30 degrees, if the external dust clogged radiators with compressed air blow static can, such as blowing off, you need to use the internal dirty radiator professional cleaning agent for cleaning; if you need to use an internal radiator blockage, water pump cleaning, cleaning time depending on the situation; such as water-cooled radiator is blocked, the best way is to cover with iron bars to clean the copper pipe before and after oil filter clogging apart; also can cause the screw type air compressor fault;
Q:Excuse me, what's the reason why the oil is not clear and cloudy after being filtered by the centrifugal oil filter?
[2] in the presence of oil colored substances dissolved in oil, the centrifugal oil filter that can only choose incapable of action, decolorization, if industrial oil can adsorb colored substances through clay, activated carbon and other substances, or by chemical reaction, but the technology is complex.
Q:What happens when the oil filter is powered off?
Two, such as oil filter is the use of manual valves, power failure is not closed manually in time, it will cause oil spills
Q:Has anyone filtered vegetable oil with a plate and oil filter?
If it is to filter edible vegetable oil, the material, production conditions, the environment has many requirements, after all, involving food safety, must be all stainless steel material.Finally, the vegetable oil is filtered by plate and frame oil filter. The filter paper and filter paper must be made of pure cotton fiber, so as to reduce and eliminate chemical pollution.
Q:How to select flow rate for turbine oil vacuum oil filter?
Turbine oil vacuum oil filters are based on the amount of oil, usually to estimate the amount of oil or oil used
Q:What is the reason for the foam in the EH tank when the oil filter in the turbine EH oil filter?
[5]: the design of flash vacuum oil filter has a problem, no matter what type of vacuum oil filter machine, its basic principle is in high vacuum environment, according to the different oil flash point, heating evaporation and separation. If the vacuum system design is unreasonable, low vacuum or gas channel are short, will lead to dehydration and incomplete packing layer of water, gas evolution, will fall into the formation of foam oil after filtration, with the final system into the tank. In particular, many of our peers vacuum flash tower using inferior packing or bulk packing, easy to cause the oil retention and partial wall flow (tube wall residual vacuum flash tower), finally fell into the oil bubble.[6]: vacuum vacuum oil filter in operation is too high, resulting in high temperature makes the transition flash, light hydrocarbons, oil additives into the analysis of mixed with oil bubbles, and high degree of vacuum in a large amount of water vapor if it is not timely recovery, or design recovery ability is not good, will cause water vapor and oil interact to form a new bubble.
Q:Working principle and operation instructions of vacuum oil filter for oil press
The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled and then returned to the original water. The oil in the vacuum heating tank is drained into the static filter by the oil pump and filtered out by the filter oil paper or filter element. Thus, the whole process of removing impurities, moisture and gas in the oil by the vacuum oil filter is completed, so that the clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet.
Q:What is the working principle of the oil filter?
Oil filterAn oil filter is a filter device for removing mechanical impurities, byproducts and moisture in impure oil by gravity, centrifugal, pressure, vacuum distillation, mass transfer and other techniques. Oil filter is mainly used to improve the cleanliness of machinery and electrical oil, so as to give full play to the best performance and extend the service life of equipment.
Q:Characteristics of vacuum oil filter
Vacuum oil filter, also called vacuum oil filter, oil filter, vacuum oil purifier which has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, easy to move, the proportion of low noise, long continuous operation, stable performance, convenient operation etc.. Is the ideal equipment for the power plant, power plant, substation and electric appliance manufacturing plant, refinery, petrochemical and other industrial and mining enterprises and filtration of transformer oil, turbine oil, hydraulic oil, 40# oil in water, gas and impurity particles
Q:Why should the centrifugal oil filter add brine and the proportion of brine?
Centrifugal oil filter, filter oil plus brine, which is related to the design principle of the centrifugal oil filter.

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